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Timothy Keller

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Timothy J. Keller is an American pastor, theologian, and Christian apologist. He is the Chairman and co-Founder of Redeemer City to City, which trains pastors for ministry in global cities.
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The Myth of Religious Neutrality book cover
The Myth of Religious Neutrality
An Essay on the Hidden Role of Religious Belief in Theories, Revised Edition
Roy A. Clouser - 2005-05-15 (first published in 1991)
Goodreads Rating
Written for undergraduates, the educated layperson, and scholars in fields other than philosophy, The Myth of Religious Neutrality offers a radical reinterpretation of the general relations between religion, science, and philosophy. This new edition has been completely revised and updated by the author....
Timothy Keller
Great book I read years ago--in the tradition of Kuyper, Dooyeweerd, Van Til.      source
The Pursuit of God book cover
The Pursuit of God
Updated Edition
A. W. Tozer - 1982-01-01 (first published in 1948)
Goodreads Rating
Experience the holy paradox of loving and pursuing God in A. W. Tozer's The Pursuit of God. Through the words of Saint Bernard of Clairvaux and the stories of holy men and women, this book will ignite your desire for a genuine relationship with God. As you taste the Living Bread and drink from the Fountainhead, Tozer's pursuit will leave you hungry and thirsty for more.
Timothy Keller
Among the many books that helped me in college, this one by A.W. Tozer was a key one.      source
Doctrine and Race book cover
Doctrine and Race
African American Evangelicals and Fundamentalism between the Wars (Religion and American Culture)
Mary Beth Swetnam Mathews - 2017-01-20
Goodreads Rating
Doctrine and Race examines the history of African American Baptists and Methodists of the early twentieth century and their struggle for equality in the context of white Protestant fundamentalism....
Timothy Keller
Great book on the mid- 20th century black church in the U.S. and how it avoided both the heterodoxy of white liberal Protestantism and also the blindness to injustice of white conservative Protestantism.      source
Jesus and the Eyewitnesses book cover
Jesus and the Eyewitnesses
The Gospels as Eyewitness Testimony
Richard Bauckham - 2006-11-09
Goodreads Rating
Discover the groundbreaking work that challenges the assumption of anonymous community traditions in the four Gospels. This updated and expanded book argues that the testimonies in the Gospels are closely based on eyewitness accounts of those who personally knew Jesus. Written by a noted New Testament scholar, this momentous volume includes a new preface, three substantial new chapters, and a comprehensive new bibliography. Winner of the 2007 Christianity Today Book Award in Biblical Studies, this book is a must-read for anyone interested in New Testament studies.
Timothy Keller
A great book by a top scholar showing that the Gospels are based on eyewitness testimony.      source
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Andy Stanley
Answering God book cover
Answering God
The Psalms as Tools for Prayer
Eugene H. Peterson - 1991-04-26 (first published in 1989)
Goodreads Rating
Revolutionize your prayer life with a powerful guide! In Answering God, Eugene H. Peterson tackles the issue of unsatisfactory prayer, offering practical solutions through the use of Psalms. Perfect for Christians looking to deepen their connection with God.
Timothy Keller
On the Psalms: 1) "BCP" means Book of Common Prayer 2) This is a project that takes several years before the fruit is greatest. 3) I suggest reading Peterson's "Answering God". It gave me a greater appetite for the Psalms. 4) Our book 'Songs of Jesus' might be helpful.      source
The Pauline Eschatology book cover
The Pauline Eschatology
Geerhardus Vos - 1979-12-01
Goodreads Rating
Discover the seminal achievement of Reformed theology in The Pauline Eschatology by Geerhardus Vos. Synthesizing research from church history, New Testament, and systematic theology, Vos explains the relationship between redemptive history and Paul's theology. This grand expression of biblical theology provides a Reformed perspective on sound doctrine and covers topics such as soteriology, the coming of the Lord, the resurrection, the judgment, and more. Don't miss out on this magnum opus of considerable accomplishment.
Timothy Keller
A book that helped me understand the Bible as few others. His delineation of the 'already but not yet' of the kingdom of God was far ahead of his time. Today it's a given in Biblical Theology. Read      source
A Secular Age book cover
A Secular Age
Charles Taylor - 2007-01-01
Goodreads Rating
This award-winning book delves into the complex phenomenon of secularization, offering "big nuggets of insight" that are useful for anyone interested in understanding the progress of human society. With impressive research and an encyclopedic, yet analytically rigorous overview, this "thumping volume" is destined to endure as a singular achievement.
