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Best Samurai Manga

Samurai are those who follow bushido, the classical Japanese warrior code, as a way of life, and usually hone their skill in combat to make their way in the world or perfect themselves. Characters in a Samurai manga may be in service to a liege lord, or ronin types who serve none but themselves. Common themes include service, honor, strength, and one-on-one combat or battles, often with blades.

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Vagabond, Vol. 1 book cover
Vagabond, Vol. 1
Takehiko Inoue - 2008-09-16
Goodreads Rating
This VIZBIG edition of Vagabond contains Volumes 1-3 and bonus color content.Invincible Under the SunReal-life figure Miyamoto Musashi was the most celebrated samurai of all time. The quintessential warrior-philosopher, Musashi authored A Book of Five Rings, a theoretical guide to military strategy still used today. But the path to enlightenment in...
Rurouni Kenshin book cover
Rurouni Kenshin
Meiji Swordsman Romantic Story, Vol. 1
Nobuhiro Watsuki - 2003-10-07
Goodreads Rating
Packed with action, romance and historical intrigue, Rurouni Kenshin is one of the most beloved and popular manga series worldwide. Set against the backdrop of the Meiji Restoration, it tells the saga of Himura Kenshin, once an assassin of ferocious power, now a humble rurouni, a wandering swordsman fighting to protect the honor of those in need. A...
Dark Horse Comics is proud to present one of the authentic landmarks in graphic fiction, Lone Wolf and Cub, to be published in its entirety for the first time in America. An epic samurai adventure of staggering proportions -- over 7000 pages -- Lone Wolf and Cub (Kozure Okami in Japan) is acknowledged worldwide for the brilliant writing of series c...
Gin Tama, Vol. 1 book cover
Gin Tama, Vol. 1
Hideaki Sorachi - 2007-07-03
Goodreads Rating
Samurai Gintoki Sakata works in a freelancer business, Odd Jobs Gin, after Edo was conquered by aliens named Amanto in order to pay the monthly rent from where he lives. In his days, Gintoki is joined by Shinpachi Shimura, a teenager son of a samurai who wants to learn about him, and Kagura, an alien girl who went to Earth to earn money for her poo...
シグルイ 1 book cover
シグルイ 1
Takayuki Yamaguchi - 2004-01-01
Goodreads Rating
El genial mangaka Takayuki Yamaguchi nos presenta esta excepcional adaptación de una de las novelas del escritor más polémico del género de samuráis. ¡Asiste al inicio de esta tragedia despiadada y sangrienta!...
Drifters Volume 1 book cover
Drifters Volume 1
Kohta Hirano - 2011-09-13 (first published in 2010)
Goodreads Rating
First he pitted the Catholic church against vampires, Nazis and Great Britain, bathing London in a flood of blood. But Hellsing creator Kohta Hirano still had something crazy up his sleeve when he created his new series, Drifters.Imagine a world of magic, full of elves and hobbits and dragons and orcs. Inside this world of magic and wonder there is...