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Bryan Formhals

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Finite and Infinite Games book cover
Finite and Infinite Games
James P. Carse - 1987-01-01 (first published in 1986)
Goodreads Rating
Discover the intriguing world of finite and infinite games with this fascinating book. Author James P. Carse delves into the two types of games and explores the purpose of each. While finite games are played to be won, infinite games focus on continuing the play. Carse uncovers the impact these games have on our lives, from the nature of power and glory to the subtleties of love and science. This rich and insightful read is a journey of observation and enlightenment that will leave you thinking for years to come.
Bryan Formhals
One of the only philosophy books I ever recommend 'Finite and Infinite Games' by James Carse (affiliate link)      source
Case Studies in Retrofitting Suburbia book cover
Case Studies in Retrofitting Suburbia
Urban Design Strategies for Urgent Challenges
June Williamson - 2020-12-10
Goodreads Rating
Discover the transformative power of the retrofitting movement in suburban development with this illustrated case study collection. Focusing on the essential challenges of 21st century redevelopment, this book showcases examples from around the world where architects and developers have successfully redeveloped and regreened suburban projects for the betterment of communities and the environment. Topics include water redesign, energy planning, reducing auto-dependency, improving public health, accommodating an aging population, and more. Perfect for urban design, architecture, and planning professionals and students alike.
Bryan Formhals
Living back in a suburban environment has me thinking about the commercial corridors lined with strip malls, many of which are about half full. My nightly read led me to this book which very interesting      source
Dream Street book cover
Dream Street
W. Eugene Smith's Pittsburgh Project
Alan Trachtenberg - 2003-10-17 (first published in 2001)
Goodreads Rating
Explore the stunning photographic essay of legendary photojournalist W. Eugene Smith in "Dream Street." Commissioned to photograph Pittsburgh's bicentennial, Smith produced nearly 16,000 images over a year, creating a bold portrayal of mid-century America. Edited by Sam Stephenson to showcase the core images Smith believed captured the "synthesis of the whole," alongside an essay by Alan Trachtenberg analyzing the significance of Smith's work, "Dream Street" is a must-read for fans of photography and American history.
Bryan Formhals
The book is hit and miss and mostly known for some of the iconic photographs that define his career. I picked up a used copy a few years ago and would look at it periodically to see if it had the same impact. It didn't. But I still admired the scope of the ambition.      source
Shannon Taggart book cover
Shannon Taggart
Shannon Taggart - 2019-11-26
Goodreads Rating
This stunning photography book explores the world of spiritualism through the lens of American photographer Shannon Taggart. Taggart has spent over 18 years traveling the world in search of the elusive substance known as "ectoplasm". Her haunting images capture the mysterious practices of spiritualists in the US, England, and Europe. With commentary on her experiences, a foreword by Dan Aykroyd, and essays from Andreas Fischer and Tony Oursler, Séance examines spiritualism's impact on human celebrity and technology, and its potential future in the 21st century.
Bryan Formhals
Great book!      source
How to Do Nothing book cover
How to Do Nothing
Resisting the Attention Economy
Jenny Odell - 2019-04-09
Goodreads Rating
Discover a new way to connect with the environment and ourselves in this thrilling critique of productivity and technology. Dive into an action plan to resist capitalism's hold on our attention and find meaning in the process. This book sheds light on what we've been too distracted to see in ourselves and the world around us.
Bryan Formhals
Such a great book. Gave me a lot of confidence to pursue some new ideas.      source
The Infinite Game book cover
The Infinite Game
Simon Sinek - 2019-10-15
Goodreads Rating
Explore the difference between finite and infinite games in this powerful book. While the former is defined by clear rules and an endpoint, the latter is unpredictable, ever-changing, and has no winners or losers. The author explains how playing with a finite mindset in an infinite game can hold you back in life and business. However, leaders who embrace an infinite mindset can build stronger, innovative, and inspiring organizations where trust and cooperation thrive. Discover how adopting an infinite mindset can help you leave your organization in better shape than you found it.
Walking and Mapping book cover
Walking and Mapping
Artists as Cartographers (Leonardo)
Karen O'Rourke - 2013-01-01
Goodreads Rating
Explore the art of walking and mapping through the lens of contemporary artists. Karen O'Rourke delves into a range of projects using both traditional and modern techniques, from shoe leather to GPS. Examining works by prominent figures like Richard Long and Esther Polak, O'Rourke provides a comprehensive overview of this resurgent art form. Follow her deep dive into the subject to discover how Walking and Mapping has become a multifaceted phenomenon.