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Patton Oswalt

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Patton Peter Oswalt is an American stand-up comedian, actor, voice actor, and writer, known for playing Spencer Olchin in the sitcom The King of Queens, voicing Remy in the Pixar film Ratatouille, co-starring opposite Charlize Theron in Young Adult and guest starring as the Koenigs on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
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Gentleman Overboard book cover
Gentleman Overboard
Herbert Clyde Lewis - 2010-01-01 (first published in 1937)
Goodreads Rating
Che cosa si prova a cadere da un piroscafo in mezzo al Pacifico? Chiedetelo a Henry Preston Standish, il protagonista di questo piccolo libro, un agente di Borsa di New York che si è appena concesso la sua prima vacanza solitaria per poi, una volta al largo, cadere inopinatamente in mare. Sposato, con due figli e una carriera so­lida, Standish è un...
Patton Oswalt
So, @bhousepress has this amazing in-house imprint called "Recovered Books," where they rescue forgotten or obscure novels. GENTLEMAN OVERBOARD is a fast, timely read that absolutely anticipates all of our COVID madness. Can't wait to get into THE SANITY INSPECTORS.      source
Get Up book cover
Get Up
A 12-Step Guide to Recovery for Misfits, Freaks, & Weirdos
Bucky Sinister - 2008-10-01
Goodreads Rating
This hilarious and honest book explores the effectiveness of the 12-Step Program for addicts. Author Bucky Sinister speaks candidly about his own experiences with addiction and offers an irreverent take on the self-help genre. Rejecting the notion of a "higher power," this book is perfect for those who are skeptical about recovery programs. Packed with colorful language and compelling stories, Get Up is a must-read for anyone seeking inspiration or guidance on the path to sobriety.
Patton Oswalt
I dunno if I ever recommended this slim, extraordinary book on recovery and sobriety by poet/essayist/epic fuckup @bucky_sinister but I've now read it twice...      source
Let Me Be Frank book cover
Let Me Be Frank
A Book About Women Who Dressed Like Men to Do Shit They Weren't Supposed to Do
Tracy Dawson - 2022-05-10
Goodreads Rating
Discover the trailblazing women throughout history who disguised themselves as men to gain the access and opportunities denied to them because of their gender in Let Me Be Frank. From marathons to medicine, mining to military service, these women broke the rules and refused to take "no" for an answer. This collection is an inspiring and entertaining celebration of female ingenuity and tenacity. Filled with over two dozen illustrations and hand-lettering, Let Me Be Frank is a must-read for anyone looking to learn about the revolutionary badasses who changed the world and our lives.
Patton Oswalt
Heads up! This book is a GREAT holiday gift if you’ve got a smart, curious, defiant kid! #LetMeBeFrank      source
The Dark Room book cover
The Dark Room
Gerry Duggan - 2022-07-04
Goodreads Rating
Explore a world of fantasy and horror as Doune Mahoney, curator of cursed objects, embarks on a hunt for a camera holding the key to true evil. Werewolves, secret societies, and cursed items threaten to destroy New York City in this horror comedy from acclaimed Marvel writer GERRY DUGGAN. With stunning art from SCOTT BUONCRISTIANO and color artist TAMRA BONVILLAIN, dive into THE DARK ROOM and discover your new favorite characters, including Walt, the dancing bones, and his blessed boom box.
Patton Oswalt
This book ROCKS. Do NOT miss out!      source
Killadelphia Deluxe Edition, Book One (Killadelphia, 1) book cover
Killadelphia Deluxe Edition, Book One (Killadelphia, 1)
Rodney Barnes - 2022-11-22
Goodreads Rating
This gripping horror graphic novel follows a small-town beat cop who comes face-to-face with corruption, poverty, unemployment, brutality...and vampires, in the gritty city of Killadelphia. Join the breakout star comics scribe Rodney Barnes and the incredible artist Jason Shawn Alexander on a journey that will shake your beliefs to their core. This stunning hardcover deluxe edition features the first 12 issues and more, including the terrifying werewolf tie-in story Elysium Gardens. Don’t miss the Eisner Award-nominated “best new series” that’s sure to keep you up at night.
Patton Oswalt
I've been re-reading #Killadelphia from the beginning and it still blows my mind. What I love most about this book -- and there's a LOT to love -- is that it's a truly original take on vampirism. BUT...      source
Bitter Root Volume 1 book cover
Bitter Root Volume 1
Family Business
David F. Walker - 2019-05-14
Goodreads Rating
This graphic novel follows the Sangerye family, once the greatest monster hunters in the world, who now find themselves divided between curing monsters and killing them after a tragedy. With a new dangerous monster on the loose in Harlem, the family must band together or risk humanity's doom. Collected in this volume are issues #1-5 of the thrilling BITTER ROOT series.
Patton Oswalt
Hey! When something as good as BITTER ROOT exists someone needs to tell me. Just blasted through the first two trade collections. What an absolutely astounding book. Seriously, I can’t be everywhere at once. Good lord.      source
Abbott book cover
Saladin Ahmed - 2018-10-30
Goodreads Rating
In this graphic novel, journalist Elena Abbott investigates police brutality in 1970s Detroit and discovers supernatural forces controlled by the city's elite. As she investigates crimes ignored by the police, she uncovers dark occult forces and fights to destroy them after they took her husband from her. A powerful exploration of societal constructs that still haunt our country today.
Patton Oswalt
Great comics pull today but DON’T sleep on @saladinahmed’s ABBOTT: 1973. Follow-up to ABBOTT, one of my fave recent books! (And check out that gorgeous Taj Tenfold cover!!!)      source
I'm Not Dying with You Tonight book cover
I'm Not Dying with You Tonight
Kimberly Jones - 2019-08-06
Goodreads Rating
Follow two teen girls—one black, one white—in this powerful novel as they confront their own assumptions about racial inequality during a violent race riot that sets their city on fire. As chaos descends around them, they rely on each other to survive the night. This book is perfect for sparking conversations about prejudice and race relations in America, and fans of Nic Stone and Angie Thomas won't be disappointed.
Patton Oswalt
Our daughter is a voracious reader. But sometimes we get her a book that she blazes through in a day. This was one of those books. ⁦@kimlatricejones⁩ & Gilly Segal’s I’M NOT DYING WITH YOU TONIGHT is fantastic and I can’t recommend it any higher.      source
Dear Girls book cover
Dear Girls
Intimate Tales, Untold Secrets & Advice for Living Your Best Life
Ali Wong - 2019-10-15
Goodreads Rating
Heartfelt and hilarious letters filled with absurdly funny, surprisingly moving, and enlightening (and disgusting) advice covering everything Ali Wong's daughters need to know in life. From the unpleasant details of dating to how to be a working mom in a male-dominated profession, and even how she trapped their dad. With sharp insights and personal stories, Wong shares wisdom from her life in comedy, her brutal singles life in New York, reconnecting with her roots in Vietnam, and parenting war stories. Though addressed to her daughters, the letters are a must-read for everyone.
Patton Oswalt
Picked up the new @aliwong book over the weekend! Hilarious, brilliant and touching. GET. IT.      source
The Enigma of Anger by Garret Keizer