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Best Artificial Intelligence Books

Explore the future with the books that decode artificial intelligence. This list gathers the most recommended AI reads, as featured across leading tech and science book discussions.

Recommendations from 80 articles, Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Elon Musk and 94 others.
Best Artificial Intelligence Books
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Superintelligence book cover
Paths, Dangers, Strategies
Nick Bostrom - 2014-09-03
Goodreads Rating
"Superintelligence" explores the possible future where machines surpass human intelligence and asks whether they will save or destroy us. Nick Bostrom lays out the foundation for understanding the fate of humanity and the implications of creating a powerful superintelligence beyond our control. As we hold the power to make the first move, can we engineer a controlled detonation? This profoundly ambitious and original book breaks down difficult intellectual terrain and offers a reconceptualization of the essential task of our time.
Artificial Intelligence book cover
Artificial Intelligence
A Modern Approach (4th Edition)
Stuart Russell - 2003-01-01 (first published in 1994)
Goodreads Rating
Discover the virtually limitless potential of Artificial Intelligence with this comprehensive and up-to-date guide. The long-awaited revision of this book explores the full range of AI capabilities, from machine learning to natural language processing. The 4th Edition offers readers the latest technologies, concepts in a more unified manner, and expanded coverage of multi-agent systems, deep learning, and much more. Perfect for anyone looking to explore the exciting world of AI.
Recommended by
Lex Fridman
Life 3.0 book cover
Life 3.0
Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence
Max Tegmark - 2017-08-29
Goodreads Rating
Discover the groundbreaking advancements in Artificial Intelligence and its potential to revolutionize our future. From job markets to lethal autonomous weapons, Max Tegmark explores the complex implications of AI on society and our very sense of being human. As an MIT professor, Tegmark brings authoritative insight to how we can keep AI beneficial, enhance prosperity without leaving people in poverty, and ensure machines do what we want. Join the conversation about the most controversial issues in AI, including superintelligence and the meaning of consciousness. This essential read provides the tools to shape the AI future we want.
The Master Algorithm book cover
The Master Algorithm
How the Quest for the Ultimate Learning Machine Will Remake Our World
Pedro Domingos - 2015-09-22
Goodreads Rating
Dive into the world of machine learning and the quest to create a computer intelligence as adaptable as human intelligence. In The Master Algorithm, follow Pedro Domingos as he uncovers the secrets and inner workings of the learning machines behind Google, Amazon, and smart devices. Discover the potential of a future "Master Algorithm" and imagine how it will transform business, science, and society in this thought-provoking read.
Recommended by
Mark CubanVinod Khosla
How to Create a Mind book cover
How to Create a Mind
The Secret of Human Thought Revealed
Ray Kurzweil - 2012-11-13
Goodreads Rating
Discover the limitless potential of reverse-engineering the human brain with How to Create a Mind by a bold futurist and bestselling author. Kurzweil explores the brain’s functions, how the mind is formed, and the implications of increasing our intelligence to solve world problems. He thoughtfully examines the origins of consciousness and envisions the possibilities of merging with intelligent technology. This provocative book is sure to spark debates and discussions about the future of human-machine civilization.
Recommended by
Tobias Van Schneider
Deep Learning book cover
Deep Learning
Ian Goodfellow - 2016-11-01
Goodreads Rating
This book explores the fascinating world of deep learning, which teaches computers to understand the world through a hierarchy of concepts. It covers mathematical and conceptual background, techniques used in industry, and research perspectives. Readers will learn about relevant topics in linear algebra, probability theory, and more, as well as practical applications in areas like natural language processing and computer vision. Perfect for students or engineers looking to incorporate deep learning into their work. Supplementary material available on the website.
AI Superpowers book cover
AI Superpowers
China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order
Kai-fu Lee - 2018-09-25
Goodreads Rating
Discover how China has rapidly caught up with the US in the development of AI with Kai-Fu Lee's AI Superpowers. Lee, an expert in AI and China, argues that dramatic changes will happen sooner than many expect due to these developments. Lee also explores the impact of AI on both blue-collar and white-collar jobs and provides insight into possible solutions for the significant changes that are coming.
Human + Machine book cover
Human + Machine
Reimagining Work in the Age of AI
Paul R. Daugherty - 2018-03-20
Goodreads Rating
Explore the impact of technology on modern management in this must-read business book, named one of the "Best Business Books of 2018" by Fortune CEO Daily. Gain a tactile understanding of the ways in which machines and human expertise can work collaboratively to transform the way we work.
Recommended by
Vala Afshar
The Singularity Is Near book cover
The Singularity Is Near
When Humans Transcend Biology
Ray Kurzweil - 2006-09-26 (first published in 2005)
Goodreads Rating
This book offers a radical view of the future of human development, particularly in the age of artificial intelligence. It explores how humanity will break free from its genetic limitations and achieve unprecedented levels of intelligence, material progress, and longevity. Written by celebrated futurist Ray Kurzweil, this book is a dramatic culmination of centuries of technological ingenuity that presents a genuinely inspiring vision of our ultimate destiny.
