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Thaddeus Grugq

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Thaddeus Grugq has been analyzing and authoring content about applied security, cyber, operational, and otherwise for around 25 years. His writings range from in-depth papers on forensics and anti-forensics, to detailed analysis of events that skirt both international espionage and cyber security.
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Language vs. Reality book cover
Language vs. Reality
Why Language Is Good for Lawyers and Bad for Scientists
N.J. Enfield - 2022-03-29
Goodreads Rating
Dive into the fascinating world of language with this book that explores how it both plays and shapes our reality. Discover the science behind the bugs and features of humankind's greatest invention and why it is better at persuasion than representing reality. From the tenuous relationship between language and reality to its effects on memory, attention, and reasoning, this book offers a lively exploration of the power of language in narratives, storytelling, politics, and conspiracy theories. Written by a language researcher with over 20 years of experience, this book offers insights on human cognitive bias, media spin, persuasion, and the role of words in our thinking.
Thaddeus Grugq
@RoryCormac And this book is excellent.      source
How to Hide an Empire book cover
How to Hide an Empire
Daniel Immerwahr - 2019-02-19
Goodreads Rating
Discover the forgotten side of American history outside the mainland with How to Hide an Empire. Delve into the United States' actual territories, from the Guano Islands to Puerto Rico, and learn about the country's complex colonial past. Daniel Immerwahr presents a gripping and fast-paced history, filled with surprising anecdotes and a unique view of empire and globalization. A Publishers Weekly best book of 2019 and a 2019 NPR Staff Pick, How to Hide an Empire is a major work of history that recontextualizes American power on a global scale.
Thaddeus Grugq
@k8em0 A great book for anyone interested in this history is “how to hide an empire” which includes this wonderful map of the unites states and its territories. To scale (except some of the smaller islands)      source
The Systems Bible book cover
The Systems Bible
The Beginner's Guide to Systems Large and Small
John Gall - 2003-01-01 (first published in 1977)
Goodreads Rating
Hardcover published by Quadragle/The New York Times Book Co., third printing, August 1977, copyright 1975....
Thaddeus Grugq
@0xdea @caseyjohnellis @essobi @sawaba Here is a great book on systems. Everything is a system. This is one of the better books written about how systems “work” … e.g. >> IN A CLOSED SYSTEM, INFORMATION TENDS TO DECREASE AND HALLUCINATION TENDS TO INCREASE      source
Hench book cover
A Novel
Natalie Zina Walschots - 2020-09-22
Goodreads Rating
This thrilling novel follows Anna, a temp worker who does mundane tasks for criminals lurking beneath the surface of the world. When she gets injured from an encounter with a so-called "hero," she discovers that her suffering is far from unique. With her internet research skills, Anna discovers the power of data and how to weaponize it. By tallying up the human cost of caped forces of nature, she realizes that the line between good and evil is mostly marketing. Employed once again, this time by one of the worst villains on earth, Anna becomes an increasingly valuable lieutenant who might just save the world.
Thaddeus Grugq
This is a great book.      source
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Eric Smith
Watching The Door book cover
Watching The Door
A Memoir 1971-1978
Kevin Myers - 2009-04-01 (first published in 2006)
Goodreads Rating
This captivating memoir chronicles a young journalist's firsthand account of the violent conflict erupting in Belfast during the height of the Troubles. With raw and candid prose, the author details the collapse of Northern Irish society, chronicling the deeds of loyalist gangs, provos, paratroopers, politicians, and citizens on both sides of the sectarian faultline. Balancing humor, reflection, and raw emotion, this coming-of-age story offers a powerful glimpse into a pivotal moment in Ireland's recent past.
Thaddeus Grugq
@RoryCormac Good book. Also, the British were vicious during that time. They published the wrong losses from robberies so the IRA would think the fund raising teams were skimming. They created the boogeyman and satanic panic to get the farmers to report suspicious activity at night.      source
Network Attacks and Exploitation book cover
Network Attacks and Exploitation
A Framework
Matthew Monte - 2015-08-03
Goodreads Rating
This book covers the subject of network attacks and exploitation, providing a roadmap for developing offensive and defensive strategies to combat hacking and computer espionage. Written by an expert in government and corporate vulnerability and security operations, this guide focuses on the principles of the space and offers real-world examples to illustrate offensive and defensive concepts. It provides guidance on strategy, tools, and implementation with practical advice on blocking computer espionage and information theft. For a comprehensive and practical guide to better network security, read Network Attacks and Exploitation.
Thaddeus Grugq
If you haven’t read “network attacks and exploitation: a framework” by Matthew Monte you’re missing out on the best book on CNO available.      source