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Best Skiing Books

Carve through pages of excitement with the most highly recommended books on skiing. From adrenaline-fueled memoirs to technical guides, each title has been selected based on the number of features in reputable skiing literature reviews.

Recommendations from 31 articles, Adam Grant.
Best Skiing Books
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Freedom Found book cover
Freedom Found
My Life Story
Warren Miller - 2016-09-01
Goodreads Rating
"Freedom Found" is an autobiography by Warren Miller, skiing's greatest storyteller and creator of action-sports films. In this soul-searching tale, Miller divulges his remarkable life behind the camera, including the peaks and valleys he navigated to bring his passion to audiences worldwide. This heartwarming and at times heart-wrenching account is a must-read for fans, ski history enthusiasts, adrenaline junkies, and anyone drawn to the story of an American innovator who never looked back.
DEEP The Story of Skiing and The Future of Snow book cover
DEEP The Story of Skiing and The Future of Snow
Porter Fox - 2013-12-01
Goodreads Rating
Discover the fascinating 8,000-year-old history of skiing in DEEP, a gripping narrative by veteran ski writer Porter Fox. Uncover the miracle of snow and the threat of climate change, which could wipe out skiing and snowfall in the next 75 years. Follow the unlikely rise of skiing from prehistoric Norway to nobility in the Alps to modern-day freeriders on the Rocky Mountains. Through primary interviews with alpinists and scientists, Fox explains the effect of climate change on snow and the Great Melt that's coming. But it's not all doom and gloom - DEEP also provides accounts of skiers and scientists working to mitigate climate change and preserve the water cycle, hopefully saving snow and ice and ultimately, the world.
Staying Alive in Avalanche Terrain book cover
Staying Alive in Avalanche Terrain
Bruce Tremper - 2001-01-01
Goodreads Rating
Learn essential avalanche safety techniques from a must-read guide for backcountry winter sports enthusiasts. This book provides easy-to-follow instructions on critical avalanche safety skills and has been updated with the most recent data and techniques. Ideal for snowmobilers, snowboarders, skiers, climbers, hunters, hikers, and more, it's organized according to the structure of American Avalanche Association classes. Stay safe in avalanche terrain and study this important book before hitting the slopes.
Ultimate Skiing book cover
Ultimate Skiing
Ron Lemaster - 2009-10-13
Goodreads Rating
This comprehensive guide to skiing by renowned instructor and technique expert Ron LeMaster goes beyond the basics. Ultimate Skiing covers the mechanics of great skiing like never before, using technique tips and kinesthetic cues to help you master maneuvering your skis, boots, and poles on all types of terrain. Montages of phenomenal photos and 3-D diagrams illustrate correct technique for every condition and terrain. Get the ultimate in ski instruction and reach new heights with Ultimate Skiing.
Climb to Conquer book cover
Climb to Conquer
The Untold Story of WWII's 10th Mountain Division
Peter Shelton - 2003-10-07
Goodreads Rating
Follow the inspiring story of the 10th Mountain Division, a group of civilian athletes turned versatile light infantry unit deployed around the world today. From its origin on a Vermont ski hill to its revolutionary impact on American outdoor life, experience the unparalleled journey of this elite division through the vivid and suspenseful narrative of adventure writer Peter Shelton. This brotherhood of sports enthusiasts turned soldiers stunned their enemies during World War II by scaling a 1,500-foot "unclimbable" cliff face in the dead of night. Today, their legacy lives on through the thriving outdoor industry that has transformed the way Americans see and play in the natural world.
Learning to Ski with Mr. Magee book cover
Learning to Ski with Mr. Magee
(Read Aloud Books, Series Books for Kids, Books for Early Readers)
Chris van Dusen - 2010-10-13
Goodreads Rating
Join Mr. Magee and his adorable dog, Dee, as they embark on a snowy adventure to learn how to ski. But when a curious moose sends them flying through the air and hanging above an abyss, they must overcome obstacles to find their way out. This charming book is filled with playful rhyming text and vibrant illustrations. Perfect for ages 4-8, this is a fun read-aloud for families and a great addition to elementary story time. Fans of the Mr. Magee series and author Chris Van Dusen's other works will love this winter adventure.
