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Brian Koppelman

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Brian William Koppelman is an American show-runner. Koppelman is the co-writer of Ocean's Thirteen and Rounders, the producer for films including The Illusionist and The Lucky Ones, the director for films including Solitary Man and the documentary This Is What They Want for ESPN as part of their 30 for 30 series, and the co-creator, showrunner, and executive producer of Showtime's Billions.
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Being Mortal book cover
Being Mortal
Medicine and What Matters in the End
Atul Gawande - 2014-10-07
Goodreads Rating
This book explores the challenging topic of how medicine can improve not only life, but also the process of dying. Atul Gawande, a practicing surgeon, tackles the limitations of his profession and argues that quality of life should be the ultimate goal for patients and families. He offers examples of more fulfilling models for caring for the elderly and explores hospice care to show that the end of life can still be rich and dignified.
Brian Koppelman
Halfway through @Atul_Gawande's Being Mortal. It's an essential, important and deep book. Also just finished @morganhousel's Psychology Of Money. Haven't read a novel in about a month.      source
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The Grandmaster book cover
The Grandmaster
Magnus Carlsen and the Match That Made Chess Great Again
Brin-Jonathan Butler - 2018-11-13
Goodreads Rating
Experience the drama and excitement of the 2016 World Chess Championship between Magnus Carlsen and Sergey Karjakin as told by author Brin-Jonathan Butler in "The Grandmaster". With geopolitical connections and a sudden death finish, this battle of the millennials saw defending champion Carlsen fight to retain his title and cement his legacy as one of the greatest players in history. Get a firsthand account of every move and attempt to decipher the secret to Carlsen's massive success in this riveting book.
Brian Koppelman
Ever since I read @brinicio’s stunningly brilliant book Grandmaster, I’ve been a complete Magnus fan. Watched the documentaries. Read the articles. I can’t see him doing this unless he *knows*.      source
Samarcande book cover
Amin Maalouf - 2003-09-01 (first published in 1988)
Goodreads Rating
Travel through time and space to experience the poetry of Omar Khayyam, the brilliance of astronomer and free thinker, as well as the danger of the Assassins order led by Hassan Sabbah in ancient Persia. This book takes you on a journey to the Orient of the 19th and early 20th centuries, where dreams of freedom defy fanaticism. Follow the adventure of a lost manuscript from the 11th century, found six centuries later, and experience the enchanting cities of Asia on the Silk Road. Amin Maalouf's storytelling ability will leave you spellbound. Discover the splendor of Samarcande.
Brian Koppelman
One book I absolutely love that no one mentioned is Samarkand by Amin Maalouf.      source
Paris in the Present Tense book cover
Paris in the Present Tense
A Novel
Mark Helprin - 2017-10-03
Goodreads Rating
A 74-year-old cellist and war veteran living in present-day Paris navigates the city's charms and challenges, including violent unrest and memories of the Holocaust. Jules Lacour must reconcile his duties to the past with his desires for a rich present life filled with love and music, all while facing unexpected hurdles such as fraud and violence. Against the stunning backdrop of Paris, Helprin weaves a poetic and emotional story of life, memory, and art.
Brian Koppelman
Certain writers fall out of favor for certain reasons, often having little to do with the work itself. In that vein, let me recommend Mark Helprin, maybe the most beautiful American prose stylist of his age. Paris In The Present Tense is a glorious novel. Writers: read this book.      source
Let's Talk About Hard Things book cover
Let's Talk About Hard Things
Anna Sale - 2021-05-04
Goodreads Rating
Let's Talk About Hard Things is a compelling and transformative book on discussing the toughest topics in life, from sex to death. Drawing from her award-winning podcast, the author uses personal anecdotes, expert opinions, and real-life stories to highlight the importance of having meaningful conversations on difficult subjects. Through this book, readers will learn how to navigate these conversations with empathy, understanding, and openness, creating deeper connections and fostering personal growth.
