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Devon Sawa


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Devon Sawa is a Canadian actor. He began acting when he was a teen, appearing in the films Little Giants, Casper, Now and Then, Night of the Twisters, Wild America, Idle Hands, and Final Destination. From 2010 to 2013, he starred as Owen Elliot in the action spy drama series Nikita.
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A Novel
T. J. Newman - Jul 06, 2021
Goodreads Rating
You just boarded a flight to New York.There are one hundred and forty-three other passengers onboard.What you don’t know is that thirty minutes before the flight your pilot’s family was kidnapped.For his family to live, everyone on your plane must die.The only way the family will survive is if the pilot follows his orders and crashes the plane.Enjo...
Devon Sawa
Apr 18, 2021
That’s a damn good read!!! What a book!! @T_J_Newman ... 🔥      source
Of Mice and Men
John Steinbeck - Sep 01, 1993 (first published in 1937)
Goodreads Rating
The compelling story of two outsiders striving to find their place in an unforgiving world. Drifters in search of work, George and his simple-minded friend Lennie have nothing in the world except each other and a dream -- a dream that one day they will have some land of their own. Eventually they find work on a ranch in California’s Salinas Valley,...
Devon Sawa
Jan 30, 2021
@JackBurtonsEgo Amazing book.      source
Stephen King - Jul 01, 2011 (first published in 1987)
Goodreads Rating
King's Classic bestseller about a famous novelist held hostage by his Number One Fan. Misery Chastain is dead. Paul Sheldon has just killed her - with relief, with joy. Misery has made him rich; she was the heroine of a string of bestsellers. And now he wants to get on to some real writing. That's when the car accident happens, and he wakes up in p...
Devon Sawa
Jan 07, 2021
@NeedfulThing_ I was just using Misery as a random example, but that said, the book is awesome. I do think it’s one of the best movie adaption. Still, books better.      source
The Monster at the End of this Book
Jon Stone - May 11, 2004 (first published in 1971)
Goodreads Rating
Many adults name this book as their favorite Little Golden Book. Generations of kids have interacted with lovable, furry old Grover as he begs the reader not to turn the page—for fear of a monster at the end of the book. “Oh, I am so embarrassed,” he says on the last page . . . for, of course, the monster is Grover himself! This all-time favorite i...
Devon Sawa
Nov 20, 2020
When my son was four I read him the monster at the end of this book. It was both of our first time. When it was done, I closed it and just sat there. Floored. What a story. What an ending.      source
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Maureen Johnson
Don Winslow - Apr 07, 2020
Goodreads Rating
In six intense short novels connected by the themes of crime, corruption, vengeance, justice, loss, betrayal, guilt and redemption, Broken is #1 international bestseller Don Winslow at his nerve-shattering, heart-stopping, heartbreaking best. In Broken, he creates a world of high-level thieves and low-life crooks, obsessed cops struggling with life...
Devon Sawa
Apr 06, 2020
This book by @donwinslow is amazing. 6 stand alone stories with some familiar characters. — I’m a huge fan of his. The Power Of The Dog, one of his older books, is one of my all time favorites.      source
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Brian Koppelman
All the Pretty Horses
Cormac McCarthy - Jun 29, 1993 (first published in 1992)
Goodreads Rating
All the Pretty Horses tells of young John Grady Cole, the last of a long line of Texas ranchers. Across the border Mexico beckonsbeautiful and desolate, rugged and cruelly civilized. With two companions, he sets off on an idyllic, sometimes comic adventure, to a place where dreams are paid for in blood....
Devon Sawa
Feb 25, 2020
This is the best book I’ve ever read.      source
Doctor Sleep
Stephen King - Sep 24, 2019 (first published in 2013)
Goodreads Rating
Now a major motion picture starring Ewan McGregor! From master storyteller Stephen King, his unforgettable and terrifying sequel to The Shining—an instant #1 New York Times bestseller that is “[a] vivid frightscape” (The New York Times). Years ago, the haunting of the Overlook Hotel nearly broke young Dan Torrance’s sanity, as his paranormal gift k...
Devon Sawa
Jan 26, 2020
The first time I saw the Dr Sleep trailer and they showed bits of the attic, I knew they got it right. It’s a great book and equally great movie. Also you have to remember King wrote Sleep as a sequel to his shining BOOK, not Kubrick‘s movie. So Flanagan had some work to do.      source
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The Power of the Dog
Don Winslow - May 01, 2006 (first published in 2005)
Goodreads Rating
Drug lord Miguel Angel Barrera is head of the Mexican drug federación, responsible for millions of dollars worth of cocaine traffic into the US and the torture of those who stand in its way. His nephew, Adan Barrera, is his worthy successor.Art Keller is a US government operative, so determined to obtain revenge for a murdered colleague that his pu...
Devon Sawa
Nov 21, 2019
“Savages” has knocked out “Power Of The Dog” for my new favorite @donwinslow book. It’s so damn good. Haven’t read “Frankie Machine” yet,though. Like I did with king’s “STAND”, I’m waiting, cause once I’ve read it, I’ve read it and it’s gone. Saving it for the beaches of Vietnam.      source
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Sam Freedman
The Chain
Adrian McKinty - Jul 09, 2019
Goodreads Rating
You just dropped off your child at the bus stop. A panicked stranger calls your phone. Your child has been kidnapped, and the stranger explains that their child has also been kidnapped, by a completely different stranger. The only way to get your child back is to kidnap another child within 24 hours. Your child will be released only when the next v...
Devon Sawa
Jul 08, 2019
So @donwinslow sent me a prerelease of this book THE CHAIN, by Adrian McKinny. - It’s the perfect book for the summer. It moves. Never slows. I loved it. - Comes out tomorrow. - If you read it, let me know. I need to talk about it with someone!      source
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