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Jeff Jarvis

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Jeff Jarvis is an American journalist, associate professor, public speaker and former television critic. He advocates the Open Web and argues that there are many social and personal benefits to living a more public life on the internet.
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Free Speech book cover
Free Speech
A History from Socrates to Social Media
Jacob Mchangama - 2022-02-08
Goodreads Rating
A global history of free speech, from the ancient world to todayHailed as the “first freedom,” free speech is the bedrock of democracy. But it is a challenging principle, subject to erosion in times of upheaval. Today, in democracies and authoritarian states around the world, it is on the retreat.In Free Speech, Jacob Mchangama traces the riveting ...
Jeff Jarvis
@Mantzarlis Did I recommend Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow (h/t @johngreen). Nonfiction: Must tout my dean's excellent book: The Prophet of the Andes by @gmochkofsky. Also Ben Macintyre's Prisoners of the Castle is very good. Plus @JMchangama's very good Free Speech.      source
Black Software book cover
Black Software
The Internet & Racial Justice, from the AfroNet to Black Lives Matter
Charlton D. McIlwain - 2021-09-01 (first published in 2019)
Goodreads Rating
Activists, pundits, politicians, and the press frequently proclaim today's digitally mediated racial justice activism the new civil rights movement. As Charlton D. McIlwain shows in this book, the story of racial justice movement organizing online is much longer and varied than most peopleknow. In fact, it spans nearly five decades and involves a v...
Jeff Jarvis
@Brizzyc Excellent book by @cmcilwain; I particularly like the oral-history nature of the tale.      source
The Newspaper Axis book cover
The Newspaper Axis
Six Press Barons Who Enabled Hitler
Kathryn S. Olmsted - 2022-03-22
Goodreads Rating
How six conservative media moguls hindered America and Britain from entering World War II  “A damning indictment . . . The parallels with today’s right-wing media, on both sides of the Atlantic, are unavoidable.”—Matthew Pressman, Washington Post  “A first-rate work of history.”—Ben Yagoda, Wall Street Journal   As World War II approached, the six ...
Jeff Jarvis
@tomwatson It's an excellent book. Given your work, I recommend reading it.      source
Sentence book cover
Ten Years and a Thousand Books in Prison
Daniel Genis - 2022-02-22
Goodreads Rating
A memoir of a decade in prison by a well-educated young addict known as the Apologetic BanditIn 2003 Daniel Genis, the son of a famous Soviet �migr� writer, broadcaster, and culture critic, was fresh out of NYU when he faced a serious heroin addiction that led him into debt and ultimately crime. After he was arrested for robbing people at knifepoin...
Jeff Jarvis
Just finished listening to @DanGenis' Sentence, an engrossing and oddly charming book about his decade in New York prisons for robbery to buy heroin and the thousand books he read there. Recommended.      source
Jeff Jarvis
@tevslin @MOPrinting Here's the book. It's very good on NY labor -- old No. 6 -- and the introduction of technology from the Linotype on. cc: @GlennF      source
The Techlash and Tech Crisis Communication book cover
The Techlash and Tech Crisis Communication
Nirit Weiss-Blatt - 2021-03-24
Goodreads Rating
This book provides an in-depth analysis of the evolution of tech journalism. The emerging tech-backlash is a story of pendulum swings: We are currently in tech-dystopianism after a long period spent in tech-utopianism. Tech companies were used to cheerleading coverage of product launches. This long tech-press honeymoon ended, and was replaced by a ...
Jeff Jarvis
@benyt @AlecMacGillis @DrTechlash I'm researching moral panics and the chicken/egg of media/public. Again, I recommend @DrTechlash's book as it shows w/research the *moment* when tech media turned from utopian to dystopian to blame tech for our failings. (Media are an interested party in this one.)      source
Are Filter Bubbles Real? book cover
Are Filter Bubbles Real?
Axel Bruns - 2019-09-16
Goodreads Rating
There has been much concern over the impact of partisan echo chambers and filter bubbles on public debate. Is this concern justified, or is it distracting us from more serious issues?Axel Bruns argues that the influence of echo chambers and filter bubbles has been severely overstated, and results from a broader moral panic about the role of online ...
Jeff Jarvis
@esglaude @jkosseff Too much is being assumed. See, for example, the belief that we are all in filter bubbles and echo chamber. Research finds otherwise. Here I recommend @snurb_dot_info excellent book, "Are Filter Bubbles Real?" The answer from much research is no.      source
Distributed Blackness book cover
Distributed Blackness
African American Cybercultures (Critical Cultural Communication, 9)
André Brock Jr. - 2020-02-25
Goodreads Rating
An explanation of the digital practices of the black Internet From BlackPlanet to #BlackGirlMagic, Distributed Blackness places blackness at the very center of internet culture. Andre Brock Jr. claims issues of race and ethnicity as inextricable from and formative of contemporary digital culture in the United States. Distributed Blackness analyzes ...
Jeff Jarvis
To learn about black cyberculture, I recommend highly the book of that title by @DocDre:      source
The Institutional Revolution book cover
The Institutional Revolution
Measurement and the Economic Emergence of the Modern World (Markets and Governments in Economic History)
Douglas W. Allen - 2011-12-01
Goodreads Rating
Few events in the history of humanity rival the Industrial Revolution. Following its onset in eighteenth-century Britain, sweeping changes in agriculture, manufacturing, transportation, and technology began to gain unstoppable momentum throughout Europe, North America, and eventually much of the world—with profound effects on socioeconomic and cult...
Jeff Jarvis
Excellent from @jayrosen_nyu. Brings to mind one of my favorite books, The Institutional Revolution by Douglas Allen. We are witnessing the institution of The Times & its institutions (balance, we're-not-the-revolution) facing possible obsolscence.      source
Who Owns the News? book cover
Who Owns the News?
A History of Copyright
Will Slauter - 2019-01-29
Goodreads Rating
You can't copyright facts, but is news a category unto itself? Without legal protection for the "ownership" of news, what incentive does a news organization have to invest in producing quality journalism that serves the public good? This book explores the intertwined histories of journalism and copyright law in the United States and Great Britain, ...
Jeff Jarvis
#RecommendBooks 9/ * Bound in Venice: The Serene Republic and the Dawn of the Book By: Alessandro Marzo Magno * The Enlightenment and the Book By: Richard B. Sher * Who Owns the News: A History of Copyright By: Will Slauter      source
My Life as a Spy book cover
My Life as a Spy
Katherine Verdery - 2018-05-08
Bound in Venice by Alessandro Marzo Magno
The Enlightenment and the Book by Richard B. Sher