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Alan Cooper


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Alan Cooper is an American software designer and programmer. Widely recognized as the “Father of Visual Basic", Cooper is also known for his books About Face: The Essentials of Interaction Design and The Inmates Are Running the Asylum: Why High-Tech Products Drive Us Crazy and How to Restore the Sanity.
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The Disaster Artist
My Life Inside The Room, the Greatest Bad Movie Ever Made
Greg Sestero - Oct 07, 2014
Goodreads Rating
From the actor who lived through the most improbable Hollywood success story, with an award-winning narrative nonfiction writer, comes the inspiring, fascinating and laugh-out-loud story of a mysteriously wealthy outsider who sundered every road block in the Hollywood system to achieve success on his own terms—the making of The Room, “the Citizen K...
Alan Cooper
Jan 27, 2021
I’m reading this amazing book called “The Disaster Artist” about the making of the greatest terrible movie ever made.      source
A Canticle for Leibowitz
Walter Miller - Jul 01, 1993 (first published in 1959)
Goodreads Rating
In a barbarous and fallen world, the monks of the Order of Leibowitz inherit the sacred relics and spend their lives copying, illuminating and interpreting the holy fragments. They vow to preserve ancient knowledge, but will man learn from his mistakes or will history repeat itself?...
Alan Cooper
Dec 13, 2020
@JamesSACorey One of my favorite scifi books won the Hugo Award for best novel in 1961, called A Canticle for Leibowitz, by Walter M. Miller Jr. It’s a remarkably literate book, with memorable characters and action. 6      source
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Patrick Madrid
The Stars My Destination
Alfred Bester - Jun 30, 2011 (first published in 1955)
Goodreads Rating
In this pulse-quickening novel, Alfred Bester imagines a future in which people "jaunte" a thousand miles with a single thought, where the rich barricade themselves in labyrinths and protect themselves with radioactive hit men — and where an inarticulate outcast is the most valuable and dangerous man alive. The Stars My Destination is a classic of ...
Alan Cooper
Dec 13, 2020
@JamesSACorey As a callow youth, way back in the 1970s, I lived in London for awhile and discovered a book called Tiger, Tiger by Alfred Bester. It kinda rocked my world. The book was published in the USA as The Stars My Destination, and @JamesSACorey cite the book as influential to them. 5      source
Leviathan Wakes
James S. A. Corey - Jun 15, 2011
Goodreads Rating
Humanity has colonized the solar system - Mars, the Moon, the Asteroid Belt and beyond - but the stars are still out of our reach.Jim Holden is XO of an ice miner making runs from the rings of Saturn to the mining stations of the Belt. When he and his crew stumble upon a derelict ship, "The Scopuli," they find themselves in possession of a secret t...
Alan Cooper
Dec 13, 2020
@JamesSACorey So, I went back to the first novel, Leviathan Wakes, and started reading it again. Welp, I couldn’t stop and now I’m well into Book 4. Shoot, I just read this for the first time a couple months ago. 2      source
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Sean Kerner
Dark Money
The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right
Jane Mayer - Jan 24, 2017
Goodreads Rating
NATIONAL BESTSELLERONE OF THE NEW YORK TIMES 10 BEST BOOKS OF THE YEARWho are the immensely wealthy right-wing ideologues shaping the fate of America today? From the bestselling author of The Dark Side, an electrifying work of investigative journalism that uncovers the agenda of this powerful group. In her new preface, Jane Mayer discusses the resu...
Alan Cooper
Nov 09, 2020
@davelab6 Getting the money back into circulation would be good, but allowing billionaires to exist basically destroys democracy. I commend you to @JaneMayerNYer's book Dark Money.      source
The Underground Text of Systems Lore
John Gall - Oct 31, 1986 (first published in 1977)
Goodreads Rating
Hardcover published by Quadragle/The New York Times Book Co., third printing, August 1977, copyright 1975....
Alan Cooper
Oct 12, 2019
@rvr @theitskeptic @CGLambdin @neil_killick @agileschools @jeffpatton @RonJeffries You probably already know this, but the best text on complex systems is Meadows’ “Thinking in Systems,” but the best BOOK on complex systems is John Gall’s “Systemantics."      source