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I have been a paratrooper in the US Army’s 82nd Airborne Division. A para-military contractor. An operative in the private intelligence world (think: Wall Street meets CIA). I’ve dealt with African warlords, raised armies for U.S. interest, rode with armed groups in the Sahara, conducted strategic reconnaissance for oil companies, transacted arms deals in Eastern Europe, and helped prevent an impending genocide in the Rwanda region. In between this, I earned degrees from Brown, Harvard, and a PhD from the London School of Economics. Now I’m an author, my favorite job by far. I write about the world as I’ve witnessed it. Unlike most, I write both serious non-fiction and fiction. What I can’t discuss in my non-fiction ends up in my novels, which are like Tom Clancy for the 2020s. You can learn more about me here and you can follow me on twitter or Instagram @seanmcfate. I appreciate your support, and answer emails from readers.
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High Treason book cover
High Treason
A Novel (Tom Locke Series Book 3)
Sean McFate - 2020-06-09
Goodreads Rating
In "High Treason," a military contractor named Tom Locke must stop traitors and ruthless mercenaries from overthrowing the president of the United States. When the U.S. vice president's motorcade is attacked, everyone assumes it's ISIS except young FBI agent Jennifer Lin, who believes that Russia is behind it. Tom Locke suspects his former employer, Apollo Outcomes, might be involved, but things are not so simple. With brutal assassinations, shocking betrayals, and heated gun battles in the shadow of the White House, "High Treason" is a pulse-pounding action thriller that will leave readers breathless.
Goliath book cover
Why the West Doesn’t Win Wars. And What We Need to Do About It.
Sean McFate - 2020-01-23
Goodreads Rating
This book challenges everything you thought you knew about war. With global terrorism, rising powers, and climate change, we are dangerously unprepared. Former paratrooper and military contractor Sean McFate offers valuable insight into the new rules of this age of conflict. Learn how to be cunning, adaptable, and prevail with his 10 new rules in this updated version of The Art of War.
Mercenaries and War book cover
Mercenaries and War
Understanding Private Armies Today
Sean McFate, National Defense University Press - 2019-12-18
Goodreads Rating
Discover the world of mercenaries and private military companies with this eye-opening book. You'll learn why assuming they're just cheap alternatives to traditional soldiers is a dangerous mistake. Author Sean McFate shows how these highly trained, for-profit warriors operate like multinational corporations and recruit employees from many different countries. Profit is their main goal, not patriotism, which can make them unpredictable adversaries. If you want to better understand the modern landscape of warfare, don't miss this powerful read.
The New Rules of War book cover
The New Rules of War
How America Can Win--Against Russia, China, and Other Threats
Sean McFate - 2019-01-22
Goodreads Rating
Discover the new rules of war in this urgent and fascinating exploration of the past, present, and future of warfare. With insights from an 82nd Airborne veteran and professor of war studies, Sean McFate delves into the principles that will permanently shape the nature of conflict. From conventional to unconventional warfare, McFate constructs the new rules for military engagement in an age of global unrest, rogue states, and climate change. Uncover the essence of war today and learn how we must fight to win.
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Ali Shihabi
A Nova Arte da Guerra book cover
A Nova Arte da Guerra
Sean McFate - 2021-07-01 (first published in 2019)
Goodreads Rating
Deep Black book cover
Deep Black
A Tom Locke Novel (Tom Locke Series Book 2)
Sean McFate, Bret Witter - 2017-08-08
Goodreads Rating
Follow military contractor Tom Locke as he tracks a missing Saudi prince deep inside ISIS territory in this gripping military action thriller. Locke must navigate a complex web of alliances and deceitful adversaries while facing a fanatical enemy on the ground. Will he complete his mission and keep his team safe, or will he fall prey to a treacherous opponent closer to home? Enjoyable and realistic, this book is perfect for action enthusiasts and armchair diplomats alike.
Shadow War book cover
Shadow War
A Tom Locke Novel (Tom Locke Series)
Sean McFate - 2016-05-10
Goodreads Rating
"Shadow War" follows Tom Locke, an elite American mercenary working for Apollo Outcomes, who is pulled out of a mission in Libya for a risky assignment in Ukraine. He has one week to rescue an oligarch's family and pull off a spectacular assault that could have long-lasting repercussions. The mission is complicated by his boss, Brad Winter, engaged in a high-stakes geopolitical game, and former love Alie MacFarlane, who risks both their lives. This book is perfect for fans of Brad Thor, Tom Clancy, and Daniel Silva, with a plot full of backstabbing, deception, and the potential tipping of power towards Putin's Russia.
Building Better Armies book cover
Building Better Armies
An Insider’s Account of Liberia
Sean McFate, Strategic Studies Institute, U.S. Army War College - 2014-02-03
Discover how to build professional indigenous armed forces to promote regional stability in this insightful study. Using Liberia as a "success" story, learn how the country's Armed Forces were rebuilt following a devastating 14-year civil war. Explore the theory and practice behind the disarmament, demobilization, and reintegration (DDR) that built the new military and security sector reform (SSR). This innovative approach could be the key to success in places like Mali, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq.
The Modern Mercenary book cover
The Modern Mercenary
Private Armies and What They Mean for World Order
Sean McFate - 2015-01-02 (first published in 2014)
Goodreads Rating
Explore the secretive world of military contractors with a former U.S. Army paratrooper and private military contractor in The Modern Mercenary. Sean McFate provides unique insights into the economic structure and operations of private military companies, as well as their potential impact on international relations in the twenty-first century. With the emergence of private forces from other countries and the restyling of warlords and militias as private security companies, McFate warns of a world that may have more in common with the medieval era than the twentieth century. This groundbreaking work offers a sobering prognosis for the future of war.