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Jane Eyre book cover
Books Like ThisJane Eyre

Books like Jane Eyre

Enjoyed Jane Eyre? We’ve scoured the web for book blogs and looked at all of their recommendations for books that are similar to Jane Eyre. Here are 13 books that you may like if you liked Jane Eyre.

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Rebecca book cover
Daphne du Maurier - 2013-12-17 (first published in 1938)
Goodreads Rating
An orphaned lady's maid is swept off her feet by a dashing widower's proposal of marriage. But upon arrival to his country estate, she realizes his late wife's shadow looms large, threatening to destroy their relationship from beyond the grave.
Recommended by
Glen Mazzara
Wide Sargasso Sea book cover
Wide Sargasso Sea
Jean Rhys - 2016-01-25 (first published in 1966)
Goodreads Rating
A haunting and mesmerizing novel, Wide Sargasso Sea brings to light one of fiction’s most fascinating characters: the madwoman in the attic from Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre. Through the character Antoinette Cosway, author Jean Rhys explores the effects of a society driven by hatred and skewed sexual relations. This masterpiece of modern fiction is sure to leave a lasting impact on readers.
Northanger Abbey book cover
Northanger Abbey
Jane Austen - 2005-03-03 (first published in 1817)
Goodreads Rating
Discover the coming-of-age story of Catherine Morland in this witty and satirical novel by Jane Austen. Follow her journey from a dangerously sweet and naive girl to a discerning woman as she learns about love, life, and the power of literature. With a humorous take on the gothic novel genre, Austen emphasizes caution to women while celebrating the triumph of her fallible but endearing heroine.
Wuthering Heights book cover
Wuthering Heights
Emily Brontë - 2002-01-01 (first published in 1847)
Goodreads Rating
Experience a tumultuous and passionate tale of love and revenge in an English literary masterpiece. Follow the intense and almost demonic love between Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff, a foundling adopted by Catherine's father, as they navigate the chaos and violence that surrounds them. With evocative descriptions of the lonely moorland setting and a complex structure skillfully executed, this unforgettable novel is a tour de force of poetic grandeur.
Recommended by
Chloe Grace Moretz
Wives and Daughters book cover
Wives and Daughters
Elizabeth Gaskell - 1997-01-01 (first published in 1866)
Goodreads Rating
This novel set in nineteeth century rural England explores the complex family relationships between fathers, daughters, stepmothers, and sons. Romance brings about tension and tests to these relationships, but the prevalent tone is one of comedy. The author's portrayal of the world is one of humanity, progress, and acute observation, offering a sympathetic character study of various figures in the story.
Jane Steele book cover
Jane Steele
Lyndsay Faye - 2016-03-22
Goodreads Rating
Meet Jane Steele, a sensitive orphan who suffered abuse at the hands of her family and fought for survival in a grim school. Now, she resides in London where she hides from the law and writes macabre "last confessions" of the recently hanged. That is, until she discovers an advertisement by her childhood home's new master, Mr. Charles Thornfield, seeking a governess. Jane takes the position incognito and learns of the estate's strange residents, including Mr. Thornfield himself. As she falls in love and uncovers the pair's dark past, she faces a dilemma: Can she possess him without revealing her own murderous past?
The Eyre Affair book cover
The Eyre Affair
A Thursday Next Novel
Thursday Next Series
Jasper Fforde - 2003-02-25 (first published in 2001)
Goodreads Rating
In a Britain where time travel is routine and literature is taken very seriously, Thursday Next, a renowned literary detective, enters the pages of Jane Eyre to rescue the beloved character from literary homicide. With deceptive interlopers and tricky business afoot, can Thursday save Jane and Bronte's masterpiece? The Eyre Affair is a suspenseful and outlandish caper that introduces readers to the unique and imaginative fictional universe of the author.
Villette [with Biographical Introduction] book cover
Villette [with Biographical Introduction]
Charlotte Bronte - 2001-10-09 (first published in 1853)
Goodreads Rating
"Villette" is an enthralling Victorian era novel by a famous author, following the story of Lucy Snowe as she embarks on a new chapter of her life after a family tragedy. Set in a strange town and an all-girls school, Lucy finds herself drawn into adventure and romance she never expected. This must-read for fans of the Bronte sisters explores themes of repression and the societal role of women.
The Madwoman Upstairs book cover
The Madwoman Upstairs
A Novel
Catherine Lowell - 2016-03-01
Goodreads Rating
The Madwoman Upstairs is a smart and original debut novel that follows Samantha Whipple, the only remaining descendant of the Brontë family, on a literary treasure hunt to uncover the family's long-rumored secret estate. Using only the clues left behind by her father and the Brontës' own novels, Samantha embarks on an adventure to discover the truth behind the family's hidden fortune. Fast-paced and engaging, this book is a must-read for fans of romance, intrigue, and literary mysteries.
Reader, I Married Him by Tracy Chevalier
A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett
White is for Witching by Helen Oyeyemi
The Turn of the Screw by Henry James