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Peter Boghossian

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Peter Gregory Boghossian is an American philosopher. He is an assistant professor of philosophy at Portland State University. Boghossian's areas of academic focus include atheism, critical thinking, pedagogy, scientific skepticism, and the Socratic method.
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What's Our Problem? book cover
What's Our Problem?
A Self-Help Book for Societies
Tim Urban - 2023-02-21
Goodreads Rating
From the creator of the wildly popular blog Wait But Why, a fun and fascinating deep dive into what the hell is going on in our strange, unprecedented modern times....
Peter Boghossian
This is one of the best, most detailed, and most important books I have ever read. @waitbutwhy’s What's Our Problem? Spanning multiple domains of thought, it is an entirely new way to think about thinking, language, and even what a book is. #Masterpiece      source
Woke Antisemitism book cover
Woke Antisemitism
How a Progressive Ideology Harms Jews
David Bernstein - 2022-10-13
Goodreads Rating
Woke Antisemitism is a firsthand account from a top Jewish leader about how woke ideology shuts down discourse, corrupts Jewish values, and spawns a virulent new strain of antisemitism....
Peter Boghossian
Bernstein’s Woke Antisemitism: How a Progressive Ideology Harms Jews, is an incredibly important book. Here’s my blurb and an Amazon link:      source
The Constitution of Knowledge book cover
The Constitution of Knowledge
A Defense of Truth
Jonathan Rauch - 2021-06-22
Goodreads Rating
"The Constitution of Knowledge" by Jonathan Rauch is a timely and essential book that explores the multi-front challenge America is facing in distinguishing fact from fiction and elevating truth above falsehood. From disinformation and trolling to conspiracies and cancel culture, Rauch examines the epistemic crisis that is threatening society's grip on truth. Through a thought-provoking analysis of the Constitution of Knowledge, Rauch arms readers with a clearer understanding of how they can defend objective truth and free inquiry against threats, both foreign and domestic.
Peter Boghossian
@JonHaidt @jon_rauch One of the best books I’ve read in the last decade, @jon_rauch’s The Constitution of Knowledge: A Defense of Truth      source
Doom book cover
The Politics of Catastrophe
Niall Ferguson - 2021-05-06
Goodreads Rating
Discover the true nature of disasters with this insightful and urgent book. Renowned author Niall Ferguson explains why we are failing to handle catastrophes, using historical events and modern-day crises as examples. With a focus on pandemics, earthquakes, wildfires, financial crises, and wars, Doom offers not only a history but a theory of disasters. Drawing from economics, cliodynamics, and network science, Ferguson highlights why our bureaucratic and complex systems are getting worse at handling these events. Urgently needed, Doom is a lesson in history to help us avoid irreversible decline.
Peter Boghossian
This is not just a terrific read, it’s also a *really* important book. Doom offers profound historical insight into the history of disasters and how to respond more thoughtfully to the inevitable.      source
How to Do Nothing book cover
How to Do Nothing
Resisting the Attention Economy
Jenny Odell - 2019-04-09
Goodreads Rating
Discover a new way to connect with the environment and ourselves in this thrilling critique of productivity and technology. Dive into an action plan to resist capitalism's hold on our attention and find meaning in the process. This book sheds light on what we've been too distracted to see in ourselves and the world around us.
Peter Boghossian
Some great insights here… And some interesting complementary themes that mesh well with @johannhari101’s latest, brilliant book.      source
Virtue in an Age of Identity Politics book cover
Virtue in an Age of Identity Politics
Jonathan Church - 2022-04-11
Virtue in an Age of Identity Politics examines current social justice activism through the lens of Stoic philosophy. While developing a critique of Critical Social Justice, it also explains how Stoicism overlaps with Critical Social Justice in the interest of healing social divisions and promoting honest and nuanced conversations about justice....
Peter Boghossian
Church’s latest book is fantastic. Virtue in an Age of Identity Politics is well worth reading and pondering. Here’s my blurb:      source
The Up Side of Down book cover
The Up Side of Down
Why Failing Well Is the Key to Success
Megan McArdle - 2014-02-11
Goodreads Rating
Learn how to bounce back from failure and turn setbacks into success with insights from emergency room doctors, kindergarten teachers, bankruptcy judges, and venture capitalists. Reinvent yourself with advice from business blogger Megan McArdle in The Up Side of Down. Don't miss this book that just might change the way you lead your life.
Peter Boghossian
The Up Side of Down: Why Failing Well is the Key to Success, by @asymmetricinfo, is a gem. Every young person who’s striving to make something of themselves should read this book.      source
Knee Ability Zero book cover
Knee Ability Zero
Ben Patrick - 2021-11-01
Goodreads Rating
Discover how to improve your overall health and fitness with Knee Ability Zero. Written by #kneesovertoesguy, Ben Patrick, this book provides exercises that require zero gym memberships, zero weights, and zero athletic ability. Whether you're a professional athlete or a regular individual who wants to enjoy a pain-free walk in the park, this guide will help you strengthen your hips, knees, ankles, Achilles and more with just a few minutes of exercises several times a week. With success stories from over 2,300 people and fans like Joe Rogan and Charles Woodson, Knee Ability Zero is a must-have book for anyone looking to improve their physical abilities. Click the "buy" button now to get started!
Peter Boghossian
This is a really important book—even if you’re not dealing with knee issues. I wish I could go back in time and give myself this in my 20s when I was doing heavy squats.      source
The Hungarian Way of Strategy book cover
The Hungarian Way of Strategy
Balázs Orbán - 2021-10-26
Goodreads Rating
Gain insight into government thinking from a high-level Hungarian politician in The Hungarian Way of Strategy. Balázs Orbán shares his extensive knowledge of strategic planning, national character, and debunks Western media misconceptions about Hungary's government. Learn how Hungary's unique geography and history continue to shape their thinking and values, and gain a new perspective on governing principles in Europe.
Peter Boghossian
The Hungarian Way of Strategy by @BalazsOrban_HU is a fascinating read. It sets the stage for understanding Hungarian contemporary thinking and policies. Highly recommended for strategic thinkers and/or those interested in recent developments in Hungary.      source
San Fransicko by Michael Shellenberger
Undoctrinate by Bonnie Kerrigan Snyder, John H. McWhorter
An Inconvenient Minority by Kenny Xu
Prey by Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Irreversible Damage by Abigail Shrier
Cynical Theories by Helen Pluckrose
We Have Overcome by Jason D. Hill