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Saku Panditharatne


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Sakunthala Panditharatne (Saku), computer graphics programmer, Virtual Reality (VR) enthusiast, ex VC analyst at Andreessen Horowitz, former intern at Oculus, and recent creator of a neural network MOOC (Massive Open Online Course).
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The Big Score
The Billion Dollar Story of Silicon Valley
by Michael S. Malone (Aug 01, 1985)
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An investigative, behind-the-scenes report on the semiconductor/computer industry traces the history of Silicon Valley and the electronics industry, and the entrepreneurs, innovations, industrial espionage, drug scene, and other realities of Silicon Valley...
Saku Panditharatne
Mar 02, 2020
This book is great. I know the cover looks very 80s, but that's because it's about... the 80s. The extreme stories and personalities behind the first wave of personal computing, from Atari to Apple     source