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Debt book cover


The First 5,000 Years

Discover the fascinating history of debt and its impact on human society with this eye-opening book. Anthropologist David Graeber shows that credit systems were used for thousands of years before the invention of money, and that arguments about debt have sparked political debates and insurrections throughout history. Graeber's insights shed light on our modern economic struggles and reveal how ancient debates about debt continue to shape our ideas about right and wrong.
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The most fascinating book I've read all year in 2015.      source
Five political/economics books that 🌅 🧠 - Origins of Political Order: Civilization = institutions - Political Order / Decay: Gridlock is state failure - Debt, First 5000 Years: Money != exchange - Capital In 21st Century: Who gets growth? - Wealth of Nations: Econ 101      source
@simped @paul_rietschka I recommend the book “debt - the first 5,000 years” to get a better grasp of why this is the case.      source
as someone who has read countless books on the history of money, “debt: the first 5000 years” is a masterpiece. an anthropological view that schools every single economist out there, breaking down the myth of bartering and going to the sources that conne…      source
I am deep into David Graeber’s incredible book, “Debt: The First 5,000 Years,” and I have to say that it has blown my mind repeatedly with incredible insights & connections about civilization, religion, geopolitics, history, money, human nature, slavery, marriage, war, military,      source
Two of my favorite books to teach together when lecturing on the history of ancient financial crisis & debt relief.      source
Books I’ve read in 2020 that have stopped me in my tracks, changed the way I look at the subject, stayed with me.      source