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James Lindsay

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Kindly Inquisitors book cover
Kindly Inquisitors
The New Attacks on Free Thought, Expanded Edition
Jonathan Rauch - 1995-04-01 (first published in 1993)
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Explore the complex issues surrounding free speech and censorship in "Kindly Inquisitors" by Jonathan Rauch. With a persuasive argument for the value of "liberal science" and the idea that conflicting views produce knowledge, Rauch argues for pluralism over purism. In this expanded edition, Rauch elaborates on his original argument, bringing it up to date in a world where hate speech regulations are growing, both domestically and internationally. Discover how pitting biases and prejudices against each other can foster more fruitful discussions and replace hate with knowledge in our society.
James Lindsay
Rauch's book Kindly Inquisitors is one of the most valuable books in print, and it is a significant part of the backbone of the true liberal principles that we present in opposition to Critical Social Justice (Wokeness) in our book Cynical Theories.      source
Cynical Theories book cover
Cynical Theories
How Activist Scholarship Made Everything about Race, Gender, and Identity―and Why This Harms Everybody
Helen Pluckrose - 2020-06-16
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A thought-provoking exploration of the controversial dogma that informs modern activist academic fields. From its origins in French postmodernism to its impact on cancel culture and social media, this book delves into the tenets that are all too often embraced as axiomatic in mainstream media. While acknowledging the need to challenge complacency, the authors argue that this often-radical scholarship does far more harm than good, noting its alarmingly inconsistent and illiberal ethics. A must-read for those who value science, reason, and consistently liberal ethics.
James Lindsay
Nice book!      source