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Best Quantum Physics Books

Recommendations from 4 articles, Bill Gates, Chris Hayes, Naval Ravikant and 14 others.
Best Quantum Physics Books
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The Feynman Lectures on Physics book cover
The Feynman Lectures on Physics
The Millenium Edition, Vol. 1
Richard P. Feynman - Jan 01, 2012 (first published in 1963)
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"The whole thing was basically an experiment," Richard Feynman said late in his career, looking back on the origins of his lectures. The experiment turned out to be hugely successful, spawning publications that have remained definitive and introductory to physics for decades. Ranging from the basic principles of Newtonian physics through such formi...
Recommended by
Bill Gates
QED book cover
The Strange Theory of Light and Matter (Princeton Science Library)
Richard P. Feynman - Oct 26, 2014 (first published in 1985)
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Celebrated for his brilliantly quirky insights into the physical world, Nobel laureate Richard Feynman also possessed an extraordinary talent for explaining difficult concepts to the general public. Here Feynman provides a classic and definitive introduction to QED (namely, quantum electrodynamics), that part of quantum field theory describing the ...
Recommended by
Ryan Shea
The Selfish Gene book cover
The Selfish Gene
40th Anniversary Edition (Oxford Landmark Science)
Richard Dawkins - Jul 31, 2016 (first published in 1976)
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The million copy international bestseller, critically acclaimed and translated into over 25 languages. As influential today as when it was first published, The Selfish Gene has become a classic exposition of evolutionary thought. Professor Dawkins articulates a gene's eye view of evolution - a view giving centre stage to these persistent units of i...
The Evolution of Cooperation book cover
The Evolution of Cooperation
Revised Edition
Robert Axelrod - Dec 04, 2006 (first published in 1984)
Goodreads Rating
The Evolution of Cooperation provides valuable insights into the age-old question of whether unforced cooperation is ever possible. Widely praised and much-discussed, this classic book explores how cooperation can emerge in a world of self-seeking egoists—whether superpowers, businesses, or individuals—when there is no central authority to police t...
What is Life? book cover
What is Life?
With Mind and Matter and Autobiographical Sketches (Canto Classics)
Erwin Schrodinger/penrose - Mar 28, 2012 (first published in 1944)
Goodreads Rating
What Is Life? is a 1944 non-fiction science book written for the lay reader by physicist Erwin Schrödinger. The book was based on a course of public lectures delivered by Schrödinger in February 1943 at Trinity College, Dublin. Schrödinger's lecture focused on one important question: "how can the events in space and time which take place within the...
Quantum Enigma book cover
Quantum Enigma
Physics Encounters Consciousness
Bruce Rosenblum - Aug 01, 2011 (first published in 2006)
Goodreads Rating
In trying to understand the atom, physicists built quantum mechanics, the most successful theory in science and the basis of one-third of our economy. They found, to their embarrassment, that with their theory, physics encounters consciousness. Authors Bruce Rosenblum and Fred Kuttner explain all this in non-technical terms with help from some fanc...
Trespassing on Einstein's Lawn book cover
Trespassing on Einstein's Lawn
A Father, a Daughter, the Meaning of Nothing, and the Beginning of Everything by Gefter, Amanda (2014) Hardcover
Amanda Gefter - Jan 01, 2014
Goodreads Rating
NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY KIRKUS REVIEWSIn a memoir of family bonding and cutting-edge physics for readers of Brian Greene’s The Hidden Reality and Jim Holt’s Why Does the World Exist?, Amanda Gefter tells the story of how she conned her way into a career as a science journalist—and wound up hanging out, talking shop, and butting h...
The Second Creation book cover
The Second Creation
Makers of the Revolution in Twentieth-Century Physics by Robert P. Crease, Charles C. Mann (1986) Hardcover
Robert P. Crease - Jan 01, 1986 (first published in 1985)
Goodreads Rating
The Second Creation is the intimate story of the decades-long scientific quest for "unification," a theory that draws together all matter and energy, from the hottest supernovas to the whirring fragments of the atom. Based on scores of in-depth interviews with such brilliant scientists as Max Planck, Erwin Schrodinger, Richard Feynman, Murray Gell-...
Schrödinger book cover
Life and Thought (Canto Classics)
Walter Moore - Oct 06, 2015 (first published in 1989)
Goodreads Rating
Erwin Schrodinger was a brilliant and charming Austrian, a great scientist, and a man with a passionate interest in people and ideas. In this, the first comprehensive biography of Schrodinger, Walter Moore draws upon recollections of Schrodinger's friends, family and colleagues, and on contemporary records, letters and diaries. Schrodinger's life i...
From Micro To Macro book cover
From Micro To Macro
Adventures Of A Wandering Physicist
Vlatko Vedral - Feb 08, 2018
Goodreads Rating
This is a popular science book exploring the limits of scientific explanation. In particular, it debates if all sciences will ultimately be reducible to physics. The journey starts with physics itself, where there is a gap between the micro (quantum) and the macro (classical) and moves into chemistry, biology and the social sciences. Written by a p...
The Ghost in the Atom book cover
The Ghost in the Atom
A Discussion of the Mysteries of Quantum Physics (Canto)
P. C. W. Davies - May 05, 2010 (first published in 1986)
Goodreads Rating
Anybody who is not shocked by quantum theory has not understood it. Niels Bohr's dictum bears witness to the bewildering impact of quantum theory, flying in the face of classical physics and dramatically transforming scientists' outlook on our relationship with the material world. In this book Paul Davies interviews eight physicists involved in deb...
The Quantum Challenge by George Greenstein
Uncertainty by David C. Cassidy
The Theory of Almost Everything by Robert Oerter
The Infinity Puzzle by Frank Close
Uncertainty by David Lindley
Quantum Mechanics by Leonard Susskind
The Age of Entanglement by Louisa Gilder
Introduction to Quantum Information Science by Vlatko Vedral
Quantum Computing Since Democritus by Scott Aaronson
Quantum Computing for Everyone by Chris Bernhardt
Dancing with Qubits by Robert S. Sutor
How to Teach Quantum Physics to Your Dog by Orzel
Dance of the Photons by Anton Zeilinger
Computing with Quantum Cats by John Gribbin