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Myers Briggs Types

ESTJ Characters


Excellent administrators, unsurpassed at managing things – or people.
The Chronicles of Narnia book cover
Peter Pevensie
Like many ESTJs, Peter likes to be in charge but he doesn’t abuse his power. He uses it for others’ good, and is reliable, practical, and logical in all his roles from eldest sibling to high king. He takes his responsibilities very seriously, even making them part of his identity, and has a hard time adjusting to the real world once he has to leave Narnia. Like many real-life SJ types, he doesn’t like change and it takes him a while to figure out how to navigate new situations if he doesn’t have an existing framework for interpreting reality.
Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone book cover
Minerva McGonagall
Professor McGonagall is a strict teacher who has high standards, both in work and in general discipline, for her students. She sets plenty of rules and boundaries, and doesn’t fail to punish students who step out of line. Professor McGonagall is always certain of what is right and what is wrong morally. Even though she can give out harsh punishments to rule-breakers, she is fair in her discipline; she only hands out punishments when legitimate rules are broken, and she doesn’t play favorites. Professor McGonagall does not make emotional decisions, but she does care deeply about some people (e.g. Harry and Dumbledore). In addition, she is very protective of the students at Hogwarts, and she will go so far as to subvert her superiors if they pose a danger to the students’ welfare.
The Last Jedi - A Junior Novel book cover
Leia Organa
Leia Organa of the Star Wars saga has a much different personality type than your typical princess figure in fiction. Most are Feeling types, but Leia’s response to Darth Vader, her criticism of her seemingly inept rescuers in A New Hope, and the way she instantly takes charge of every situation are characteristic of dominant Te types. She’s a take-charge sort of person who is fiercely loyal to family and values, and expects the same level of commitment from others. Like other Sensing types, Leia’s focus is on the here and now. Even through she and the Rebellion (and later the Resistance) are fighting to change the future of the galaxy, she does that by shaping the present in a practical way. Her strengths as an ESTJ type make her a fantastic leader both in the Rebellion against the Empire and, later, in a variety of political and leadership roles. She also makes good use of her tertiary Extroverted Intuition (especially later in life) to help her see multiple solutions to problems and adapt quickly to changing situations.
The Lord of the Rings book cover
Boromir is eager to lead other people. Boromir has a tendency to let practical considerations override moral questions. He usually thinks more in terms of what needs to be done rather than what ought to be done. Boromir’s relatively weak moral code leaves him overly dependent on his father’s opinions, but he pays little attention to the opinions of other people, even those demonstrably wiser than his father. Boromir is less concerned with preserving harmony than with convincing others to do what he considers best. Nevertheless, he does care about the lives of his relatives and companions. Despite their father’s favoritism toward Boromir and dislike of Faramir, Boromir consistently protects his younger brother, and a good relationship exists between them. Boromir ultimately sacrifices his life to save Merry and Pippin, although they are not of central importance to the quest.
A Game of Thrones book cover
Tywin Lannister
The objective principles that run the world are most important to him. He refuses to live in anything but reality as it is. He imposes order whenever he gets a chance. He doesn’t consider the feelings of others, he does what ever will work for whatever his big picture is. This also makes him an honorable man, just not in a way that most are comfortable with. Any isssues he has he looks to blame those around him. His Te combined with Ne makes him poke the flaws in others. It drives him to much anger. It isn’t his fault for being disconnected with his emotions and being super fucked up as person, let alone as a father.
Firefly - Big Damn Hero book cover
Captain Malcolm Reynolds
As much as he is a rebel he lives in a world of cold facts and systems. His world view is pretty categorized and he likes to fit people in them. He is extremely verbal and blunt of his point of view, never really thinking about how it effects others emotionally. He is a man about getting things done. He isn’t one to naturally want to mull over the theoretical. He wants to make sure the job gets done. This is also where he gets his fierce loyalty. Once you are part of his group you are in his inner circle and provide great meaning to his sense of self. He will never betray you.
Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone book cover
Percy Weasley
Percy consistently puts himself in situations where he is the boss: he supervises his younger siblings, he is a prefect and eventually Head Boy at Hogwarts, and he quickly rises to leadership positions when he starts working at the Ministry of Magic. He places paramount value on achievement, and hates it when anyone drags him down when he’s aiming for the top. Once Percy starts going to work, he puts in long hours, takes work home, and talks about little but his job. Although Percy revels in his authority, he would never break any rule to gain or enhance it. In his mind, rules are made to followed, and every one is there for a purpose (whether he knows the purpose or not). Percy finds it easier to forgive people for being wrong than for being right. He generally cares only about himself, and he even cuts ties with his family when he feels that his father’s reputation is hampering his own career. He is emotionally immature, and prone to angry outbursts when annoyed.
Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone book cover
Hermione Granger
Hermione is a stickler for order and people fulfilling their societal roles. She feels the right way to be a student is to follow the rules and fulfill one’s student responsibilities. She looks down on those that flaunt the rules and think they are exceptions to the order at Hogwarts. Hermione often comes off as much more emotionally intense than she actually feels because of her dominant Te. She is very outspoken and articulate in her thoughts and opinions. You will always know what Hermione thinks on a matter whether you want to or not, especially if she thinks you are wrong.