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Nicholas C. Zakas

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Nicholas C. Zakas has been working on web applications since 2000, focusing on frontend development, and is known for writing and speaking about frontend best practices. He honed his experience during his five years at Yahoo!, where he was principal frontend engineer for the Yahoo! home page
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Young Bucks book cover
Young Bucks
Killing the Business from Backyards to the Big Leagues
Matt Jackson - 2020-11-17
Goodreads Rating
"Discover the inspiring and heartwarming story of two ambitious brothers from Southern California who beat the odds to become one of the most popular tag teams in professional wrestling. The Young Bucks are known for their daring moves and viral videos, but this book goes behind the scenes to reveal the sacrifices, perseverance, and undying ambition that propelled them to the top. With each chapter alternating between Matt and Nick's perspective, this memoir is a complete portrait of what it means to grow into and give back to the wrestling industry. Don't miss out on this heartwarming tale of resilience and determination!"
Nicholas C. Zakas
@jbandersoncpa Hehe, nice. By the way, have you read the Young Bucks’ book? I just finished it and it’s pretty good. Hope you are well.      source
Quiet book cover
The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking
Susan Cain - 2012-01-24
Goodreads Rating
Discover the power of introverts with this insightful book. Susan Cain explores how society undervalues introverts and their contributions, from Rosa Parks to Steve Wozniak. Through research and real-life stories, Quiet charts the rise of the Extrovert Ideal and introduces successful introverts who often thrive in quiet environments. Prepare to see introverts in a new light and gain a fresh perspective on how we view ourselves and others.
Nicholas C. Zakas
This book is must-read if you are an introvert. Also useful for extroverts to understand us better. Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking      source
Getting Things Done book cover
Getting Things Done
David Allen - 2002-12-31 (first published in 2001)
Goodreads Rating
Discover a revolutionary approach to getting things done with this influential book on personal organization. Originally published decades ago, it has become a classic and spawned a whole culture of tools, websites, and seminars. This updated edition, rewritten by the author himself, adds new material and glossary, making it an evergreen resource for years to come. With cognitive science research validating its principles, it's a must-read for anyone looking to take control of their life and achieve their goals.
Nicholas C. Zakas
If you’re like me and have trouble sleeping because your mind keeps telling you all the stuff you need to do, this book is great: I’m amazed at how much less busy my brain feels, especially at night.      source
The Gift of Fear book cover
The Gift of Fear
Gavin de Becker - 2000-07-01 (first published in 1996)
Goodreads Rating
Discover how to protect yourself and trust your instincts with this empowering and life-saving guide. Personal safety expert Gavin de Becker shares his expertise on predicting violent behavior and offers real-life examples and advice on restraining orders, self-defense, and more. Learn how to identify danger and feel safer in any situation. Trust your intuition and stay safe with this essential read for anyone who's ever felt threatened.
Nicholas C. Zakas
If I had a daughter, girlfriend, or wife, I’d highly recommend this book to them. Less useful for men unless you have reason to fear assassination, but an interesting read nonetheless.      source
The Brain That Changes Itself book cover
The Brain That Changes Itself
Stories of Personal Triumph from the Frontiers of Brain Science
Norman Doidge - 2007-03-15
Goodreads Rating
Discover the groundbreaking science of neuroplasticity as you delve into the transformative stories of people who were once told their mental limitations were unalterable. Through the journeys of those with brain damage, learning disorders, and even half a brain, witness how the brain can rewire itself to heal and grow. Written by a leading psychiatrist, this inspiring and moving book explores the mysteries of the human body, emotion, love, sex, culture, and education, offering a new perspective on human potential.
Nicholas C. Zakas
If you want to learn more about brain training and neuroplasticity, this book is amazing:      source
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Tom Bilyeu
Man's Search for Meaning book cover
Man's Search for Meaning
Viktor E. Frankl - 2006-06-01 (first published in 1959)
Goodreads Rating
Discover how to find meaning in suffering and move forward with renewed purpose by exploring the riveting memoir of a psychiatrist who survived Nazi death camps. In this influential book, based on his own experience and the stories of his patients, the author argues that we cannot avoid suffering but we can choose how to cope with it and find meaning in it through his theory of logotherapy. This book is a must-read for anyone searching for significance in the act of living.
Nicholas C. Zakas
Reading, “Man’s Search for Meaning.” I feel like this is one of those books everyone should read at some point. This paragraph in particular resonated with me.      source
Indistractable book cover
How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life
Nir Eyal - 2019-09-10
Goodreads Rating
Discover how to become "indistractable" with this groundbreaking book by a former Stanford lecturer and behavioral design expert. Revealing the hidden psychology driving us to distraction, the author provides a four-step, research-backed model to help us finally follow through on our intentions. Learn how to get the best out of technology without letting it get the best of us, how to fix a dysfunctional company culture, and how to raise indistractable children in an increasingly distracting world. Practical and empowering, this book will help you control your time and attention to live the life you really want.
Thinking in Bets book cover
Thinking in Bets
Making Smarter Decisions When You Don't Have All the Facts
Annie Duke - 2018-02-06
Goodreads Rating
"Thinking in Bets" by Annie Duke is a guide to making better decisions in an uncertain world. Using examples from business, sports, politics, and poker, Duke shows how embracing uncertainty and thinking in probabilities can lead to long-term success. Learn how to assess what you know and don't know, avoid knee-jerk reactions and biases, and become more confident and successful in decision-making.
Understanding ECMAScript 6 book cover
Understanding ECMAScript 6
The Definitive Guide for JavaScript Developers
Nicholas C. Zakas - 2016-08-16
Goodreads Rating
Discover the groundbreaking changes in JavaScript with this guide to ECMAScript 6 by expert developer Nicholas C. Zakas. Packed with example code for any JavaScript environment, each chapter explores the exciting syntax and object types that ECMAScript 6 brings. Learn about iterators, generators, arrow functions, promises, modules, and more to take your coding to the next level. Perfect for web developers or Node.js developers, this guide is essential for anyone looking to upgrade from ECMAScript 5 to 6.
TED Talks book cover
TED Talks
The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking
Chris Anderson - 2016-05-03
Goodreads Rating
Unlock the power of public speaking with TED Talks, an invaluable guide to crafting carefully crafted talks to transform audiences and promote a shared dream. Written by Chris Anderson, who has worked with some of the most inspiring TED speakers, this book is a must-read for anyone who wants to create impact with their ideas. Discover the tools and insights needed to electrify a room and change the world, from crafting compelling content to tips for being most effective on stage.
Negotiating the Impossible by Deepak Malhotra
Deep Work by Cal Newport
The Principles of Object-Oriented JavaScript by Nicholas C. Zakas
Maintainable JavaScript by Nicholas C. Zakas
Traction by Gino Wickman
The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor
Professional JavaScript for Web Developers by Nicholas C. Zakas
Nonviolent Communication by Marshall B. Rosenberg
The Power of Full Engagement by Jim Loehr
Difficult Conversations by Douglas Stone
The E-Myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber
Getting to Yes by Roger Fisher
The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership by Jim Dethmer