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Marc Goodman

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Marc Goodman has spent a career in law enforcement and technology. He was appointed futurist-in-residence with the FBI, worked as a senior adviser to Interpol, and served as a street police officer
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The Inevitable book cover
The Inevitable
Understanding the 12 Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future
Kevin Kelly - 2017-06-06 (first published in 2016)
Goodreads Rating
A New York Times Bestseller From one of our leading technology thinkers and writers, a guide through the twelve technological imperatives that will shape the next thirty years and transform our livesMuch of what will happen in the next thirty years is inevitable, driven by technological trends that are already in motion. In this fascinating, provoc...
Marc Goodman
A source I've learned from in the last year.      source
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Hooked book cover
How to Build Habit-Forming Products
Nir Eyal - 2014-11-04 (first published in 2013)
Goodreads Rating
How do successful companies create products people cant put down?Why do some products capture widespread attention while others flop? What makes us engage with certain products out of sheer habit? Is there a pattern underlying how technologies hook us?Nir Eyal answers these questions (and many more) by explaining the Hook Modela four-step process e...
Marc Goodman
A source I've learned from in the last year.      source
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The Singularity Is Near book cover
The Singularity Is Near
When Humans Transcend Biology
Ray Kurzweil - 2006-09-25
Goodreads Rating
A radical and optimistic view of the future course of human development by "the best person I know at predicting the future of artificial intelligence" (Bill Gates).At the onset of the twenty-first century, humanity stands on the verge of the most transforming and thrilling period in its history. It will be an era in which the very nature of what i...
Marc Goodman
Has shown that there is this persistent exponential pace of technology.      source
One Police Plaza book cover
One Police Plaza
William Caunitz - 1986-08-24 (first published in 1984)
Goodreads Rating
A nude corpse in a bathtub.  Name:  Sara Eisinger.  Occupation: travel agent.  For Detective Lt. Dan Malone of New York's Fifth Precinct, it's all in a day's work.  Until a little gold key in Sara's possession leads him to an after-hours sex club.  Until two phone numbers in her address book connect to the CIA.  Until he's neck deep in a mystery in...
Marc Goodman
Really got what policing was and what policing was all about. I thought that was pretty amazing.      source