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Dick Costolo


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Richard William Costolo was the CEO of Twitter from 2010 to 2015; he also served as the COO before becoming CEO. He took over as CEO from Evan Williams in October 2010.
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Straw Dogs
by JOHN GRAY (Oct 15, 2007)
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The British bestseller Straw Dogs is an exciting, radical work of philosophy, which sets out to challenge our most cherished assumptions about what it means to be human. From Plato to Christianity, from the Enlightenment to Nietzsche and Marx, the Western tradition has been based on arrogant and erroneous beliefs about human beings and their place ...
Dick Costolo
Jun 11, 2018
@mikeindustries Read this excellent opposing view (of pinker generally and his previous book specifically) by John Gray (english philosopher, author of the fantastic "straw dogs, thoughts on humans and other animals")     source