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Myers Briggs Characters

ISFJ Characters


Very dedicated and warm protectors, always ready to defend their loved ones.
Persuasion book cover
Anne Elliot
From the beginning of the novel, Anne shows her ISFJ Protector nature by being compassionate and willing to help those she loves even if they often underestimate her, as is the case with her father, Sir Walter. Despite her father’s indifference towards her, Anne values the opinions of her loved ones. However, opinions of others affect her only to a certain extent. Anne is capable of thinking for herself. She has a practical nature and common sense, and these ISFJ traits make it easier for her to come to terms with her family’s new financial situation, while her father and sisters are still mourning their old lifestyle.   Another of Anne’s strongest ISFJ attributes is her ability to listen, which makes her a good friend and someone who others enjoy having around. Anne is often Mary’s confidant to her marriage complaints, and Anne herself recognizes how the best way she can help people is by listening.
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them book cover
Jacob Kowalski
All Jacob Kowalski from Fantastic Beasts wants to do is own and run a bakery. Hello, strong ISFJ vibes. Nuff said? Jacob is generally lowkey, wanting only to convince the bank of the potential of his startup. He wants not for fame or fortune. He’d settle for a cupcake or two. That is, before getting thrust into the wizarding world. As Jacob tags along with Newt Scamander, what he knows of life shifts drastically. He’s constantly (and somewhat unwillingly) put into situations he doesn’t understand with objects and creatures set in his path that he’s never heard of.
Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone book cover
Narcissa Malfoy
We witness Narcissa seal an unbreakable curse with Snape so that her son might be protected if her son’s mission fails. Although Narcissa may be associated with the Death Eaters, her role with them does not rise above her family. We see Narcissa’s will focused on the preservation of those she cares about. She proves herself to be a caring mother who would lie to the devil himself if it meant protecting her own.
Little Women book cover
Meg March
Meg is quite smart and a bit playful. She wants to enjoy herself at balls and the like but never goes too far as to make a scene. While her sister Jo March basically tries to prove her independence and strength, Meg’s sense of calm derives from the hope that one day she will get married and start her own family. Meg’s wishes are just as strong as Jo’s, although they have much different goals. Meg’s general disposition provides a good example of how an ISFJ might act within a family dynamic and care so strongly for those around her.
The Complete Sherlock Holmes book cover
Dr. John Watson
John Watson is a pragmatist and deals in concrete reality. He collects information that applies specifically to him and his life. For him this is medical information and facts about the people around him, etc. Hence, he is baffled by some of the nonsense Sherlock spends his time memorizing and learning. For Watson information is important if it has immediate and personal relevance. Dr. John Watson does not need mass approval or societal approval. But he does crave appreciation that usually comes with Fe. Because it is secondary he craves this from specific people in his life. He doesn’t need everyone to know what he has accomplished, but if Sherlock and Mary know and appreciate him, that would be enough.John often has a hard time saying no to the people he cares about and wants to help. This is why he often takes too much on from Sherlock and can build up tiny bits of resentment.
The Lord of the Rings book cover
Sam Gamgee
Extroverted Feeling is the part of Sam that many remember. It is the part of him that makes him people focused. However, unlike EFJs who are concerned with the whole of people, Sam is an ISFJ, which concerns itself with specific people who matter to him. Sam has a personal relationship with Frodo and that his where is caring and loyalty lies. He uses his Si to hone in on those he cares about and his Fe is what leads him to put his energy in outwardly caring for Frodo. His caring is shown through his actions and practical care, which comes from his Si. He makes sure that Frodo has his strength, that he is fed, that he isn’t carrying too much of the burden. He isn’t trying to understand Frodo with Ni on a psychological level, but making sure that all of Frodo’s needs are met.
The Nightmare Before Christmas book cover
Sally continually depicts the sort of concrete help many ISFJs flourish by. She, for example, makes Jack a basket of food when he’s up in his tower, lost in thought. At a time when Jack’s refusing to see anyone, he accepts her gift with a smile. She also helps sew together what would become his Santa costume. Sally’s gentle nudges provide a good example of how ISFJs might go about showing their care, especially when they remain uncertain as to whether their love interest shares a mutual desire towards them. Her compassion and devotion are quite visible, as well as her brilliant mind—something ISFJs aren’t given enough credit for.
Twilight book cover
Esme & Carlisle Cullen
Carlisle and Esme Cullen share a similar gentle touch. They are both compassionate, understanding, and would put their family above all else. The vampires share their home to a human (Bella) simply because their son Edward likes her. We witness Carlisle’s immense care when he puts aside his own desires (blood) in order to treat his patients (humanity at large). Becoming a doctor was one way he could still help others progress in time. Carlisle’s general concern for humanity appears in every move he makes. He is one of the few vampires who chooses to live a life aware of how his diet affect others and he gently entices others onto a softer path, if they are willing. Esme shares her husband’s vision and openness. It’s no wonder Carlisle saw something in her and changed her at near death. Esme moves to assist him and the family in little ways, supporting her children by lending an ear. Her kindness is readily felt by even Bella, who is instantly put to ease upon their first meeting.
The Lord of the Rings book cover
Samwise Gamgee
Samwise Gamgee is an ISFJ who goes to great lengths to defend his companion. For him a promise is a promise. When he tells Gandalf he will never leave Frodo, he means it. Besides defending those he cares about, Sam also has an ISFJ traditionalist inclination. We often see him reminiscing about the past and remembering things Bilbo used to say to him and his companion. Another ISFJ trait we instantly see is Sam’s selflessness. Sam does not seek external validation for his work, and does not care if people see him as a hero or savior after their quest. His main drive is to defend Frodo and complete the mission, avoiding anything that might deviate them from this purpose — something we conclude he does brilliantly.
The Mysterious Affair at Styles book cover
Hercule Poirot
True to his ISFJ nature, Poirot prefers to focus on facts and details. Whenever he is investigating a case, he might have an idea of who the murderer is from the beginning. But he will only pursue his theory after confirming all the details match up. Despite being methodical and factual, Poirot also demonstrates a strong sense of morality. His Protector nature comes through when he feels the need to defend the voiceless. In reality, he cares more about the wellbeing of others than with the prestige he might achieve with each new case solved. Famous for his wit and intelligence, it is safe to say that Poirot has the gift of charm. He is at his happiest when he sees his detective work helping people and shining a light on the intricacies of the human condition.