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Abdul Mahmud

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Abdul Mahmud is a Nigerian lawyer, social critic, columnist, human rights advocate, knowledge worker, essayist, poet, former Students' union leader and activist. He is currently the President, Public Interest Lawyers League (PILL), a body of professional and independent group of lawyers committed to the promotion and enforcement of the rights of vulnerable and minority groups, deepening of democracy and governance and the expansion of public interest law. He is a third-generation Nigerian poet whose works appear under the nom de guerre, Obemata. Some of his poems have also been translated into Polish, Lithuanian and French languages.
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The Mystery of Capital book cover
The Mystery of Capital
Why Capitalism Triumphs in the West and Fails Everywhere Else
Hernando de Soto - 2003-07-09
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"The hour of capitalism's greatest triumph," writes Hernando de Soto, "is, in the eyes of four-fifths of humanity, its hour of crisis." In The Mystery of Capital, the world-famous Peruvian economist takes up the question that, more than any other, is central to one of the most crucial problems the world faces today: Why do some countries succeed at...
Abdul Mahmud
Simpler things of governance are complex to our leaders. Any serious leader who has read Hernando De Soto's book, 'The Mystery of Capital': How Capitalism Triumphs in the West and Fails Everywhere Else' would understand how to leverage property to create wealth      source
Yoruba Warfare in the Nineteenth Century book cover
Yoruba Warfare in the Nineteenth Century
Robert & Smith J. F. Ade Ajayi - 1964-01-01
Abdul Mahmud
Go and read the respected historian, Prof Ade Ajayi's book, "Yoruba warfare of the 19th century". In the early times, the Yoruba rejected it because of its Hausa-Fulani etymology- which means deceitful      source
Nigeria book cover
Echoes Of A Century
Ifeoha Azikiwe - 2013-04-17
ONE HUNDRED years past and gone, just like yesterday, and Nigeria is still in transition. Created on the vagaries of British imperialism, Lord Frederick Lugard, on January 1, 1914, unilaterally stitched together, two diametrically opposed Northern and Southern parts of the Niger bend to form an entity he called NIGERIA. Since then, Nigeria has rema...
Abdul Mahmud
Have received many DMs on the 1914 amalgamation and books to read. I will recommend one: Nigeria, Echoes of a Century - by Ifeoha Azikiwe. Great book.      source