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Project Hail Mary book cover

Project Hail Mary

A Novel

Andy Weir

A lone survivor is awakened on a desperate mission to save humanity and the earth from extinction. But there's a catch: he can't remember his name, his assignment, or even how to complete it. Armed with only his wits and an unexpected ally, he embarks on an interstellar journey to conquer an impossible task. Part scientific mystery, part dazzling adventure, Project Hail Mary is a survival tale that rivals The Martian while exploring uncharted territories of space.
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Like most people, I was first introduced to Weir’s writing through The Martian. His latest novel is a wild tale about a high school science teacher who wakes up in a different star system with no memory of how he got there. The rest of the story is all about how he uses science and engineering to save the day. It’s a fun read, and I finished the whole thing in one weekend.      source
@andyweirauthor Can’t think of a better place to read it - brilliant book @andyweirauthor      source
Perhaps the best audio book I have heard! #projecthailmary by Andy Weir is great but the performance of Ray Porter of all of the characters is award winning. I cannot stop listening. Sooo good!      source
Best sci fi book i've read in a long long time. Has lots of real science/engineering in it. Incredible read.      source
Read 30 books this year and the best ones were Gideon the Ninth by @tazmuir and Project Hail Mary by @andyweirauthor! Looking forward to 2023!      source
Project Hail Mary: 5/5 stars. I have no idea why this book was so much fun, but it was really, really good. The science was clever, the story was great.      source
If you want to read something that celebrates science at its core, read Project Hail Mary from @andyweirauthor. An excellent and brave science fiction book!      source
The hype around Project Hail Mary is real. One of the best books I've ever read and couldn't put it down. Highly recommend checking it out especially if you love sci-fi      source
The plot of Andy Weir's PROJECT HAIL MARY consists mostly of science problems and their solutions. Joyously. My question is: What is the youngest age of readers that revel in the book? Because they WILL want to become scientists. Anybody got examples?      source
"Hail Mary" by @andyweirauthor is one of the best fiction books I've read in a LOOOONG time! • It's a "hard science" novel so all the physics are real, but the story is fiction. • You get captivated by the story, but also learn some clever engineering in the process! • 10/10      source
I just finished Project Hail Mary by @andyweirauthor and it’s easily one of the best sci-fi books I’ve ever read. and I read a LOT of them. my highest rec from 2021.      source