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Will MacAskill

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William MacAskill is a Scottish philosopher, ethicist, and one of the originators of the effective altruism movement. He is Associate Professor in Philosophy at the University of Oxford, a researcher at the Global Priorities Institute at Oxford and Director of the Forethought Foundation for Global Priorities Research.
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Superintelligence book cover
Paths, Dangers, Strategies
Nick Bostrom - 2014-09-03
Goodreads Rating
"Superintelligence" explores the possible future where machines surpass human intelligence and asks whether they will save or destroy us. Nick Bostrom lays out the foundation for understanding the fate of humanity and the implications of creating a powerful superintelligence beyond our control. As we hold the power to make the first move, can we engineer a controlled detonation? This profoundly ambitious and original book breaks down difficult intellectual terrain and offers a reconceptualization of the essential task of our time.
Will MacAskill
Very important book.      source
Mindfulness book cover
A Practical Guide to Finding Peace in a Frantic World [With CD (Audio)]
Mark Williams - 2011-10-25
Goodreads Rating
Unlock a life of genuine happiness and confidence with MINDFULNESS. Based on Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, this book presents a set of simple yet powerful practices that take just a few minutes a day to bring about the full benefits of mindfulness meditation. Clinically proven to be at least as effective as drugs for depression, MINDFULNESS has been recommended by the UK's National Institute of Clinical Excellence. This book is focused on promoting joy and peace, helping everyday people break the cycle of unhappiness, stress, anxiety, and mental exhaustion.
Will MacAskill
It’s significantly improved my life.      source
The Power of Persuasion book cover
The Power of Persuasion
How We're Bought and Sold
Robert V. Levine - 2006-01-23 (first published in 2003)
Goodreads Rating
Discover the sophisticated methods of persuasion we encounter in various situations through "The Power of Persuasion". From advertising to self-deception, Robert V. Levine takes a hard look at all the ways we attempt to persuade each other and how they work. This highly readable book will change the way you think and act in your everyday life. Don't fall victim to sales pitches - arm yourself against manipulation with this informative read.
Will MacAskill
The best book on persuasion that I know of. It’s quite a lot more in-depth than things like Caldini’s book and some of the other books in that genre.      source
Reasons and Persons book cover
Reasons and Persons
Derek Parfit - 1986-02-20 (first published in 1984)
Goodreads Rating
Exploring the tensions between rationality, morality, and personal identity, this book offers eye-opening insights into our own flawed nature. Derek Parfit challenges common beliefs and argues that it is often rational to act against our own interests and that our morality can be self-defeating. With compelling arguments, he reveals the ways in which we often act wrongly and the disturbing conclusions we must face when considering future generations.
Will MacAskill
One of the most important books written in the 20th century.      source
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