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Patrick Collison

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Patrick Collison is an Irish billionaire entrepreneur. He is the co-founder and CEO of Stripe, which he started with his younger brother, John, in 2010. He won the 41st Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition in 2005 at the age of sixteen. Collison lives in San Francisco, California
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The Infidel and the Professor book cover
The Infidel and the Professor
David Hume, Adam Smith, and the Friendship That Shaped Modern Thought
Dennis C. Rasmussen - 2019-06-04
Goodreads Rating
The story of the greatest of all philosophical friendships--and how it influenced modern thoughtDavid Hume is arguably the most important philosopher ever to have written in English, but during his lifetime he was attacked as "the Great Infidel" for his religious skepticism and deemed unfit to teach the young. In contrast, Adam Smith, now hailed as...
Patrick Collison
@whyvert @paulg Great book, yes.      source
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Nigel Warburton
The Art of Doing Science and Engineering book cover
The Art of Doing Science and Engineering
Learning to Learn
Richard W. Hamming - 2020-05-26 (first published in 1996)
Goodreads Rating
Provides the reader with a style of thinking that will enhance a person's ability to function as a problem-solver of complex technical issues. Consists of a collection of stories about the author's participation in significant discoveries, relating how those discoveries came about and, most importantly, provides analysis about the thought processes...
Patrick Collison
@paulg @ID_AA_Carmack @collision Part of why Hamming book works is because he has deep experience across so many technical fields over so many years alongside so many geniuses, such that the lessons drawn turn out to be uniquely interesting. You then wonder “well, who *today* could do that?”...      source
Marvin Bower worked for and led McKinsey & Company for 45 years. He succeeded Jim McKinseys untimely death. He wrote Perspectives on McKinsey for McKinsey employees, and it is not available to the general public as it contains trade secrets. This account is his own unique view on the development of McKinsey & Company. Bower outlines the eleven key ...
Patrick Collison
Can’t shake the feeling that a consultant wrote this book. 🧐      source
The Enlightened Economy book cover
The Enlightened Economy
An Economic History of Britain 1700-1850 (The New Economic History of Britain Series)
Joel Mokyr - 2012-10-30 (first published in 2010)
Goodreads Rating
This book focuses on the importance of ideological and institutional factors in the rapid development of the British economy during the years between the Glorious Revolution and the Crystal Palace Exhibition. Joel Mokyr shows that we cannot understand the Industrial Revolution without recognizing the importance of the intellectual sea changes of Br...
Patrick Collison
Despite being a fan of Mokyr, only now getting to and it's very good. Sorta related, have also been enjoying Both do a nice job as biographies of particularly fertile places/times.      source
Wittgenstein's Vienna book cover
Wittgenstein's Vienna
Allan Janik - 1996-09-01 (first published in 1973)
Goodreads Rating
This is a remarkable book about a man (perhaps the most important and original philosopher of our age), a society (the corrupt Austro-Hungarian Empire on the eve of dissolution), and a city (Vienna, with its fin-de siecle gaiety and corrosive melancholy). The central figure in this study of a crumbling society that gave birth to the modern world is...
Patrick Collison
Despite being a fan of Mokyr, only now getting to and it's very good. Sorta related, have also been enjoying Both do a nice job as biographies of particularly fertile places/times.      source
Tuxedo Park book cover
Tuxedo Park
A Wall Street Tycoon and the Secret Palace of Science That Changed the Course of World War II
Jennet Conant - 2003-05-06 (first published in 2002)
Goodreads Rating
The untold story of an eccentric Wall Street tycoon and the circle of scientific geniuses he assembled before World War II to develop the science for radar and the atomic bomb. Together they changed the course of history.Legendary financier, philanthropist, and society figure Alfred Lee Loomis gathered the most visionary scientific minds of the twe...
