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Timothy Keller


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Timothy J. Keller is an American pastor, theologian, and Christian apologist. He is the Chairman and co-Founder of Redeemer City to City, which trains pastors for ministry in global cities.
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Breaking the Social Media Prism
How to Make Our Platforms Less Polarizing
Chris Bail - Apr 06, 2021
Goodreads Rating
A revealing look at how user behavior is powering deep social divisions online--and how we might yet defeat political tribalism on social mediaIn an era of increasing social isolation, platforms like Facebook and Twitter are among the most important tools we have to understand each other. We use social media as a mirror to decipher our place in soc...
Timothy Keller
May 19, 2021
has eroded older ways of doing so. I recommend his book. 7/7      source
From Shame to Sin
The Christian Transformation of Sexual Morality in Late Antiquity (Revealing Antiquity)
Kyle Harper - Mar 14, 2016 (first published in 2013)
Goodreads Rating
When Rome was at its height, an emperor's male beloved, victim of an untimely death, would be worshipped around the empire as a god. In this same society, the routine sexual exploitation of poor and enslaved women was abetted by public institutions. Four centuries later, a Roman emperor commanded the mutilation of men caught in same-sex affairs, ev...
Timothy Keller
Apr 12, 2021
@JeffSharlet In this debate we need to read Kyle Harper's book on this. Hard to say it's all a projection after this book.      source
Taking America Back for God
Christian Nationalism in the United States
Andrew L. Whitehead - Mar 02, 2020
Goodreads Rating
Why do so many conservative Christians continue to support Donald Trump despite his many overt moral failings? Why do many Americans advocate so vehemently for xenophobic policies, such as a border wall with Mexico? Why do many Americans seem so unwilling to acknowledge the injustices that ethnic and racial minorities experience in the United State...
Timothy Keller
Mar 10, 2021
"The term “Christian nationalist” is now being used to describe white evangelicals. Is that accurate?" My review of Perry and Whitehead's excellent book "Taking America Back for God."      source
Redemptive Reversals and the Ironic Overturning of Human Wisdom
"The Ironic Patterns of Biblical Theology
Gregory K. Beale - Nov 12, 2019
Goodreads Rating
"But many who are first will be last, and the last first." --Matthew 19:30The Bible is full of ironic situations in which God overturns the world's wisdom by doing the opposite of what is expected--people are punished by their own sin, the persecution of the church is the catalyst for its growth, Paul claims to have strength through weakness, and m...
Timothy Keller
Mar 02, 2021
For one good book on the biblical basis for today's tweets. See      source
The Intolerance of Tolerance
D. A. Carson - Feb 08, 2013 (first published in 2009)
Goodreads Rating
Tolerance currently occupies a very high place in Western societies: it is considered gauche, even boorish, to question it. In The Intolerance of Tolerance, however, questioning tolerance -- or, at least, contemporary understandings of tolerance -- is exactly what D. A . Carson does.Carson traces the subtle but enormous shift in the way we have com...
Timothy Keller
Feb 25, 2021
Recommend reading this. Especially chapter eight: "Ways ahead: Ten Words".      source
Reformed Dogmatics, Vol. 1
Herman Bavinck - Oct 01, 2003
Goodreads Rating
In partnership with the Dutch Reformed Translation Society, Baker Academic is proud to offer the first volume of Herman Bavinck's complete Reformed Dogmatics in English for the very first time. Bavinck's approach throughout is meticulous. As he discusses the standard topics of dogmatic theology, he stands on the shoulders of giants such as Augusti...
Timothy Keller
Dec 30, 2020
@TriggerByTruth Please read Bavinck, Reformed Dogmatics volume 1- especially chapters 2 and 16 or his later book The Certainty of Faith. Also see the work of Alvin Plantinga on belief in God as “properly basic”.  3/3      source
God, Freedom, and Evil
Alvin Plantinga - Mar 21, 1989 (first published in 1973)
Goodreads Rating
In his discussion of natural theology (arguments to prove the existence of God) and natural atheology (arguments for the falsehood of theistic belief) Plantinga focuses on two of the traditional arguments: the ontological argument as an example of natural theology, and the problem of evil as the most important representative of natural atheology. A...
Timothy Keller
Dec 30, 2020
@TriggerByTruth Please read Bavinck, Reformed Dogmatics volume 1- especially chapters 2 and 16 or his later book The Certainty of Faith. Also see the work of Alvin Plantinga on belief in God as “properly basic”.  3/3      source
The Certainty of Faith
Herman Bavinck - Jan 01, 1980
Goodreads Rating
The timeliness of this book, first published in 1901, is shown by the fact that a great number of academic texts quote from it. "The Certainty of Faith" is one of the small but powerful classics written by one of the greatest theologians Holland has ever produced. Bavinck examines the difference between the certainty of science and that of religion...
Timothy Keller
Dec 30, 2020
@TriggerByTruth Please read Bavinck, Reformed Dogmatics volume 1- especially chapters 2 and 16 or his later book The Certainty of Faith. Also see the work of Alvin Plantinga on belief in God as “properly basic”.  3/3      source
The Democratization of American Christianity
Nathan O. Hatch - Jan 23, 1991
Goodreads Rating
In this prize-winning book Nathan O. Hatch offers a provocative reassessment of religion and culture in the early days of the American republic, arguing that during this period American Christianity was democratized and common people became powerful actors on the religious scene. Hatch examines five distinct traditions or mass movements that emerge...
Timothy Keller
Dec 19, 2020
There is going to be a huge amount of analysis about ‘evangelicalism’—from both inside and outside—I don’t think we can avoid reading up on our American evangelical history. A stellar book is "The Democratization of American Christianity" by Nathan Hatch.      source
Why Liberalism Failed
Patrick J. Deneen - Feb 26, 2019 (first published in 2018)
Goodreads Rating
"One of the most important political books of 2018."—Rod Dreher, ...
Timothy Keller
Dec 15, 2020
If you can, folks should read Why Liberalism Failed by Patrick Deneen. His book gives a good critique of various classic thinkers that is accessible and accurately puts their views.      source
Also recommended by
Barack Obama
How the Christian Revolution Remade the World
Tom Holland - Oct 29, 2019
Goodreads Rating
A "marvelous" (Economist) account of how the Christian Revolution forged the Western imagination Crucifixion, the Romans believed, was the worst fate imaginable, a punishment reserved for slaves. How astonishing it was, then, that people should have come to believe that one particular victim of crucifixion-an obscure provincial by the name of Jesus...
Timothy Keller
Dec 14, 2020
A very important book for all to read—Christian believers and non-believers. Tom Holland’s Dominion. Here are my reasons why to read it.      source
The End for Which God Created the World by Jonathan Edwards
God's Passion for His Glory by John Piper
Dynamics of Spiritual Life by Richard F. Lovelace
Atheist Overreach by Christian Smith
Political Visions & Illusions by David T. Koyzis
Two DozenArguments for God by Jerry L. Walls
Why I Am Not a Secularist by William Connolly
The Year of Our Lord 1943 by Alan Jacobs
The Tech-Wise Family by Andy Crouch
Disruptive Witness by Alan Noble
Glorious Freedom by Richard Sibbes
GRACE AND GLORY by Geerhardus Vos
Thinking through Creation by Christopher Watkin
The Book of Genesis by Brian Simmons
Concerning The True Care of Souls by Martin Bucer
The Universe Next Door by James W. Sire
The Valley of Vision by Arthur Bennett
Urban Ministry by Manuel Ortiz
Spiritual Depression by David Martyn Lloyd-Jones