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Atlas Shrugged book cover

Atlas Shrugged

Ayn Rand

Discover a powerful story of a man who stops the world's motor and the chaos that ensues. Follow along as he battles those he loves and struggles to overcome enemies he never expected. This novel covers an amazing range of characters, from industrialists to philosophers, and explores the very essence of humanity. A captivating read that will challenge your beliefs and keep you on the edge of your seat with suspense.
Publish Date
first published in 1957
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@swasthi_cs bourne identity...atlas shrugged...douglas adams books...and artemis fowl      source
Steve Jobs read some books that really were his guide in life. I think Atlas Shrugged might have been one of them that he mentioned back then.      source
Sets these bold, stark characters—you could even call them Christ figures—and you think to yourself, 'I want to be that.'      source
Q. The Randian philosophy has come to bear on this situation, you would admit. T. K. - That’s probably true. I’d say there’s an uncanny resemblance, especially on the “Atlas Shrugged” side.      source
When I first read Ayn Rand's books in the late 80s, it felt pretty crazy. And in the last decades, it's in many ways felt much more correct.      source
Something I’ve read multiple times to get me in the mindset of not letting anything stand in my way      source
Just saw atlas shrugged, Colorado featured prominently and favorably, a good adaptation of a great book      source
I am reading these two books simultaneously and WOW what a trip      source
Been reading #AtlasShrugged for the last month and it is so good!!! Has anyone here read it? If not, DO IT!!! :)      source
I read Atlas Shrugged when I was 15, and I gave it to a lot of people because it shifted how I looked at certain things.      source
My favorite book.      source
Loved Atlas Shrugged. Read often.      source