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The Better Angels of Our Nature

Why Violence Has Declined

by Steven Pinker

Believe it or not, today we may be living in the most peaceful moment in our species' existence. In his gripping and controversial new work, New York Times bestselling author Steven Pinker shows that despite the ceaseless news about war, crime, and terrorism, violence has actually been in decline over long stretches of history. Exploding myths abou...
Publish Date
September 25
Goodreads rating
One of the most important books I’ve read—not just this year, but ever.     source
When you finish The Better Angels of Our Nature, which takes a long time, you conclude that the world is in a much, much better place than it has been in the past.     source
Encouraged the better side of ourselves.     source
I recommend anything by this author. He’s one of the clearest thinkers and communicators of our time.     source
One of my favorite recent books.     source
Selected Books for the Manual for Civilization     source
The books I've given most as a gift.     source
Takes a long view and shows the long-term decline in violence that has occurred.     source