Timothy Keller
If you are an atheist, here are three books I recommend that could challenge your viewpoint: (1) C. Taylor's "A Secular Age" (2) Tom Holland's "Dominion" (3) George Herbert, "The Complete English Poems".      source
The Complete English Poems book cover
The Complete English Poems
George Herbert - 2005-06-28 (first published in 1671)
Goodreads Rating
This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important and is part of the knowledge base of civilization as we know it....
Timothy Keller
If you are an atheist, here are three books I recommend that could challenge your viewpoint: (1) C. Taylor's "A Secular Age" (2) Tom Holland's "Dominion" (3) George Herbert, "The Complete English Poems".      source
Mind and Cosmos book cover
Mind and Cosmos
Why the Materialist Neo-Darwinian Conception of Nature is Almost Certainly False
Thomas Nagel - 2012-08-27
Goodreads Rating
This book challenges the widely accepted belief of materialist naturalism and its inability to explain consciousness and mind-related aspects of reality. The author argues that a purely materialistic understanding of nature, including biology and evolutionary theory, is fundamentally incomplete. The book explores the obstacles to reductionism, with a specific focus on consciousness, cognition, and value, and concludes that physics cannot be the theory of everything.
Timothy Keller
A book showing how secular materialism has trouble grounding both science and moral value.      source
The Reliability of Sense Perception book cover
The Reliability of Sense Perception
William P. Alston - 1996-01-11 (first published in 1993)
Goodreads Rating
This philosophical book delves into the reliability of our sense perception and the validity of our basic ways of forming beliefs. William P. Alston examines various arguments for the accuracy of sense perception and concludes that it's not possible to demonstrate its reliability in a noncircular way. He suggests that the most appropriate response is to appeal to the practical rationality of engaging in certain socially established belief-forming practices. This book is a must-read for epistemologists, cognitive scientists, and philosophers of science.
Timothy Keller
Books showing how secular materialism has great trouble providing a basis for science and empiricism. and      source
Neo-Calvinism by N. Gray Sutanto, Cory C. Brock
A World after Liberalism by Matthew Rose
The Creator in You by Jordan Raynor
Why We Are Restless by Benjamin Storey, Jenna Silber Storey
Breaking the Social Media Prism by Chris Bail
The Book of Genesis by Brian Simmons
Taking America Back for God by Andrew L. Whitehead
Chemically Imbalanced by Joseph E. Davis
Dynamics of Spiritual Life by Richard F. Lovelace
A Time to Build by Yuval Levin
Redemptive Reversals and the Ironic Overturning of Human Wisdom by Gregory K. Beale
Dominion by Tom Holland
Mind Fixers by Anne Harrington
Religion in the University by Nicholas Wolterstorff
Atheist Overreach by Christian Smith
Ending Overcriminalization and Mass Incarceration by Anthony B. Bradley
Two DozenArguments for God by Jerry L. Walls
The Year of Our Lord 1943 by Alan Jacobs
The Kingdom of God Has No Borders by Melani McAlister
Disruptive Witness by Alan Noble
Rediscovering Humility by Christopher Hutchinson
Radical Sacrifice by Terry Eagleton
From Tolerance to Equality by Darel E. Paul
Why Liberalism Failed by Patrick J. Deneen
Love Thy Body by Nancy R. Pearcey
Seven Types Of Atheism by John Gray
Thinking through Creation by Christopher Watkin
Sanctification by Michael Allen
The Tech-Wise Family by Andy Crouch
The Two Kingdoms by W. Bradford Littlejohn
Ethics in the Conflicts of Modernity by Alasdair MacIntyre
From Shame to Sin by Kyle Harper
The Intolerance of Tolerance by D. A. Carson
Slavery in the Late Roman World, Ad 275-425 by Kyle Harper
To Change the World by James Davison Hunter
Concerning The True Care of Souls by Martin Bucer
The End for Which God Created the World by Jonathan Edwards
God's Passion for His Glory by John Piper
Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman
The Mortification of Sin by John Owen
The Universe Next Door by James W. Sire
Reformed Dogmatics, Vol. 1 by Herman Bavinck
Political Visions & Illusions by David T. Koyzis
The Death and Life of Great American Cities by Jane Jacobs
Urban Ministry by Manuel Ortiz
Glorious Freedom by Richard Sibbes
Why I Am Not a Secularist by William Connolly
GRACE AND GLORY by Geerhardus Vos
Communion with the Triune God by John Owen
The Democratization of American Christianity by Nathan O. Hatch
God, Freedom, and Evil by Alvin Plantinga
The Certainty of Faith by Herman Bavinck
The Valley of Vision by Arthur Bennett
Spiritual Depression by David Martyn Lloyd-Jones