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Jay Bilas

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Jay Scot Bilas is an American college basketball analyst who currently works for ESPN. Bilas is a former college basketball player and coach who played for and served as assistant under Mike Krzyzewski at Duke University, as well as a practicing attorney in North Carolina.
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The Smart Take from the Strong book cover
The Smart Take from the Strong
The Basketball Philosophy of Pete Carril
Pete Carril - 2004-10-01 (first published in 1997)
Goodreads Rating
“The strong take from the weak, but the smart take from the strong.” So said Pete Carril’s father, a Spanish immigrant who worked for thirty-nine years in a Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, steel mill. His son stood only five-foot-six but nonetheless became an All-State basketball player in high school, a Little All-American in college, and a highly succes...
Jay Bilas
One of the all-time great basketball minds. His book, The Smart Take From The Strong, should be required hoops reading. RIP Pete Carril.      source
The Big East book cover
The Big East
Inside the Most Entertaining and Influential Conference in College Basketball History
Dana O'Neil - 2021-11-09
Goodreads Rating
The compulsively readable, definitive account of the greatest era of the most influential league in college basketball history, infused with the raucous spirit and roaring voices of the league's legendary coaches and players. There has never been, nor will there ever be, another league quite like the Big East. Five Big East schools have won nationa...
Jay Bilas
Fabulous book on the Big East by one of my all-time fave writers, Dana O’Neil. Damn, this book brings back memories and gets you juiced for March!      source
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Greg Sankey
Larry Miller Time book cover
Larry Miller Time
The Story of the Lost Legend Who Sparked the Tar Heel Dynasty
Stephen Demorest - 2020-09-07
Goodreads Rating
LARRY MILLER is the tough-as-nails, fun-loving, working class bad boy who in the 1960s saved young North Carolina coach Dean Smith's job by winning his first two ACC titles and a trip to the National Championship game. A two-time All American, Miller is still the only Tar Heel ever named ACC Player of the Year twice. He was also the first heartthro...
Jay Bilas
Really interesting book by author Stephen Demorest on Larry Miller, one of the first great players under Dean Smith.      source
Jimmy Dykes book cover
Jimmy Dykes
The Film Doesn't Lie
Jimmy Dykes - 2020-03-03
Goodreads Rating
Elite level coaches, business owners, CEOs and difference-makers from all walks of life share a common trait: they are masters at the process of evaluating. Film sessions are the life blood of any successful sports team, whether following a soaring win or a crushing loss. Nothing goes unchecked, and nothing gets taken for granted. They understand a...
Jay Bilas
GREAT book! Clearly, an expert did the proofreading. Jimmy’s grammar is “on the bubble.”      source
The Sport Business Handbook book cover
The Sport Business Handbook
Insights From 100+ Leaders Who Shaped 50 Years of the Industry
Rick Horrow - 2019-02-28
Goodreads Rating
If you love sports and are fascinated by business dealings in this trillion-dollar global industry, then this is the anthology you've been waiting for. The Sport Business Handbook: Insights From 100+ Leaders Who Shaped 50 Years of the Industry provides insider perspectives from more than 100 of the biggest names in the sport business industry. Plen...
Jay Bilas
Really cool book by Rick Horrow, The Sports Business Handbook. Very well done and informative.      source
Lessons from Lenny book cover
Lessons from Lenny
The Journey Beyond a Shooting Star
Tony Massenburg, Walt Williams - 2018-11-30
Goodreads Rating
June 17, 1986: Len Bias, the best college basketball player in the country, achieves his dream and is drafted by the NBA Champion Boston Celtics. Less than forty-eight hours later, he dies.It's the end of innocence at the University of Maryland, and it's The Beginning.The shocking death of a superstar is national news and unleashes a tidal wave of ...
Jay Bilas
Amazing book on Len Bias by former Terps Walt Williams and Tony Massenburg. Bias was Superman on a basketball floor. He would own SportsCenter highlights today.      source
Blue Blood II book cover
Blue Blood II
Art Chansky - 2018-10-30
Goodreads Rating
A follow-up to Blue Blood that tells the recent history of the Duke-Carolina college basketball rivalryWhen Art Chansky's Blue Blood was published in 2005, ESPN's Dick Vitale said it was about "the greatest rivalry, not just in college basketball, but in all of sports" and the book was hailed by The East Carolinan as the "holy text for both sides o...
Jay Bilas
Finished yet another book today...Blue Blood II by Art Chansky is about the Duke-UNC rivalry. It takes the reader through every high and low on both sides and is a roller coaster upon which the reader brims with pride and blood boils at every perceived slight. What a rivalry.      source
Radical Inclusion book cover
Radical Inclusion
What the Post-9/11 World Should Have Taught Us About Leadership
Martin Dempsey - 2018-03-06
Goodreads Rating
A WALL STREET JOURNAL BEST-SELLING BOOK NAMED BY THE WASHINGTON POST AS ONE OF THE 11 LEADERSHIP BOOKS TO READ IN 2018 Radical Inclusion: What the Post-9/11 World Should Have Taught Us About Leadership examines today’s leadership landscape and describes the change it demands of leaders. Dempsey and Brafman persuasively explain that today’s leaders ...
Jay Bilas
Just now finishing Martin Dempsey and Ori Brafman’s new book, Radical Inclusion. It’s an outstanding presentation of new thinking on leadership. A great read.      source
Getting to Us book cover
Getting to Us
How Great Coaches Make Great Teams
Seth Davis - 2019-03-12
Goodreads Rating
What makes a coach great? How do great coaches turn a collection of individuals into a coherent "us"? Seth Davis, one of the keenest minds in sports journalism, has been thinking about that question for twenty-five years. It's one of the things that drove him to write the definitive biography of college basketball's greatest coach, John Wooden, Woo...
Jay Bilas
Seth Davis’ new book, “Getting to Us,” is available today. I read the book last week, and it is excellent. Great read!      source
Long Shots book cover
Long Shots
Jay Wright, Villanova, and College Basketball’s Most Unlikely Champion
Dana O'Neil - 2017-02-01
Goodreads Rating
31 years after the Perfect Game – Villanova’s shocking national championship upset over Georgetown – Nova struck again with the Perfect Shot, taking down North Carolina in one of the most thrilling finishes in sports history. The shot and second national title in school history were the culmination of 15 years of Coach Jay Wright painstakingly buil...
Jay Bilas
Just finished Dana O'Neil's book "Long Shots" on Villanova's title year. Amazing, a real inside look! Must read.      source
The Legends Club book cover
The Legends Club
John Feinstein - 2017-02-21
The Walk On by John Feinstein
The Blue Divide by Johnny Moore