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Joy Reid


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Joy-Ann M. Lomena-Reid, known professionally as Joy Reid, is an American cable television host and a national correspondent at MSNBC.
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Conservatives Without Conscience
John W. Dean - Aug 28, 2007 (first published in 2006)
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On the heels of his national bestseller Worse Than Watergate, John Dean takes a critical look at the current conservative movementIn Conservatives Without Conscience, John Dean places the conservative movement's inner circle of leaders in the Republican Party under scrutiny. Dean finds their policies and mind- set to be fundamentally authoritarian,...
Joy Reid
Jan 30, 2021
[email protected] wrote a terrific book more than a decade ago called Conservatives Without Conscience, which described the party’s authoritarian drift and all-but predicted it would one day result in a Political Jim Jones like Trump.      source
The Impeachers
The Trial of Andrew Johnson and the Dream of a Just Nation
Brenda Wineapple - May 21, 2019
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America's first presidential impeachment: A prize-winning author tells the story of the efforts by heroic citizens to preserve the victories of the Civil War by removing a bigoted president who ruled as if he were king.When Abraham Lincoln was assassinated and Vice-President Andrew Johnson became "the Accidental President," it was a dangerous time ...
Joy Reid
Dec 12, 2019
Another indispensable @michaelharriot thread; this one on the Trump before Trump: the first impeached American president, Andrew Johnson. (For a great book on this history, check out The Impeachers, by Brenda Wineapple).      source
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