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Jennifer Polk

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Jennifer Polk works as an academic, career, and life coach. Jen also speaks on campuses and at conferences throughout North America on issues related to graduate education and career outcomes for PhDs, and her writing has appeared in the Globe and Mail, University Affairs, Vitae, and Academic Matters.
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Sale of the Century book cover
Sale of the Century
Russia's Wild Ride from Communism to Capitalism
Chrystia Freeland - 2000-09-12
Goodreads Rating
Explore the transformation of Russia into a democracy in the 1990s, alongside the rise of oligarchs and young reformers. Get an exclusive look at the behind-the-scenes power struggles and the creation of a new society that left doctors and teachers without salaries, a currency in freefall, and a vicious Russian mafia. With unparalleled access and insight, this gripping economic thriller also offers a vivid sense of the buzz and hustle of the new Russia, revealing the conflicts, compromises, and loophole economy that emerged. Discover who really controls Russia's new frontier in Sale of the Century.
Jennifer Polk
@DFisman !!! I bought and read and loved her Sale of the Century book when I was doing my Russian studies degree 20+ years ago but I didn't realize this backstory!      source
Going Alt-Ac book cover
Going Alt-Ac
A Guide to Alternative Academic Careers
Kathryn E. Linder - 2020-01-16
Goodreads Rating
This practical book focuses on alternative academic (alt-ac) career paths. With a growing number of people seeking non-faculty positions, the book offers tools and prompts for readers who are considering alt-ac career paths, seeking specific positions, advising graduate students, or encountering career challenges. With case stories from colleagues across North America, readers will find concrete examples to help them pursue, obtain, and excel in a wide variety of alt-ac positions. A must-read for those in higher education seeking career options beyond the tenure-track.
Jennifer Polk
Candy Cane Crush is the #PhTea for today #24DaysOfTea It's got fun shapes in among the black tea -- bits of white choc and candy. Pic also features a couple great books you may want to read! Esp if you're a humanities or soc sci PhD. @clcaterine @Katie__Linder @ThomasJTobin      source
Leaving Academia book cover
Leaving Academia
A Practical Guide (Skills for Scholars)
Christopher L. Caterine - 2020-09-15
Goodreads Rating
Leaving Academia is a valuable resource for graduate students and academics looking to find fulfilling careers outside of higher education. With the academic job market in crisis, this book offers pragmatic advice for scholars in any field seeking new opportunities. Drawing on the author's own experience and insights from professionals who have successfully transitioned out of academia, Leaving Academia provides clear ways to overcome challenges and chart a successful new career path.
Jennifer Polk
@clcaterine @honest_academic @AcademicChatter @ProfessorIsIn @cjcornthwaite @BeyondProf @Kristi_Lodge @chrishumphrey Chris's book and 30 others are on my list of recommended reading for PhDs      source
Scaling the Ivory Tower book cover
Scaling the Ivory Tower
Your Academic Job Search Workbook
Hillary Hutchinson - 2019-01-21
Scaling the Ivory Tower is a comprehensive workbook for academics looking to navigate the search for an academic position. With 59 worksheets and checklists, this book covers everything from imposter syndrome to crafting a compelling cover letter. It offers practical advice for newly minted academics and those looking to move laterally, including tips for interviews and negotiating an offer. Written by two coaches with over 40 years of experience, this book demystifies the process and offers real-life examples from the applicant's perspective.
Jennifer Polk
Are you going on the academic job market this fall? This book will help you prepare, and it's an awesome give-away we're doing for people who attend Day 1 of our conference live! Check out: "Scaling the Ivory Tower: Your Academic Job Search Workbook" at      source
Transitions book cover
Making Sense of Life's Changes, Revised 25th Anniversary Edition
William Bridges - 2004-08-11
Goodreads Rating
Navigate life's transformations with Transitions, named one of the 50 best books in self-help and personal development. William Bridges takes readers through the three stages of any change: The Ending, The Neutral Zone, and The New Beginning. With personal and professional experience, he provides insightful and elegant advice for embracing and moving through each stage towards a hopeful future. This timeless guide is a must-read for anyone facing changes in their personal or professional life.
Jennifer Polk
Had some great book recommendations this week, so I'm offering another! William Bridges’s "Transitions: Making Sense of Life’s Changes." (Bonus: Bridges was a professor of English before he transitioned into a new career!)      source
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