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Alex McKenna has credits in theater, television, and film and is currently working as a professional actor and voice-over artist in Los Angeles.McKenna began her career as a child actress, portraying Petunia Stupid in the adventure comedy film The Stupids (1996). She had roles as Amanda in the horror film Campfire Tales (1997) and as Linda Ross in Joey (1997). In 1998, she was nominated for Best Performance in a TV Comedy Series (You Wish) in Young Artist Awards. She had a small role as Alex's friend in the comedy film What Women Want (2000). The film earned $374 million worldwide, and received largely positive reviews. She portrayed a drug-addicted teenager Abby Macy in NBC's crime drama series Crossing Jordan. She appeared in several guest starring television roles, including 90210, Malcolm In the Middle, Shake It Up, Common Law, Two and a Half Men, Guys with Kids and Boston Public.[citation needed]In 2009, she played the lead role of Megs in short film The City of Lights.[citation needed] Next McKenna landed a recurring role in the TNT revival of the CBS prime-time soap opera, Dallas. In 2014, she appeared in the horror film Haunted along with Luke Kleintank and Lesley-Anne Down. She had a supporting role as Tammy in Bear with Us (2016). The film also earned McKenna numerous awards, including Jury Award for Best Supporting Actress at Sunscreen Film Festival.[citation needed] She appeared opposite Josh Radnor in the drama film The Seeker (2016), portraying Grace. In 2018, she starred in the video game Red Dead Redemption 2 as the voice and motion capture actress of Sadie Adler, and she made a guest appearance on an episode of drama thriller television series Quantico in the episode "Heaven's Fall".
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Friends Like These book cover
Friends Like These
A Novel
Kimberly McCreight - 2022-08-16 (first published in 2021)
Goodreads Rating
A group of college friends is reunited after 10 years for a desperate intervention that uncovers lies, betrayal, and murder. In this twisty literary thriller, the friends confront their complicated history, big personalities, and dark secrets as they struggle to maintain their unconditional love for each other.
Age of Consent book cover
Age of Consent
Amanda Brainerd - 2021-07-13
Great Circle book cover
Great Circle
A novel
Maggie Shipstead - 2021-05-04
Goodreads Rating
Great Circle is an epic, emotional story about a fearless female aviator who will stop at nothing to pursue her passion for flight. The book covers over a century of history and explores themes of self-discovery and determination. The story follows Marian, who starts flying at a young age and eventually circumnavigates the globe by flying over the North and South Poles. A century later, Hollywood actress Hadley Baxter is cast as Marian in a film that centers on her disappearance in Antarctica. The two women's fates collide as they both pursue their own paths to self-determination. Gloriously told and meticulously researched, Great Circle is an unforgettable masterpiece and a tremendous leap forward for Maggie Shipstead.
Recommended by
Kurt Busiek
Leda and the Swan book cover
Leda and the Swan
A Novel
Anna Caritj - 2021-05-04
Goodreads Rating
A young woman disappears after a wild campus party, and another becomes obsessed with finding her. As rumors swirl and suspicions rise, Leda's motivations blur—is she searching for Charlotte, or for herself? In "Leda and the Swan," Anna Caritj skillfully weaves together a suspenseful plot with invaluable insights into contemporary culture.
Trouble in the Stars book cover
Trouble in the Stars
Sarah Prineas - 2021-04-27
Goodreads Rating
Escape into a thrilling outer-space adventure about a mischievous shape-shifter trying to outrun the law. When Trouble stows away on a talented crew's ship, they begin to learn what it means to be human. But when a young StarLeague cadet comes aboard to capture Trouble, a wild chase across the galaxy begins. Perfect for fans of Rick Riordan and Geoff Rodkey, this humorous, action-packed science fiction tale is sure to delight and entertain readers.
The Intimacy Experiment book cover
The Intimacy Experiment
Rosie Danan - 2021-04-06
Goodreads Rating
A provocative romance about Naomi and Ethan who team up to host a seminar series on Modern Intimacy, the perfect way to solve their professional problems. However, things get complicated when they discover they are attracted to each other. Will they risk testing the boundaries of love?
Hench book cover
A Novel
Natalie Zina Walschots - 2020-09-22
Goodreads Rating
This thrilling novel follows Anna, a temp worker who does mundane tasks for criminals lurking beneath the surface of the world. When she gets injured from an encounter with a so-called "hero," she discovers that her suffering is far from unique. With her internet research skills, Anna discovers the power of data and how to weaponize it. By tallying up the human cost of caped forces of nature, she realizes that the line between good and evil is mostly marketing. Employed once again, this time by one of the worst villains on earth, Anna becomes an increasingly valuable lieutenant who might just save the world.
Uprooted book cover
A Gardener Reflects on Beginning Again
Page Dickey - 2020-09-22
Goodreads Rating
"Uprooted" is an intimate and charming book that explores what happens when a celebrated garden writer uproots herself and starts anew on 17 acres of rolling fields and woodland in northwestern Connecticut. With humor and elegance, Page Dickey takes readers on her journey of discovering a new landscape, establishing a garden, and learning how to be a different kind of gardener. Despite being sad to leave her beloved garden, Dickey found unexpected joy in starting over in a wilder, larger space. "Uprooted" is a heartwarming story of transitions and the satisfaction and joy that come with new horizons.
Meme book cover
Aaron Starmer - 2020-09-08
Goodreads Rating
A group of high school seniors devise a plan to get rid of an dangerous and erratic former friend. But when their video confession is leaked as a meme, they realize their perfect plan may not be foolproof. This tense psychological thriller explores the destructive combination of self-important goals and self-serving plans in the internet age.
Having and Being Had book cover
Having and Being Had
Eula Biss - 2020-09-01
Goodreads Rating
This thought-provoking book examines the value system and class divide that comes with affluent living. The author, Eula Biss, uses her own experiences as a first-time homeowner to question the societal norms surrounding work, leisure, and capitalism. With a playful range of references from IKEA to Beyonce, Biss asks readers to consider what they have invested in and why.
Harrow Lake by Kat Ellis
Why I Don't Write by Susan Minot
Must I Go by Yiyun Li
Animal Spirit by Francesca Marciano
Stray by Stephanie Danler
We Were Promised Spotlights by Lindsay Sproul
The Prized Girl by Amy K. Green
19 Love Songs by David Levithan
The Reckless Oath We Made by Bryn Greenwood
The Last Woman in the Forest by Diane Les Becquets
Song of the Dead by Sarah Glenn Marsh
Undying by Amie Kaufman, Meagan Spooner
Pineal Gland Activation by Alex McKenna
Someday by David Levithan
Tell the Machine Goodnight by Katie Williams
Tradition by Brendan Kiely
Given to the Earth by Mindy McGinnis
My Name Is Venus Black by Heather Lloyd
Here We Lie by Paula Treick DeBoard
Reign of the Fallen by Sarah Glenn Marsh
Unearthed by Amie Kaufman, Meagan Spooner
Wild Bird by Wendelin Van Draanen
My Absolute Darling by Gabriel Tallent
Given to the Sea by Mindy McGinnis
Ill Will by Dan Chaon
The Animators by Kayla Rae Whitaker
Trainwreck by Sady Doyle
Spontaneous by Aaron Starmer
Sweetbitter by Stephanie Danler
The Rule Book by Jennifer Blackwood
City on Fire by Garth Risk Hallberg
Third Eye by Alex McKenna
A.J by Alex McKenna
Remembering Jessica by Alex McKenna
Every Day by David Levithan
Willful Creatures by Aimee Bender
The Girl in the Flammable Skirt by Aimee Bender