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Fever Series

Fever books in order

Takes place in the same world as the Highlander series. Includes the Dani O'Malley trilogy.MacKayla Lane’s life is good. She has great friends, a decent job, and a car that breaks down only every other week or so. In other words, she’s your perfectly ordinary twenty-first-century woman.Or so she thinks... until something extraordinary happens.When …
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Darkfever book cover
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Darkfever book cover
Book 1
Karen Marie Moning - 2006-10-31
Goodreads Rating
This thrilling book follows MacKayla, a sidhe-seer who sees the Fae, on her mission to discover the truth about her sister's murder. With dangerous powers she didn't know she possessed and a mysterious team shadowing her, she must navigate the perilous realm of the Fae and find a powerful book before it falls into the wrong hands. Will she be able to survive and save both worlds from destruction?
Bloodfever book cover
Book 2
Fever Series Book 2
Karen Marie Moning - 2007-10-16
Goodreads Rating
Discover an ancient Celtic bloodline of powerful sidhe-seers, people who can see the Fae, terrifying otherworldly race. In Bloodfever, MacKayla Lane's ordinary life transforms when she becomes embroiled in a world of deadly sorcery and ancient secrets. Mac must find the million-year-old book of blackest magic imaginable--the Sinsar Dubh--which holds the key to power over both Fae and Man, while pursued by Fae assassins and torn between two deadly and irresistible men. As the walls between the human and Fae realms break down, Mac becomes the only thing standing between them.
Faefever book cover
Book 3
Fever Series Book 3
Karen Marie Moning - 2008-09-16
Goodreads Rating
Enter a world of ancient sorcery, seduction, and shadows as one woman explores the limits of her mysterious powers and confronts an enemy more insidious than she could ever have imagined. When MacKayla Lane embarks on a quest for an ancient book of dark magic, she finds herself in a dangerous triangle of alliance with an insatiable Fae prince and a man of primal desires and untold secrets. As she races against time to prevent a deadly race of immortals from shattering the walls between worlds, the shocking truth about the Dark Book is finally uncovered. Get ready for a thrilling ride into a world of magic and darkness.
Dreamfever book cover
Book 4
Fever Series Book 4
Karen Marie Moning - 2009-08-18
Goodreads Rating
This thrilling novel follows MacKayla through the dangerous and erotic world of the Fae, as the walls between human and Fae worlds come crashing down. MacKayla finds herself at the mercy of an erotic Fae master and struggling to control her sexual hungers. As she fights for survival on Dublin’s battle-scarred streets and navigates the seductive realm of two dangerous men, MacKayla learns dark truths about herself and her sister. Will she be able to uncover the ultimate truth and save her loved ones from an even darker threat?
Shadowfever book cover
Book 5
Karen Marie Moning - 2011-01-18
Goodreads Rating
This thrilling fantasy novel follows MacKayla Lane as she returns to Ireland to hunt her sister's murderer. However, she soon discovers a secret conflict between humans and immortals that has been raging for thousands of years. Mac must navigate this dangerous new world while grieving and trying to control a powerful magical book. From luxury penthouses to seedy nightclubs, and from her lover's bed to the Unseelie King's, Mac's journey will force her to face her destiny and make a choice with devastating consequences.
Iced book cover
Book 6
Fever Series Book 6
Karen Marie Moning - 2012-10-30
Goodreads Rating
In a Dublin overrun by Dark Fae, Dani O'Malley plays by her own rules - survival at all costs. Armed with the Sword of Light and rare talents, she can defend herself against the Unseelie. But now, with the Unseelie princes after her and people randomly frozen to death, Dani must strike dangerous deals and form alliances to save the city she calls home. From the author of the Fever series comes this gripping urban paranormal novel, where bullets, fangs, and fists are the least of Dani's worries.
Burned book cover
Book 7
Fever Series Book 7
Karen Marie Moning - 2015-01-20
Goodreads Rating
In a world where humans are fighting for control against ancient immortals, gifted sidhe-seer MacKayla Lane must decide who to trust and what her survival is ultimately worth. With dangerous alliances and blurred lines between good and evil, staying alive is a constant struggle. The only one Mac can depend on is the powerful, dangerous immortal Jericho Barrons, but even their fiery bond is tested by betrayal. An epic battle against dark forces awaits in this gripping tale.
Feverborn book cover
Book 8
A Fever Novel
Karen Marie Moning - 2016-01-19
Goodreads Rating
In this installment of the bestselling Fever series, ancient evil threatens Earth's existence and only the long-lost Song of Making can save it. Mac, Barrons, Ryodan, and Jada must overcome old wounds, new enemies, and burning passions to solve the riddle and save the planet. But as Dublin becomes more magical, Mac must also confront her own savage enemy: herself.
Feversong book cover
Book 9
A Fever Novel
Karen Marie Moning - 2017-01-17
Goodreads Rating
Experience the thrilling conclusion to Karen Marie Moning's Fever series, as Dublin faces increasing danger with every passing moment. Mac, Barrons, Ryodan, and Jada form unlikely alliances and make heart-wrenching decisions to restore control and save the world from destruction. Facing insurmountable obstacles and dangerous enemies, they must destroy the Sinsar Dubh and find the long-lost Song of Making. But the battle for Mac's soul comes with a tremendous price, and every decision exacts an irrevocable loss. Don't miss this epic tale of sacrifice, risk, and the power of love.
High Voltage book cover
Book 10
High Voltage
Karen Marie Moning - 2018-03-06
Goodreads Rating
This thrilling addition to the Fever series follows Dani, a tough and vulnerable young woman who protects Dublin from evil by day and hunts it mercilessly by night. With the help of immortal faeries and an epic Sword of Light, she battles to save the world from a rising and terrifying evil that threatens to enslave the human race. But the power comes with a price, and Dani must make an unspeakable sacrifice to ensure the future of humanity.
Kingdom of Shadow and Light book cover
Kingdom of Shadow and Light
Karen Marie Moning - 2021-08-24