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Chris Anderson

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Chris Anderson is a British-American businessman who is the head of TED, a non-profit organization that provides idea-based talks and hosts an annual conference in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Previously he founded Future Publishing.
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What We Owe the Future book cover
What We Owe the Future
William MacAskill - 2022-08-16
Goodreads Rating
Discover a groundbreaking exploration of moral philosophy with What We Owe the Future. Oxford philosopher William MacAskill argues that positively influencing the distant future is a key moral priority of our time. Our choices today will impact the fate of the world for millions of years to come, influencing unimaginable happiness or suffering for generations to come. Join MacAskill in embracing longtermism – our responsibility to ensure a thriving future for all.
Chris Anderson
This is a really important book. The core argument is that our single biggest moral obligation is to the countless billions of people we hope will be born in the future. They're invisible to us. They shouldn't be. They represent the future of consciousness.      source
Manifesto for a Moral Revolution book cover
Manifesto for a Moral Revolution
Jacqueline Novogratz - 2020-05-05
Goodreads Rating
Manifesto for a Moral Revolution is a must-read leadership book for anyone who wants to create a better world. The author Jacqueline Novogratz, the founder of Acumen, shares her insights on impact investing, which is not only morally defensible but also economically advantageous. The book includes inspiring stories from change-makers around the world and discusses the most common leadership mistakes and the mindset needed to rise above them. It is an essential shortlist of leadership ideas for all those who seek to leave this world better off than they found it.
Chris Anderson
This is a spectacular, life-transforming book.      source
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Taking the Work Out of Networking book cover
Taking the Work Out of Networking
Your Guide to Making and Keeping Great Connections
Karen Wickre - 2018-11-27
Goodreads Rating
Networking can be a necessary evil, particularly for introverts. But Karen Wickre's approach is all about embracing your quiet side and making genuine connections that last. As a former Google executive and self-described introvert who has worked in Silicon Valley for thirty years, she offers practical and creative strategies that allow you to nurture a vibrant circle of reliable contacts without leaving your comfort zone. This easy-to-use guide is perfect for anyone who finds themselves shying away from traditional networking activities, or who would prefer to be curled up with a good book.
Chris Anderson
So many of us dislike or even fear the transactional nature of traditional networking. The author has done a great service by showing how it’s possible to make genuine connections that last, that we can nurture across the world for all kinds of purposes.      source
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AI Superpowers book cover
AI Superpowers
China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order
Kai-fu Lee - 2018-09-25
Goodreads Rating
Discover how China has rapidly caught up with the US in the development of AI with Kai-Fu Lee's AI Superpowers. Lee, an expert in AI and China, argues that dramatic changes will happen sooner than many expect due to these developments. Lee also explores the impact of AI on both blue-collar and white-collar jobs and provides insight into possible solutions for the significant changes that are coming.
Chris Anderson
Truly one of the wisest and most surprising takes on AI. Kai-Fu Lee connects it with humans in a logical yet inspiring way. You’ll find this book illuminating and exciting in equal measure.      source
The Chronicles of Narnia book cover
The Chronicles of Narnia
C. S. Lewis - 2014-01-01 (first published in 1956)
Goodreads Rating
Indulge in a timeless classic fantasy series with this boxed set of seven tales. Follow along as you embark on journeys through magical realms, witness battles between good and evil, and encounter talking creatures. With cover art by acclaimed illustrator David Wiesner and full interior art by original illustrator Pauline Baynes, readers of all ages will be captivated by The Chronicles of Narnia. This beloved series includes titles such as The Magician's Nephew, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and The Last Battle.
Chris Anderson
As a child, they exploded my imagination.      source
The Better Angels of Our Nature book cover
The Better Angels of Our Nature
Why Violence Has Declined
Steven Pinker - 2012-09-25 (first published in 2010)
Goodreads Rating
Discover a groundbreaking examination of human history in this thought-provoking work. Despite the negative news cycle, bestselling author Steven Pinker argues that we may be living in our most peaceful era. Pinker explodes common myths about inherent human violence, and highlights long-term trends of declining violence across time. Interwoven with psychology and history, this book provides a vision of an increasingly enlightened and peaceful world.
Chris Anderson
I recommend anything by this author. He’s one of the clearest thinkers and communicators of our time.      source
The Beginning of Infinity book cover
The Beginning of Infinity
Explanations That Transform the World
David Deutsch - 2011-07-21
Goodreads Rating
This provocative and imaginative book dives into the fundamental role of explanations in the universe, arguing that improving them is the key to successful human endeavor. Award-winning physicist David Deutsch takes readers on a journey through science, civilization, art, moral values, and political theory to explore how we form new explanations and drop bad ones. With deep connections between the laws of nature, the human condition, knowledge, and the potential for progress, The Beginning of Infinity is a highly original and ambitious work.
Chris Anderson
A remarkable argument for the power of knowledge—as not just a human capability but as a force that shapes the universe.      source
The Fabric of Reality book cover
The Fabric of Reality
The Science of Parallel Universes--and Its Implications
David Deutsch - 1998-08-01 (first published in 1996)
Goodreads Rating
Explore a fascinating new worldview that synthesizes quantum theory, evolution, computation, and knowledge in The Fabric of Reality. Young physicist David Deutsch argues that the key to understanding the physical world lies in the existence of many parallel universes. This daring, challenging book explains and connects cutting-edge research on topics such as quantum computers, time travel, and human existence, providing a complete and rational synthesis of disciplines. A must-read for scientists and laypeople alike, The Fabric of Reality offers an optimistic message about the nature of existence.
Chris Anderson
I honestly think it was reading The Fabric of Reality that finally gave me the courage, 18 years ago, to leave my company and take over leadership of TED.      source
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