Tracking the Wild Coomba book cover
Tracking the Wild Coomba
The Life of Legendary Skier Doug Coombs
Robert Cocuzzo - 2016-06-23
Goodreads Rating
Tracking the Wild Coomba portrays the life of renowned skier Doug Coombs, who revolutionized extreme skiing by pioneering hundreds of first descents down the steepest mountains of the world. From his childhood in New England to the French Alps, Coombs’s life was all about skiing. The book sheds light on his early years, success in Alaska, and tragic death while attempting to rescue a fellow skier. Coombs endured a life-threatening accident at the age of 16 which instilled a sense of fearlessness in him, and he went on to become the face of major ski companies, kings of big mountain extreme skiing, and won the first World Extreme Ski Competition in Valdez, Alaska.
Higher Love book cover
Higher Love
Climbing and Skiing the Seven Summits
Kit DesLauriers - 2021-04-01
Goodreads Rating
"Higer Love" is a thrilling memoir about the first person to climb and ski down the highest mountains on each continent, known as the Seven Summits. Follow Kit DesLauriers on a perilous adventure that spans seven continents in just two years. From freezing Antarctica to the slopes of Australia and Everest, Kit leads you up every mountain and gives you a heart-racing ride back down. This candid and inspiring story showcases the power of teamwork, inspiration, and embracing our true nature while blazing the trail to every summit, both on and off the mountain.
Deep Powder Snow book cover
Deep Powder Snow
Forty-Years of Ecstatic Skiing, Avalanches, and Earth Wisdom
Dolores Lachapelle - 1993-01-01
Goodreads Rating
Explore the world of skiing and environmentalism through the lens of a seasoned enthusiast with forty years of experience. Follow this woman's love for the mountains and gain invaluable knowledge on the ecology of winter landscapes.
Fifty Places to Ski and Snowboard Before You Die book cover
Fifty Places to Ski and Snowboard Before You Die
Downhill Experts Share the World's Greatest Destinations
Chris Santella - 2013-10-15
Goodreads Rating
Discover the world's most thrilling skiing and snowboarding destinations with Fifty Places to Ski and Snowboard Before You Die. This book takes readers to breathtaking mountains, from the Chugach Mountains in Alaska to Whistler Blackcomb in British Columbia. Experience the rich history of these sports and the people who have mastered them through interviews with experts like Tommy Moe, Jonny Moseley, and Greg Harms. With gorgeous scenery and insider tips, this book is perfect for both expert and beginner snow enthusiasts.
Squirrels on Skis by J. Hamilton Ray
Powder by Patrick Thorne
All-Mountain Skier by R. Elling
The God of Skiing by Peter Kray
The Avalanche Hunters by Montgomery Meigs Atwater
Powder Days by Heather Hansman
Night Driving by Dick Dorworth
White Planet by Leslie Anthony
The Man Behind The Maps Hardcover by Todd Bennett Jason Blevins Ben Farrow
Snow Sense by Jill Fredston
The Stylish Life by Gabrielle Breton
100 Slopes of a Lifetime by Gordy Megroz
The Fall Line by Nathaniel Vinton
Mastering Snowboarding by Hannah Teter
The Story of Modern Skiing by John Fry
Unbound by Steph Jagger
Two Planks and a Passion by Roland Huntford
Secrets of the Greatest Snow on Earth by Jim Steenburgh
Higher Love by Kit Deslauriers
Vintage Skiing by Ray Atkeson, Rick Schafer
A-B-Skis by Libby Ludlow
Skiing with Demons by Chris Tomlinson
Teach Your Giraffe to Ski by Viviane Elbee
The Art of Shralpinism by Jeremy Jones
Squallywood, a Guide to Squaw Valley's Most Exposed Lines by Robb Gaffney
Inspired by Kelly Clark
The Adventure Friends by Brian Duhon
The Little Rippers by Rebecca Munsterer
The Ultimate Ski Book by Gabriella le Breton
Breakthrough on the New Skis by Lito Tejada-Flores
Goodnight Chairlift by Libby Ludlow
Exploring the Coast Mountains on Skis by John Baldwin
Snowstruck by Jill Fredston
Ski the Whole Mountain by Eric Deslauriers
Hunting Powder by Jordan Lipp
In the Path of an Avalanche by Vivien Bowers
Will You Believe In Me? A Story About Skiing and Friendship by Matt Sterbenz, Ingrid Ochoa
Bugaboo Dreams by Topher Donahue
Rise by Lindsey Vonn
Nancy Drew 29 by Carolyn Keene
Skiing into Modernity by Andrew Denning
Bunny Slopes by Claudia Rueda
Downhill Slide by Hal Clifford
Avalanche Accidents in Canada by Bruce Jarnieson
Spy Ski School by Stuart Gibbs