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Anne Helen Petersen

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Anne Helen Petersen is an American writer and journalist based in Missoula, Montana. She worked as a Senior Culture Writer for Buzzfeed until 2020 when she began writing a newsletter for subscribers at Substack.
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City of Quartz book cover
City of Quartz
Excavating the Future in Los Angeles
Mike Davis - 1992-03-10 (first published in 1990)
Goodreads Rating
Discover the hidden truths of Los Angeles with this captivating read. Delve into the city's power struggles, exploring who controls the money and the ongoing battle between the privileged and the underprivileged.
Anne Helen Petersen
CITY OF QUARTZ changed my understanding of what a book could do.      source
Hedda Hopper's Hollywood book cover
Hedda Hopper's Hollywood
Celebrity Gossip and American Conservatism (American History and Culture Book 8)
Jennifer Frost - 2011-01-10
Goodreads Rating
This fascinating book delves into the life and career of Hedda Hopper, a 1930s gossip columnist who rose to fame writing for the Los Angeles Times. While her column won her millions of fans, her conservative views on politics and traditional values made her a controversial figure. Despite this, the author argues that Hopper's influence on popular culture and conservatism cannot be understated. Discover how Hollywood gossip shaped American movies and politics, all while giving women a voice in a traditionally male-dominated realm.
Anne Helen Petersen
@KarinaLongworth @RememberThisPod I *love* that Frost book so much      source
Free Time book cover
Free Time
The Forgotten American Dream
Benjamin Hunnicutt - 2014-05-14 (first published in 2007)
Goodreads Rating
"Free Time" by Benjamin Kline Hunnicutt is a compelling and thought-provoking examination of the American Dream. From colonial days to the present, Hunnicutt traces the history of progress and how it has been reduced to simple economic growth and more work. Through an intellectual, cultural, and political lens, he reminds us of the forgotten part of the American Dream - the pursuit of more free time to enjoy the good things in life, including enriching family time, nature, friendship, and the adventures of the mind and spirit.
Anne Helen Petersen
@Diamond61845143 obsessed with those books      source
Work Without End book cover
Work Without End
Abandoning Shorter Hours for the Right to Work (Labor And Social Change)
Benjamin Hunnicutt - 1988-05-10
Goodreads Rating
Discover the fascinating history of the work hours debate from 1920 to 1940 with this informative and well-researched book. The author explores how the drive for economic growth led to a shift from valuing leisure time to prioritizing endless work, examining social, political, and intellectual factors that shaped this change. Through compelling analysis, readers will gain insight into how Americans became trapped in a culture of relentless overwork, and why it's critical to prioritize love over work. This is a must-read for anyone interested in the future of work and alternative lifestyles.
Anne Helen Petersen
@Diamond61845143 obsessed with those books      source
The Problem with Work book cover
The Problem with Work
Feminism, Marxism, Antiwork Politics, and Postwork Imaginaries (a John Hope Franklin Center Book)
Kathi Weeks - 2011-09-09
Goodreads Rating
This thought-provoking book challenges the idea that work is inherently a social and political good. The author argues that by accepting work as a given, we have depoliticized it and removed it from political critique. She proposes a postwork society that would allow people to be productive and creative, rather than bound to the employment relation. A must-read for anyone interested in the intersection of politics, labor, and society.
Anne Helen Petersen
This book rules      source
White Collar book cover
White Collar
The American Middle Classes (Classic Reprint)
C. Wright Mills - 2002-09-26 (first published in 1951)
Goodreads Rating
Explore the world of white-collar workers in C. Wright Mills' thought-provoking book. The rise of these workers has brought about profound changes to society, challenging the traditional divide between entrepreneurs and wage workers. Mills examines the fragmented nature of this group and their dependence on larger forces, highlighting the psychological themes that characterize our modern era. As a publisher of historical writings, Forgotten Books is proud to offer this classic reprint that accurately preserves the original format of each page.
Anne Helen Petersen
This book was written in 1951 but it is somehow still one of the best articulations of the anxieties & obsessions of office/knowledge workers I’ve ever read. The section on white collar unionizing should be essential for all media union organizers      source
Long Bright River book cover
Long Bright River
A Novel
Liz Moore - 2020-01-07
Goodreads Rating
Experience the heart-pounding suspense of a Philadelphia neighborhood rocked by the opioid crisis. Follow the individual stories of two once-inseparable sisters who now lead vastly different lives – one living on the streets with addiction and the other patrolling the same blocks as a police officer. But when Kacey suddenly disappears, Mickey becomes dangerously obsessed with finding her sister and the culprit behind a string of murders in her district, leading to a devastating truth about their past. Long Bright River is a moving story of addiction, sisterhood, and the ties that bind us together.
Anne Helen Petersen
If you need a Tana French style book in your life, I am in deep with Liz Moore's LONG BRIGHT RIVER:      source
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