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Carl Zimmer

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Carl Zimmer is a popular science writer, blogger, columnist, and journalist who specializes in the topics of evolution, parasites, and heredity.
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Life's Edge book cover
Life's Edge
The Search for What It Means to Be Alive
Carl Zimmer - 2021-03-09
Goodreads Rating
Life's Edge explores the elusive answer to the age-old question: what is life? From protocells to pandemic viruses, science struggles to locate life's edge. Author Carl Zimmer delves into the philosophical, societal, and scientific implications of determining what qualifies as living, including controversies around the beginning of life and determining legal death. Zimmer guides readers through the history of ideas about what constitutes life, all the way to current groundbreaking engineering of life in laboratories.
Carl Zimmer
It always gratifies me deeply when my science books are received well by science-fiction folks! Here’s a review of Life’s Edge at Fantasy Literature.      source
Chaos book cover
Making a New Science
James Gleick - 1988-12-01 (first published in 1987)
Goodreads Rating
Introducing Chaos - a fascinating exploration of the study of seemingly random patterns in natural phenomena. Written by former New York Times science writer, James Gleick, the book delves into the first years of chaos research and the eccentric characters behind it. With descriptive prose and captivating sketches and photographs, Gleick breaks down the investigative techniques used to understand chaos without overwhelming readers with technical jargon. Get lost in the world of chaos and discover the fascinating people and ideas that drive this field.
Carl Zimmer
@patrickc For example, while trying to find the poetry in tough science for my heredity book, I picked up Chaos by @JamesGleick again. Helped a lot      source
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