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Myers Briggs Characters

ESTP Characters


Smart, energetic and very perceptive people, who truly enjoy living on the edge.
Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone book cover
Ginny Weasley
Ginny likes physical activities.  She practices Quidditch in secret even though her brothers never let her play with them, and she would go to the Yule Ball with any boy for the opportunity to dance.  Ginny is quick to act, lax about following rules, and adept at coming up with plausible lies on the spot when she has to cover her tracks.  She doesn’t back down from a fight even when she’s badly injured or sure to lose, and she will jinx people who annoy her without hesitation. Ginny lives by the philosophy that “anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve.”  Ginny is persistent about two things in particular: her wish to go to Hogwarts (she wanted to attend the school since babyhood), and her feelings for Harry.  Although others have to remind Ginny that some things take time or that her actions have consequences, she is open to acting with the long haul or the big picture in mind.  It takes Ginny a great deal of time to realize that Riddle’s diary was a dangerous object to be gotten rid of, but she eventually figures it out, and also surmises that she is the person opening the Chamber of Secrets.
Dune book cover
Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen
from Dune
Feyd-Rautha is entirely given over to physical pleasures. He enjoys food and the company of women, but his first love is gladiatorial combat. He fights to the death for the thrill of battle and the adoration of fans, and he cheats every time to ensure that he will always win. Feyd-Rautha is extremely impatient, however, he is also very adaptable, and doesn’t need his actions to be premeditated. Feyd-Rautha is a big talker, but he doesn’t feel the need to verbalize everything he thinks. This serves to enhance his charisma, as it gives him the tact to avoid insulting people whom he needs on his side, even when he would otherwise be blunt. Although Feyd-Rautha thinks only with his head, he always remembers to win the hearts of others.
Star Trek book cover
Tasha Yar
In the little time we get to know this character, Lieutenant Yar revealed herself as a person who responded quickly to changing circumstances and whose first impulse was to take action and fight against threats and/or protect those she cared about. Though impulsive, Yar tempers this with the sort of strategic intellect that you can often find in TP types. When she takes the time to slow down and think rather than just reacting, we see why she’s risen to the rank of trusted chief of security on a Galaxy-class starship. We also get to see a bit of her tertiary Extroverted Feeling as she builds teams, encourages her crew, and connects with the ethical framework that Starfleet principles provides.
Catch Me If You Can book cover
Frank Abagnale
Frank is addicted to the thrill of the chase. He is constantly immersing himself in new situations and seeing how long he can get away with winging it. He is incredibly observant of other people and how they perceive him. Frank doesn’t like dealing with the abstract. He prefers being in the here and now. The more people question his lifestyle the more rash he gets using his Se. His inability to self reflect and find himself with Ti-Ni leads to his capture and general dissatisfaction with life. Se can be a strength, but when it is used to evade one’s self like Frank uses it, it can lead to quite an unhappy ESTP.
Gone With the Wind book cover
Scarlett O’Hara
Scarlett is an opportunistic, impulsive character who gets unbearably bored without new experiences. That’s her Extroverted Sensing side focusing on the real, sensual things that can be experienced in-the-moment. She’s also resourceful and cunning, finding way to make the most of both people and situations. Her tertiary Extroverted Feeling gives her an advantage in charming and manipulating people, but it’s also something of a blind-spot for her and she doesn’t always understand her own feelings. She does grow as the story progresses, though, and it seems that quite a few real-life ESTPs find her a relatable character.
Star Trek book cover
James T. Kirk
Jim Kirk embodies the impulsive, opportunistic nature of the ESTP personality type. He lives fully in the moment and is quick to react to changes in his environment. He loves a fast-moving, daring lifestyle and loves to experience new and novel things. Kirk is every bit as charming as you’d expect from ETP types with tertiary Extroverted Feeling. This function also gives him an edge in understanding people (though as a tertiary function it isn’t his strongest suit) and lends an easy carelessness to the way he presents himself to the world. People may initially misinterpret him as shallow and/or “boyish,” but he continually demonstrates that he thinks deeply about things. He’s quick to come up with clever plans, to understand what’s going on in unexpected situations, and often shares deep insights about complex ethical questions he’s working to make sense of.