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Myers Briggs Characters

ENTP Characters


Smart and curious thinkers who cannot resist an intellectual challenge.
A Game of Thrones book cover
Tyrion Lannister
ENTPs can relate to Tyrion’s interest in exploring possibilities and having abstract, symbolic discussions. To quote another article typing him as ENTP, “He freely engages reality hoping to discern some greater purpose in it, often exploring experiences for their own sake, while adopting them into his broader worldview.” All these traits are key attributes of Extroverted Intuition. Of course, there’s much more to his character than that and he’s not a “head in the clouds” type. He also demonstrates why David Keirsey called NT types the “Rationals.” One example is when he becomes The Hand of King and we get to see his political savvy.
Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone book cover
Fred and George Weasley
Mischievous and clever, Fred and George Weasley capture the irreverent, playful spirit of the ENTP personality type. Fred and George are highly ambitious but are more concerned with creating their own business enterprises than receiving perfect grades at Hogwarts. New ideas excite them and they easily concoct magical spells and pranks that they sell with effective charm. While they can easily read people and win them over with their friendly, humorous style, they give more credence to logical rationale when making decisions. More than making others happy and satisfying their expectations, they are focused on achieving their goals and experimenting with concepts and innovative ideas.
The Complete Calvin and Hobbes book cover
Calvin is very forward focused (a trait many Intuitives share) and argues that “exploring and discovering and playing” should be even more important than school especially since as soon as you get done with school you have to work until you die. I doubt many other kids are thinking about things like that at 6 years old, or building snow-chickens chopping off snowmen’s heads.
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang book cover
Caractacus Potts
Caracticus Potts is driven by a desire to explore, experiment, and create a better life for his children. He thinks outside the box, creating ingenious plans for survival using a combination of analytical thinking (Ti) and innovative perspectives (Ne). He has an easy expressiveness and charm that tertiary Fe users are known for, yet he doesn’t care to share his feelings readily with everyone.
The Lord of the Rings book cover
Meriadoc “Merry” Brandybuck
While Merry and Pippin are seen as mostly humorous scoundrels in the Lord of the Rings series, there’s no denying that Merry is the more pragmatic of the two. In typical ENTP fashion, Merry is up for anything, driven by his curiosity, and surprisingly brave and level-headed in the face of chaos. Though he is all for having fun and being on an adventure, he also recognizes the gravity of the situation the fellowship is in. His logic is a stabilizer that helps him to stay grounded when needed. When life is more carefree, he’s able to embrace the curious, novelty-seeking, adventurous nature of the Extraverted Intuitive-dominant type.
A Game of Thrones book cover
Tyrion Lannister
Strategic, independent, and insightful, Tyrion Lannister knows how to use his wits to stand his ground among people who look down on him. In typical ENTP style, he has no respect for authority or rank – socializing with whores and everyday people over royalty most of the time. He’s one of the only ranking people in the kingdom who will speak to Joffrey Lannister directly about his problems – even going so far as to slap him when his behavior goes too far. ENTPs may understand rank structures and hierarchies, but they enjoy rebelling against them and logically tearing apart the arguments of people who uphold them. Tyrion’s inventive, ingenious way of strategizing combines with humor and offbeat charm to make him one of the most memorable ENTPs in television history.
Fullmetal Alchemist book cover
Edward Elric
Edward has a deep interest in ideas and how he can change reality rather than being in the present concrete moment. This is what makes him such an advanced alchemist as he always sees the potential of things. Edward sees what could be and isn’t restricted by the way things are or have been. He doesn’t know the word impossible.  Edward isn’t drawn to people or understanding them but to strategy and challenge. This is what drives him to be the best at such a young age. It is also what drives him to fight against others. He wouldn’t be as good if he didn’t always try to defy people, their challenge being their lower expectations than his Ne imagines. As soon as someone says he can’t, he must challenge and defy.
The Nightmare Before Christmas book cover
Jack Skellington
Jack is compelled to pursue new ideas and possibilities and regularly mourns the dull routine of his daily life. In his hunger for a change, he explores the concept of Christmas, learning every detail he can in order to make sense of it. Like most ENTPs, he tires of the tried-and-true way of doing things and wants to shake things up and explore new experiences and perspectives.