Our Final Invention book cover
Our Final Invention
Artificial Intelligence and the End of the Human Era
James Barrat - 2013-10-01
Goodreads Rating
This book delves into the potential dangers of creating artificial intelligence that could surpass human intelligence within a decade. With profiles of tech visionaries, industry watchdogs & groundbreaking AI systems, the author explores the perils of the heedless pursuit of advanced AI. Will we be able to coexist with beings whose intelligence dwarfs our own? Our Final Invention raises important questions about the future of AI.
Recommended by
Elon MuskSam Harris
Applied Artificial Intelligence by Mariya Yao
The Fourth Age by Byron Reese
The Emotion Machine by Marvin Minsky
Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari
The Sentient Machine by Amir Husain
Human Compatible by Stuart Russell
Artificial Intelligence Basics by Tom Taulli
The Hundred-Page Machine Learning Book by Andriy Burkov
The Elements of Statistical Learning by Trevor Hastie
Reinforcement Learning by Richard S. Sutton
Prediction Machines by Ajay Agrawal
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence by Philip C. Jackson Jr.
Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming by Peter Norvig
Hello World by Hannah Fry
The Second Machine Age by Erik Brynjolfsson
Weapons of Math Destruction by Cathy O'Neil
Genius Makers by Cade Metz
Rise of the Robots by Martin Ford
The AI Advantage by Thomas H. Davenport
Artificial Intelligence For Dummies by John Mueller
You Look Like a Thing and I Love You by Janelle Shane
The Alignment Problem by Brian Christian
I, Robot by Isaac Asimov
Artificial Intelligence by Melanie Mitchell
The Book of Why by Judea Pearl
AI 2041 by Kai-Fu Lee, Chen Qiufan
Artificial Intelligence Engines by James V Stone
Rebooting AI by Gary Marcus
Artificial Intelligence for Humans by Jeff Heaton
Neuromancer by William Gibson
Make Your Own Neural Network by Tariq Rashid
A First Course in Artificial Intelligence by MC Graw Hill India
Robopocalypse by Daniel H. Wilson
Gödel, Escher, Bach by Douglas R. Hofstadter
Hyperion by Dan Simmons
The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson
The Society of Mind by Marvin Minsky
Grokking Deep Learning by Andrew Trask
The Lifecycle of Software Objects by Ted Chiang
Deep Thinking by Garry Kasparov
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick
Daemon by Daniel Suarez
Girl Decoded by Rana el Kaliouby
A Brief History of Artificial Intelligence by Michael Wooldridge
Artificial Intelligence for Humans, Volume 3 by Jeff Heaton
Robots vs. Fairies by Dominik Parisien
Machines of Loving Grace by John Markoff
Artificial Intelligence by Nils J. Nilsson
Artificial Intelligence by Jerry Kaplan
Queen of Angels by Greg Bear
A Closed and Common Orbit by Becky Chambers
We Are Legion by Dennis E. Taylor
Excession by Iain M. Banks
Hands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn, Keras, and TensorFlow by Aurélien Géron
House of Suns by Alastair Reynolds
The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress by Robert A. Heinlein
On Intelligence by Jeff Hawkins
Applied Predictive Modeling by Max Kuhn
Deep Medicine by Eric Topol
Architects of Intelligence by Martin Ford
Marketing Artificial Intelligence by Paul Roetzer, Mike Kaput
Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning by Christopher M. Bishop
Atlas of AI by Kate Crawford
The Golden Age by John C. Wright
Speech and Language Processing by Daniel Jurafsky
Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare by Parag Suresh Mahajan
Machine Learning by Tom M. Mitchell
Fundamentals of Machine Learning for Predictive Data Analytics by John D. Kelleher
The Human Use Of Human Beings by Norbert Wiener
Quest for Artificial Intelligence by Nils J Nilsson
The AI-Powered Enterprise by Seth Earley
The Algorithmic Leader by Mike Walsh
Computers and Thought by Edward A. Feigenbaum
AIQ by Nick Polson
Machine Learning For Absolute Beginners by Oliver Theobald
Artificial Intelligence by Lasse Rouhiainen
Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie
Robot Ethics by Patrick Lin
The Big Nine by Amy Webb
2062 by Toby Walsh
R.U.R. by Karel Capek
To Be a Machine by M. O'Connell
Date Night on Union Station by E. M. Foner
2001 by Arthur C. Clarke
A World Without Work by Daniel Susskind
The Deep Learning Revolution by Terrence J. Sejnowski
The Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence by Margaret A. Boden
Machine Learning by Ethem Alpaydin
Speak by Louisa Hall
Humans Need Not Apply by Jerry Kaplan