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Charles Pierce

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Charles Patrick Pierce is an American sportswriter, political blogger, liberal pundit author, and game show panelist.
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The Campaign of the Century book cover
The Campaign of the Century
Upton Sinclair's Race for Governor of California and the Birth of Media Politics
Greg Mitchell - 2011-12-12 (first published in 1992)
Goodreads Rating
In 1934, voters hoping to turn the tide of the Great Depression backed an unlikely candidate for governor of California: Upton Sinclair, muckraking author of "The Jungle" and lifelong socialist. Amazingly, Sinclair swept the Democratic primary, leading a mass movement called EPIC (End Poverty in California). More than a thousand EPIC chapters forme...
Charles Pierce
Greg Mitchell's "The Campaign Of The Century," an account of Upton Sinclair's 1934 campaign for governor of California and the fiery pushback against it, is probably the best book I've ever read on a single campaign. And now, there's a film!      source
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The Beginning or the End book cover
The Beginning or the End
How Hollywood―and America―Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
Greg Mitchell - 2020-07-07
Goodreads Rating
The shocking and significant story of how the White House and Pentagon scuttled an epic Hollywood production.Soon after atomic bombs exploded over Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, MGM set out to make a movie studio chief Louis B. Mayer called “the most important story” he would ever film: a big budget dramatization of the Manhattan Project and the i...
Charles Pierce
It is a deceptively breezy book that reveals its depths and its profound questions only slowly in the reader's mind, and one of these is how easily the powerful can sell the country a narrative.      source
Landslide book cover
LBJ and Ronald Reagan at the Dawn of a New America
Jonathan Darman - 2015-07-07 (first published in 2014)
Goodreads Rating
In politics, the man who takes the highest spot after a landslide is not standing on solid ground.   In this riveting work of narrative nonfiction, Jonathan Darman tells the story of two giants of American politics, Lyndon Johnson and Ronald Reagan, and shows how, from 1963 to 1966, these two men—the same age, and driven by the same heroic ambition...
Charles Pierce
@Sifill_LDF Landslide is an important book that almost nobody read closely enough. Theodore Draper’s A Very Thin Line is another.      source
A Very Thin Line book cover
A Very Thin Line
The Iran-Contra Affairs
Theodore Draper - 1991-06-01
Goodreads Rating
Despite the publicity given to the Iran-Contra Affair, most of the story has never been told--until now. This fully documented, often bizarre tale of sheer incompetence and conspiratorial malfeasance affords insights into how the government actually works for....
Charles Pierce
@Sifill_LDF Landslide is an important book that almost nobody read closely enough. Theodore Draper’s A Very Thin Line is another.      source
Dark Towers book cover
Dark Towers
Deutsche Bank, Donald Trump, and an Epic Trail of Destruction
David Enrich - 2020-02-18
Goodreads Rating
A searing exposé of the most scandalous bank in the world, including its shadowy ties to Donald Trumps business empireOn a rainy Sunday in 2014, a senior executive at Deutsche Bank was found hanging in his London apartment. Bill Broeksmit had helped build the 150-year-old financial institution into a global colossus, and his sudden death was a myst...
Charles Pierce
I’m reading the Deutsche Bank book that @maddow is talking about now. It’s an amazing saga.      source
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Hockey book cover
A Global History (Sport and Society)
Stephen Hardy - 2018-11-05
Goodreads Rating
Long considered Canadian, ice hockey is in truth a worldwide phenomenon--and has been for centuries. In Hockey: A Global History, Stephen Hardy and Andrew C. Holman draw on twenty-five years of research to present THE monumental end-to-end history of the sport. Here is the story of on-ice stars and organizational visionaries, venues and classic gam...
Charles Pierce
@SlavaMalamud The hockey book is awesome      source