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Gergely Orosz

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Effective Software Testing book cover
Effective Software Testing
A developer's guide
Mauricio Aniche - 2022-04-26
Goodreads Rating
Go beyond basic testing! Great software testing makes the entire development process more efficient. This book reveals a systemic and effective approach that will help you customize your testing coverage and catch bugs in tricky corner cases.In Effective Software Testing you will learn how to:     Engineer tests with a much higher chance of finding...
Gergely Orosz
Reading the book and it’s a good one so far. The book on the publisher’s site: Or on Amazon: (As always, the links are not affiliates)      source
Staff Engineer book cover
Staff Engineer
Leadership beyond the management track
Will Larson - 2021-01-31
Goodreads Rating
At most technology companies, you'll reach Senior software engineer, the career level for software engineers, in five to eight years. At the career level, your company's career ladder won't require that you work towards the next promotion; being promoted further is an exception rather than expected. This is also when many engineers are first given ...
Gergely Orosz
One of the best books that gives a great overview on how much Staff roles can vary is Staff Engineer by @Lethain, which is a collection of several Staff+ engineer stories/experiences:      source
Understanding Distributed Systems book cover
Understanding Distributed Systems
What every developer should know about large distributed applications
Roberto Vitillo - 2022-02-23
Goodreads Rating
Whether you are new to building cloud applications or are a seasoned engineer, this book will teach you the core principles of distributed systems so that you don’t have to spend countless hours trying to understand how everything fits together....
Gergely Orosz
@PreslavMihaylov @RaVitillo I found it an excellent book as well!      source
The Messy Middle book cover
The Messy Middle
Finding Your Way Through the Hardest and Most Crucial Part of Any Bold Venture
Scott Belsky - 2018-10-02
Goodreads Rating
Entrepreneur, Chief Product Officer at Adobe, and product advisor to many of today's top start-ups Scott Belsky believes we focus too much on the start and the finish of any project, ignoring the most important part--the messy middle--where success is truly determined. Creating something from nothing is a volatile journey. The first mile births a n...
Gergely Orosz
First book of the year: The Messy Middle by @scottbelsky. I recommend this book for anyone pushing through (longer) projects/ventures. Short insights that are applicable to sw projects, engineering careers, managers and entrepreneurs. Progress is never as easy as you hope.      source
Androids book cover
The Team that Built the Android Operating System
Chet Haase - 2022-07-19 (first published in 2021)
Goodreads Rating
The fascinating inside story of how the Android operating system came to be.In 2004, Android was two people who wanted to build camera software but couldn't get investors interested. Today, Android is a large team at Google, delivering an operating system (including camera software) to over 3 billion devices worldwide. This is the inside story, tol...
Gergely Orosz
The book is Androids by @chethaase (currently reading and I’ enjoying all the details that it touches on).      source
Ask Your Developer book cover
Ask Your Developer
How to Harness the Power of Software Developers and Win in the 21st Century
Jeff Lawson - 2021-01-12
Goodreads Rating
Jeff Lawson, software developer turned CEO of Twilio, creates ...
Gergely Orosz
A lesson from @jeffiel in his book Ask Your Developer: He worked at 3 small startups. Before founding Twillio, he felt he needed to see what a “big” tech company is like and joined Amazon & learned TONS. Can’t recommend this enough. Working at Uber had a similar effect on me.      source
Designing Data-Intensive Applications book cover
Designing Data-Intensive Applications
The Big Ideas Behind Reliable, Scalable, and Maintainable Systems
Martin Kleppmann - 2017-04-11
Goodreads Rating
Want to know how the best software engineers and architects structure their applications to make them scalable, reliable, and maintainable in the long term? This book examines the key principles, algorithms, and trade-offs of data systems, using the internals of various popular software packages and frameworks as examples.Tools at your disposal are...
Gergely Orosz
The book @intensivedata has got to be the most information-packed one I've read. Summary of all major DB storage techniques, explained in 35 pages in the book. Thread. 1. "Plain old" key-value store in a textfile 2. Indexing a key-value store (e.g. a CSV) with hash indexes (1/6)      source