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Mary L. Dudziak

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Mary L. Dudziak is an American legal theorist, civil rights historian, and a leading foreign policy and international relations expert. She is currently the Asa Griggs Candler Professor of Law at Emory University.
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Doom Towns book cover
Doom Towns
The People and Landscapes of Atomic Testing, A Graphic History (Graphic History Series)
Andrew G. Kirk - 2016-09-30
Goodreads Rating
Discover the human side of atomic testing with this graphic history book. Doom Towns highlights the people and environments impacted by weapons innovation during the Cold War. Explore primary sources and gain access to archives to form your own informed conclusions about this complex and controversial topic.
Mary L. Dudziak
Love this book.      source
The Mountains Sing book cover
The Mountains Sing
Nguyễn Phan Quế Mai - 2020-03-17
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"The Mountains Sing" is a poignant multigenerational tale set in Vietnam, weaving in the country's tumultuous 20th century history. Tracing the story of the Tran family from the Land Reform of the 1950s to the Vietnam War, this novel explores the human costs of conflict from the perspective of the Vietnamese people. Through the lens of strong women like Tran Dieu Lan and her granddaughter Hương, Nguyen Phan Que Mai's debut novel brings to life the power of resilience and hope in a vivid and gripping narrative.
Mary L. Dudziak
Loved this book.      source
This thought-provoking book explores how the category of "military-age males" has been used to identify insurgent combatants in US military operations since September 11, 2001. The author highlights biases related to gender, age, religion, and race that have led to misinterpretations of the battlespace and contributed to the deterioration of civilian protection. The book also examines the links between counterinsurgency and drone warfare, and emerging concerns with algorithmic discrimination leading to the misidentification of civilians as combatants.
Mary L. Dudziak
Read this book:      source
The Politics of Peace book cover
The Politics of Peace
A Global Cold War History
Petra Goedde - 2019-02-12
Goodreads Rating
"The Politics of Peace" explores the emergence of peace as both an ideal and a practical aspect of international relations during the early cold war. This book highlights the interactions between three global actors: cold war states, peace advocacy groups, and anti-colonial liberationists. These transnational networks challenged and eventually undermined the cold war order by addressing the violence of national liberation movements in the Third World. "The Politics of Peace" reveals the fractures that emerged within each cold war camp as activists challenged their own governments and each other over the best ways to achieve global peace.
Mary L. Dudziak
@BrianDrohan I took up the question of what "peace" is in a subsequent essay. Thread to follow, but first let me recommend Petra Goedde's fascinating recent book on the Politics of Peace.      source
Invisible Scars book cover
Invisible Scars
Mental Trauma and the Korean War (Studies in Canadian Military History)
Meghan Fitzpatrick - 2017-06-29
Goodreads Rating
"Invisible Scars" delves into the history of psychological trauma during the Korean War, specifically the Commonwealth Division's psychiatric care systems. While the division successfully treated soldiers to return to duty, it failed to adequately support those returning to civilian life. Author Meghan Fitzpatrick also addresses current disability and compensation issues surrounding psychological trauma. A fascinating exploration of an often-ignored topic, this book sheds light on the lasting effects of war on soldiers' mental health.
Mary L. Dudziak
@Hesp365 @librarycongress Also on the Canadian military experience and Korean War mental trauma, this book by Megan Fitzpatrick. @pptsapper @DrRobThompson @DiploHistNerd Anyone know of work on Turkish soldiers in Korea?      source