Patrick Collison
It’s very good.      source
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Tobi Lutke
Men, Machines, and Modern Times, 50th Anniversary Edition book cover
Men, Machines, and Modern Times, 50th Anniversary Edition
Elting E. Morison - 2016-08-26 (first published in 1966)
Goodreads Rating
An engaging look at how we have learned to live with innovation and new technologies through history.People have had trouble adapting to new technology ever since (perhaps) the inventor of the wheel had to explain that a wheelbarrow could carry more than a person. This little book by a celebrated MIT professor--the fiftieth anniversary edition of a...
Patrick Collison
@patio11 "The act of invention may simply be making conscious, explicit, and regular what has been done for a considerable time unconsciously or by accident." Elting Morison in which is a great book.      source
From Third World to First book cover
From Third World to First
The Singapore Story - 1965-2000
Lee Kuan Yew - 2000-10-03
Goodreads Rating
Few gave tiny Singapore much chance of survival when it was granted independence in 1965. How is it, then, that today the former British colonial trading post is a thriving Asian metropolis with not only the world's number one airline, best airport, and busiest port of trade, but also the world's fourthhighest per capita real income?The story of th...
Patrick Collison
@jaimani I love that book...      source
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Herman Mashaba
If the Universe Is Teeming with Aliens ... WHERE IS EVERYBODY? book cover
If the Universe Is Teeming with Aliens ... WHERE IS EVERYBODY?
Fifty Solutions to the Fermi Paradox and the Problem of Extraterrestrial Life
Stephen Webb - 2002-10-03
Goodreads Rating
FROM THE REVIEWS: Webb offers coherent, understandable, and sometimes humorous coverage of a diverse range of topics. He provides readers with non-trivial insights into research fields they may not have encountered previously . . . I think everyone who has ever considered the possibility that other intelligent civilizations exist elsewhere within o...
Patrick Collison
I flagged a few books that I thought were particularly great in green.      source
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Elon Musk
Self to Self book cover
Self to Self
Selected Essays
J. David Velleman - 2020-10-05 (first published in 2002)
Goodreads Rating
Self to Self brings together essays on personal identity, autonomy, and moral emotions by the philosopher J. David Velleman. Although the essays were written independently, they are unified by an overarching thesis – that there is no single entity denoted by “the self ” – as well as by themes from Kantian ethics, psychoanalytic theory, social psych...
Patrick Collison
Iridium book, in particular, is 😮. Go read it! A slog but mostly worth it: Fun:      source
The Dream Machine book cover
The Dream Machine
M. Mitchell Waldrop - 2018-09-25
The Rise and Fall of American Growth by Robert J. Gordon
A Culture of Growth by Joel Mokyr
Age of Ambition by Evan Osnos
How Asia Works by Joe Studwell
Modern Operating Systems by Andrew S. Tanenbaum
Genentech by Sally Smith Hughes
Season of the Witch by David Talbot
The Idea Factory by Jon Gertner
Something Incredibly Wonderful Happens by K. C. Cole
Dancing in the Glory of Monsters by Jason Stearns
The Beginning of Infinity by David Deutsch
Anthropic Bias by Nick Bostrom
Out of Mao's Shadow by Philip P. Pan
From Counterculture to Cyberculture by Fred Turner
The Paris Review Interviews, I by The Paris Review the Paris Review
Making Silicon Valley by Christophe Lecuyer
Poor Charlie's Almanack by Peter D. Kaufman
Revolution in The Valley by Andy Hertzfeld
Masters of Doom by David Kushner
Nixon Agonistes by Garry Wills
Swimming Across by Andrew S. Grove
Democracy in America by Alexis de Tocqueville
The Chip by T. R. Reid
Deschooling Society by Ivan Illich
Dealers of Lightning by Michael A. Hiltzik
The Inner Game of Tennis by W. Timothy Gallwey
Hard Landing by Thomas Petzinger Jr.
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs by Harold Abelson
Mindstorms by Seymour A. Papert
The Mind-Body Problem by Rebecca Goldstein
Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming by Peter Norvig
C Programming Language by Brian W. Kernighan
Computer Lib/Dream Machines, Revised Edition by Theodore H. Nelson
Metamagical Themas by Douglas Hofstadter
The Little Kingdom by Michael Moritz
A Pattern Language by Christopher Alexander