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Jack Reacher book cover
Books LikeJack Reacher

Books like Jack Reacher

Enjoyed Jack Reacher? We’ve scoured the web for book blogs and looked at all of their recommendations for books that are similar to Jack Reacher. Here are 26 books that you may like if you liked Jack Reacher.

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One Shot book cover
One Shot
Jack Reacher Series
Lee Child - 2005-06-14
Goodreads Rating
In Lee Child’s astonishing new thriller, Reacher’s arrival will change everything—about a case that isn’t what it seems, about lives tangled in baffling ways, about a killer who missed one shot–and by doing so give Jack Reacher one shot at the truth.… Six shots. Five dead. One heartland city thrown into a state of terror. But within hours the cops ...
Recommended by
Malcolm Gladwell
A Dangerous Man book cover
A Dangerous Man
Elvis Cole and Joe Pike Series
Robert Crais - 2020-08-04 (first published in 2019)
Goodreads Rating
A brilliant new crime novel from the beloved, bestselling, and award-winning master of the genre, A Dangerous Man centers on Joe Pike's most perilous case to date. Joe Pike didn't expect to rescue a woman that day. He went to the bank same as anyone goes to the bank, and returned to his Jeep. So when Isabel Roland, the lonely young teller who helpe...
Bad Luck and Trouble book cover
Bad Luck and Trouble
Jack Reacher Series
Lee Child - 2009-05-19
Goodreads Rating
From a helicopter high above the empty California desert, a man is sent free-falling into the night.... In Chicago, a woman learns that an elite team of ex-army investigators is being hunted down one by one.... And on the streets of Portland, Jack Reacher--soldier, cop, hero--is pulled out of his wandering life by a code that few other people could...
Recommended by
Malcolm Gladwell
Gone Tomorrow book cover
Gone Tomorrow
Jack Reacher Series
Lee Child - 2010-03-23 (first published in 2009)
Goodreads Rating
Susan Mark, the fifth passenger, had a big secret, and her plain little life was being watched in Washington, and California, and Afghanistan—by dozens of people with one thing in common: They’re all lying to Reacher. A little. A lot. Or just enough to get him killed. A race has begun through the streets of Manhattan, a maze crowded with violent, s...
Recommended by
Malcolm Gladwell
No Man's Land book cover
No Man's Land
David Baldacci - 2017-03-21 (first published in 2016)
Goodreads Rating
Special Agent John Puller, combat veteran and the army's most tenacious investigator, is back in this action-packed thriller from worldwide #1 bestselling author David Baldacci.NO MAN'S LANDTwo men. Thirty years.John Puller's mother, Jackie, vanished thirty years ago from Fort Monroe, Virginia, when Puller was just a boy. Paul Rogers has been in pr...
The Enemy book cover
The Enemy
A Jack Reacher Novel
Jack Reacher Series
Lee Child - 2012-03-06 (first published in 2004)
Goodreads Rating
Jack Reacher. Hero. Loner. Soldier. Soldier’s son. An elite military cop, he was one of the army’s brightest stars. But in every cop’s life there is a turning point. One case. One messy, tangled case that can shatter a career. Turn a lawman into a renegade. And make him question words like honor, valor, and duty. For Jack Reacher, this is that case...
Recommended by
Malcolm Gladwell
The Ninth Step book cover
The Ninth Step
Mark Dawson - 2016-01-15
Goodreads Rating
John Milton is a former assassin for the British government. He is a ronin, trying to atone for his past sins by offering his services to those people who have no-one else to whom they can turn. Milton is keeping a low profile in London when he meets Eddie Fabian. Fabian confesses that he is considering suicide, and that the reason for his depressi...
Without Fail book cover
Without Fail
Jack Reacher Series
Lee Child - 2013-04-02 (first published in 2002)
Goodreads Rating
Skilled, cautious, and anonymous, Jack Reacher is perfect for the job: to assassinate the vice president of the United States. Theoretically, of course. A female Secret Service agent wants Reacher to find the holes in her system, and fast - because a covert group already has the vice president in their sights. They've planned well. There's just one...
Recommended by
Malcolm Gladwell
Hard Road book cover
Hard Road
J. B. Turner - 2016-10-18 (first published in 2013)
Goodreads Rating
Jon Reznick is a “ghost”: a black-ops specialist who takes his orders from shadowy handlers, and his salary from the US government. Still mourning the loss of his beloved wife on 9/11, he’s dispatched to carry out a high-level hit. Reznick knows only that it must look like suicide. It’s textbook.But the target is not the man Reznick expected. The w...
The Forgotten Soldier book cover
The Forgotten Soldier
Pike Logan Series
Brad Taylor - 2017-01-03 (first published in 2015)
Goodreads Rating
In"New York Times"bestselling author Brad Taylor s latest heart-stopping thriller, Pike Logan returns with his most dangerous and personal threat yet: a Taskforce Operator gone rogue. For years, the extralegal counterterrorist unit known as the Taskforce has worked in the shadows, anticipating and preventing attacks around the globe. Created to dea...
The Bone Labyrinth book cover
The Bone Labyrinth
A Sigma Force Novel (Sigma Force Novels)
Sigma Force Series
James Rollins - 2016-07-26 (first published in 2015)
Goodreads Rating
A war is coming, a battle that will stretch from the prehistoric forests of the ancient past to the cutting-edge research labs of today, all to reveal a true mystery buried deep within our DNA, a mystery that will leave readers changed forever . . .In this groundbreaking masterpiece of ingenuity and intrigue that spans 50,000 years in human history...
The Affair by Lee Child
Persuader by Lee Child
Project StrikeForce by Kevin Lee Swaim
Bravo Two Zero - 20th Anniversary Edition by Andy McNab Andy Mcnab
Project StrikeForce by Kevin Lee Swaim
David Baldacci's 4-book "JOHN PULLER" series -- Zero Day / The Forgotten / The Escape / No Man's Land by David Baldacci
The Midnight Line by Lee Child
Jack Reacher by Lee Child
14Th Colony by Steve Berry
Hostage by Robert Crais
The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum
Remote Control by Andy McNab
The Necessary Death of Lewis Winter by Malcolm MacKay
Ashley Bell by Dean Koontz
Made to Kill by Adam Christopher