Brian Koppelman
This is a warm hearted and important book. Recommend.      source
King of a Small World book cover
King of a Small World
Rick Bennet - 2004-04-14 (first published in 1995)
Goodreads Rating
Poker, crisis, and responsibility collide in this gripping novel. Joey Moore, Maryland's top poker player, navigates the highs and lows of gambling until a tragic suicide and an unexpected baby challenge his life. Will he rise to the occasion, or fold under pressure? Discover the King of a Small World.
Brian Koppelman
@luckyirishmn There's a novel that I read after Rounders that I love, called King Of A Small World, by Rick Bennett. It is hard to find. But wonderful. The books by Doyle Brunson and TJ Cloutier and old school tales of travel and poker, also Bobby Baldwin's Tales Out Of Tulsa.      source
Tales Out of Tulsa book cover
Tales Out of Tulsa
Bobby Baldwin
Goodreads Rating
Book by Baldwin, Bobby...
Brian Koppelman
@luckyirishmn There's a novel that I read after Rounders that I love, called King Of A Small World, by Rick Bennett. It is hard to find. But wonderful. The books by Doyle Brunson and TJ Cloutier and old school tales of travel and poker, also Bobby Baldwin's Tales Out Of Tulsa.      source
Pride and Prejudice book cover
Pride and Prejudice
Jane Austen - 2000-10-10 (first published in 1813)
Goodreads Rating
This beloved classic novel follows the dynamic protagonist, Elizabeth Bennet, as she learns the impact of hasty judgments and the importance of genuine goodness. Set in Regency-era Great Britain, the story satirizes societal expectations and the pressure to marry for financial gain. With witty humor and memorable characters, Pride and Prejudice has become one of the most popular and widely adapted novels in English literature.
Brian Koppelman
@SherriPizza No. I LOVE that book.      source
Catching the Big Fish book cover
Catching the Big Fish
Meditation, Consciousness, and Creativity
David Lynch - 2007-01-01 (first published in 2006)
Goodreads Rating
Discover the elusive source of creativity with this inspiring book by a renowned filmmaker. In Catching the Big Fish, the author shares his methods, personal style, and the impact of meditation on his creative process. Learn how he "dives within" to catch ideas like fish, and develops them into movies, art, music, and design. Lynch's three-decade commitment to Transcendental Meditation is also explored, along with discussions on how to put thoughts into action and collaborate with others. Catching the Big Fish is a must-read for fans and anyone seeking to cultivate their own creativity.
Brian Koppelman
I practice Transcendental Meditation. David Lynch’s book Catching The Big Fish is a good starting point.      source
Eight Million Ways to Die book cover
Eight Million Ways to Die
Lawrence Block - 2002-07-30 (first published in 1982)
Goodreads Rating
A down-on-his-luck ex-cop turned private investigator takes on the case of a young prostitute who wanted out of the life, but was brutally murdered. As he delves into her past, he uncovers deadly secrets and discovers that there are many ways to die in the dangerous town of New York. This novel by an award-winning author is a must-read for fans of American detective fiction.
Brian Koppelman
@jamesoliphant The book is perfect. By @LawrenceBlock.      source
Life's Work book cover
Life's Work
David Milch - 2022-09-13
Dead Girl Blues by Lawrence Block
Broken by Don Winslow
Conspiracy by Ryan Holiday
Petty by Warren Zanes
Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage by Haruki Murakami
Lying by Sam Harris
Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh
What I Talk about When I Talk about Running by Haruki Murakami
City of Thieves by David Benioff
Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami
The War of Art by Steven Pressfield
Sizzling Chops and Devilish Spins by Jerome Charyn
Ghost Rider by Neil Peart
What Makes Sammy Run? by Budd Schulberg
A Wild Sheep Chase by Haruki Murakami
The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron
American Tabloid by James Ellroy
First Blood by David Morrell
Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry
Body & Soul by Frank Conroy
The Artist's Way Morning Pages Journal by Julia Cameron
The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami
Fatherland by Robert Harris
Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins
The Financier by Theodore Dreiser