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SeriesThe Immortals

The Immortals Series

The Immortals books in order

Enter the realm of The Immortals, a young adult fantasy series hailed as "addictive" "beautiful" "haunting" and "mesmerizing." Since a horrible accident claimed the lives of her family, sixteen-year-old Ever can see auras, hear people’s thoughts, and know a person’s life story by touch. Going out of her way to shield herself from human contact to s…
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Evermore book cover
Book 1
Alyson Noel - 2009-02-03
Goodreads Rating
In this captivating first book of the Immortals series, tragedy leads sixteen-year-old Ever Bloom to develop psychic abilities. She tries to suppress her gifts and avoid human contact, but everything changes when she meets the mysterious and enchanting Damen Auguste. As she falls deeply in love with him, she realizes he holds many secrets, and she has no idea just who he really is. Join Ever in this world of magic, mystery, and true love that never dies.
Blue Moon book cover
Book 2
Blue Moon
Alyson Noel - 2009-07-07
Goodreads Rating
In Blue Moon, a young woman named Ever is tasked with a difficult decision: bring her family back from the dead or save the man she loves. As Ever learns more about her immortal abilities, her beloved Damen begins to fade and is threatened by a mysterious illness. Desperate to save him, Ever must journey to a mystical dimension and uncover ancient secrets. With the approaching blue moon as her only chance, Ever must choose between altering the past and saving the present. Alyson Noël's bestselling Immortals series continues to captivate readers with its addictive and haunting storyline.
Shadowland book cover
Book 3
Alyson Noël - 2009-11-17
Goodreads Rating
Step into the fantastical realm of immortal beings in this mesmerizing and extraordinary book. Follow the story of Ever and Damen, who must fight off their darkest enemies and break a powerful curse in order to have a chance at being together forever. But with one touch, Damen could be plunged into the Shadowland, putting their destiny at risk. As Ever immerses herself in magick to save him, she finds unexpected help from a mysterious surfer named Jude, who draws her closer despite her loyalty to Damen. This captivating story will test the limits of love and loyalty like never before.
Dark Flame book cover
Book 4
Dark Flame
A Novel (The Immortals, 4)
Alyson Noël - 2010-06-22
Goodreads Rating
A thrilling novel about Ever's fight for love and control over her immortal body and soul. While trying to keep the secret world of Immortals hidden, Ever risks everything to break a spell that binds her to her ultimate enemy, Roman. Dark magick, reckless powers, and a timeless love story make this Alyson Noël novel a must-read.
Night Star book cover
Book 5
Night Star
A Novel (The Immortals, 5)
Alyson Noël - 2010-11-16
Goodreads Rating
This thrilling addition to the Immortals series follows Ever and Damen, two immortals fighting to stay together as they face their greatest enemy yet. Haven, still grieving the loss of her boyfriend, blames Ever for the past and will stop at nothing to tear them apart. With secrets from Ever's past coming to light and a deadly clash with Haven on the horizon, this installment will leave readers at the edge of their seats. Will Ever and Damen's love survive, or will they be doomed to darkness?
Tuck Everlasting book cover
Book 6
Tuck Everlasting
Rinehart and Winston Holt - 1985-11-01 (first published in 1975)
Goodreads Rating
A family cursed with eternal life reveals their secret to a curious young girl who soon understands the burden of living forever. But when a stranger attempts to exploit their gift for personal gain, complications arise. Will the Tucks be able to keep their secret safe? This bittersweet tale poses thought-provoking questions about mortality and the value of life.