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Sreenath Sreenivasan

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Sreenath "Sree" Sreenivasan is an academic and practitioner in journalism and communications, serving as the inaugural Marshall R. Loeb visiting professor at Stony Brook University School of Journalism in New York.
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The White Tiger book cover
The White Tiger
A Novel
Aravind Adiga - 2008-01-01
Goodreads Rating
Explore the poverty and corruption of modern India's caste society in this stunning literary debut that critics have compared to Richard Wright's Native Son. Follow Balram Halwai, a poor Indian villager whose great ambition leads him to the zenith of Indian business culture, the world of the Bangalore entrepreneur. Through his experiences as a driver and servant to a wealthy Indian family, Balram writes a letter to the president of China, showcasing the contradictions and complications of Indian society. Don't miss this darkly comic tale of ambition and corruption.
Sreenath Sreenivasan
NYT co-Chief Film Critic @aoscott’s review of #TheWhiteTiger on @Netflix. Anyone here seen it yet? Loved the book.      source
The Harder You Work, the Luckier You Get book cover
The Harder You Work, the Luckier You Get
An Entrepreneur's Memoir
Joe Ricketts - 2019-11-05
Goodreads Rating
Discover the inspiring story of how a young man from rural Nebraska challenged Wall Street's elite brokerage firms with a unique idea that shook the industry to its core. The book shares the inside journey of Joe Ricketts, the founder of TD Ameritrade, who borrowed $12,500 from family and friends to offer Americans an affordable way to take control of their stock trading. Overcoming numerous obstacles and near-failures, he finally built a $30 billion company. The Harder You Work, The Luckier You Get is a must-read memoir for aspiring entrepreneurs, offering a firsthand account of how Ricketts' relentless drive and frontier values shaped his meteoric rise.
Sreenath Sreenivasan
☘️ Am obsessed w/ luck. One of my fave sayings is MAKE YOUR OWN LUCK. And here are two books on the topic. One, by @JaniceKaplan2 @barnabymarsh, has a chapter on my story. The newer book is by Joe Ricketts, founder of Ameritrade, who taught me a lot about luck and work.      source
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How Luck Happens book cover
How Luck Happens
Using the Science of Luck to Transform Work, Love, and Life
Janice Kaplan - 2018-03-06
Goodreads Rating
Discover the science behind luck and how you can make it work for you in everyday life with this breakthrough book. Coauthored by a renowned academic, this book delves into the little-understood phenomenon of luck and proves that seemingly random events are actually within your control. Using original research, fascinating studies, and engaging interviews with famous and successful people, you'll learn simple techniques to create luck in love, business, health, and family relationships. This informative and accessible read will have you tipping the scales of fortune in your favor.
Sreenath Sreenivasan
☘️ Am obsessed w/ luck. One of my fave sayings is MAKE YOUR OWN LUCK. And here are two books on the topic. One, by @JaniceKaplan2 @barnabymarsh, has a chapter on my story. The newer book is by Joe Ricketts, founder of Ameritrade, who taught me a lot about luck and work.      source
At Ground Zero book cover
At Ground Zero
25 Stories from Young Reporters Who Were There
Sam Erman - 2002-08-25
Goodreads Rating
"At Ground Zero" is a collection of personal stories from young reporters who covered the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. Contributors from various news outlets including the New York Times, CNN, and the Wall Street Journal share their experiences of covering the tragedy in vivid detail. From interviewing victims' families to being buried in rubble, these powerful stories are universal in their impact and offer a unique perspective on one of America's darkest moments.
Sreenath Sreenivasan
This book is remarkable. I recommend it to students looking to learn about “real-world” reporting by young journos. • The impossibly poised @smkalita took her storytelling (and empathy levels) to new levels on 9/11. #NeverForget911 (👀 @JimmyVanBramer)      source
Imagine It Forward book cover
Imagine It Forward
Beth Comstock With Tahl Raz - 2018-09-27
Goodreads Rating
"Imagination Works" by Beth Comstock is a powerful guide to navigating change in our fast-paced world. As vice-chair of General Electric, Comstock argues that it is the power of human imagination that drives businesses to thrive and develop over time. With personal anecdotes and real-world examples, this book encourages readers to think beyond the technology and data that surrounds us, and harness the power of our own imaginations to create the new. Featuring practical tools and exercises, "Imagination Works" provides a passionate call to arms to embrace the challenges of the future.
Sreenath Sreenivasan
A great book for midcareer folks looking for a path forward in careers & lives. “Imagine It Forward,” by @bethcomstock, former GE vice chair. Blurbs by @AdamMGrant @simonsinek @susancain Kim Scott, Seth Godin [I recommend it for those reading this thread]      source
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Global CMO book cover
Global CMO
Best Practice in Marketing Effectiveness & Efficiency Around the World
Greg Paull - 2018-05-01
Goodreads Rating
Global CMO delves into the topic of digital transformation in modern marketing, addressing how global marketers balance organizational initiatives with sector-wide advancements. The book features interviews with eighteen top CMOs from various sectors, including Coca-Cola, Bank of America, and Samsung. Readers will discover common threads, solutions, and best practices to stay ahead of the curve in an ever-changing industry. Recommended for anyone involved in global marketing.
Sreenath Sreenivasan
I’ve enjoyed #GlobalCMO book by @gregpaull @ShufenGoh_ and been giving it to folks who need to understand changing marketing landscape. Features folks I admire like @maryamb of @hyatt; @RajaRajamannar of @mastercard; @lindaboff of @ge and others. Preview:      source
The Career Catapult book cover
The Career Catapult
Shake-up the Status Quo and Boost Your Professional Trajectory
Roopa Unnikrishnan - 2017-03-20
Learn how to navigate today's uncertain job market and take control of your career trajectory with The Career Catapult. Written by innovative career consultant Roopa Unnikrishnan, this book offers five essential disciplines that will help you leap into a revised career trajectory, regardless of your current position in the job hierarchy. Discover how to accurately assess your marketplace value, explore innovations and trends, jolt your network, prototype possibilities, and take a confident leap into your desired future.
Sreenath Sreenivasan
Upload the cover of a book you love without saying why; mention who invited you (@Anwiti) & invite 8 others for #WorldBookDay @roopaonline @neilparekh @fuzheado @vikaspota @wordwhacker @Travelogged @lizkingevents @laurasilv6      source