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Scott Berkun


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Scott Berkun is an American author and speaker. Berkun studied computer science, philosophy, and design at Carnegie Mellon University. He worked at Microsoft from 1994 to 2003 on Internet Explorer 1.0 to 5.0, Windows, MSN, and in roles including usability engineer, lead program manager, and UI design evangelist.
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The Myths of Innovation
Scott Berkun - Sep 07, 2010 (first published in 2007)
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Since its initial publication, this classic bestseller has been discussed on NPR, MSNBC, CNBC, and at Yale University, MIT, Carnegie Mellon University, Microsoft, Apple, Intel, Google,, and other major media, corporations, and universities around the world. It has changed the way thousands of leaders and creators understand the world. Th...
Scott Berkun
Sep 16, 2020
15. Carlson's story is one of many told in The Myths of Innovation. If you like it, you should check out the book. Here is a good place to start.     source
Are Your Lights On?
How to Figure Out What the Problem Really Is
Donald C. Gause - Mar 01, 1990 (first published in 1982)
Goodreads Rating
Partial ContentsPart 1: What is The Problem?1. A Problem2. Peter Pigeonhole Prepared A Petition3. What's Your Problem?Part 2: What is The Problem?4. Billy Brighteyes Bests The Bidders5. Billy Bites His Tongue6. Billy Back To The BiddersPart 3: What is The Problem Really?7. The Endless Chain8. Missing The Misfit9. Landing On The Level10. Mind Your M...
Scott Berkun
Jul 21, 2020
@rajeshmathur @adilabio @JerryWeinberg I love that book     source
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David Heinemeier Hansson
Why Design?
Activities and Projects from the National Building Museum
Anna Slafer - Oct 01, 1995
Goodreads Rating
An overview of design with activities intended to increase awareness of and participation in the designed world....
Scott Berkun
Jun 05, 2019
6. A favorite surprise is this book, written for young students, that covers so many real-world issues designers face that almost none of the popular design books even mention. It's from 1995 yet timeless - but if I wasn't doing research for a book I'd never have found it.     source