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Daniel José Older

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Daniel José Older is an American fantasy and young adult fiction writer.
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There Goes the Neighborhood book cover
There Goes the Neighborhood
Jade Adia - 2023-03-07
Goodreads Rating
A group of friends from South L.A. are threatened by gentrification and decide to create a fake gang to scare off developers. However, things take a dark turn when a murder is attributed to the nonexistent gang. This hilarious and powerful novel explores the destructive power of gentrification and showcases the best intentions of young people in communities of color. Perfect for fans of Let Me Hear a Rhyme and On My Block, There Goes the Neighborhood is an uproarious novel about power, friendship, and the true meaning of a neighborhood.
Daniel José Older
About to finish this book and it's ABSURDLY RIDICULOUSLY TERRIFIC as fuck. I love it. Preorder today✨✨✨✨      source
Psalms For The End Of The World book cover
Psalms For The End Of The World
'Ingenious and compelling' THE TIMES
Cole Haddon - 2022-09-01
Goodreads Rating
Explore the interconnected lives of people from different time periods, places, and dimensions in this mind-bending novel. Follow Gracie as she uncovers the truth about the universe while on the run with a man accused of being a mass-murderer. This book spans centuries and continents, and will take you on a journey of love, grief, and quantum entanglement. It's a must-read for fans of David Mitchell, Emily St. John Mandel, Neil Gaiman, and Margaret Atwood.
Daniel José Older
I absolutely adored the first chapter of #PsalmsForTheEndOfTheWorld by @colehaddon -- weird, mysterious, vibrant, surprising --and can't wait to read the rest ✨✨✨ happy release week to you Cole! Thrilled this book is out in the world 🔥      source
These Violent Delights book cover
These Violent Delights
Chloe Gong - 2020-11-17
Goodreads Rating
Experience the chaos of 1920s Shanghai, where two rival gangs are locked in a bloody feud. Juliette Cai, heir to the Scarlet Gang, must face her first love and former betrayer, Roma Montagov, heir to the White Flowers, as a mysterious contagion threatens their city. This heart-stopping debut, perfect for fans of The Last Magician and Descendant of the Crane, is a thrilling Romeo and Juliet retelling set in an imaginative 1920s Shanghai world.
Daniel José Older
WHY IS THIS BOOK SO fucking GREAAAATAHHH @thechloegong #TheseViolentDelights      source
The English Patient book cover
The English Patient
Michael Ondaatje - 2006-04-18 (first published in 1992)
Goodreads Rating
This Booker Prize-winning novel by Michael Ondaatje takes readers to an abandoned Italian villa at the end of World War II, where the lives of four damaged individuals intersect in unexpected ways. This haunting story follows the nurse Hana, the thief Caravaggio, the Indian sapper Kip, and the nameless English patient as they grapple with their own traumas and search for meaning amidst chaos and destruction. A beautifully crafted and thought-provoking read.
Daniel José Older
There are so many but The English Patient comes to mind first. The movie really...did something different. But that book...whew.      source
Dear Senthuran book cover
Dear Senthuran
A Black Spirit Memoir
Akwaeke Emezi - 2021-06-08
Goodreads Rating
This extraordinary memoir follows a bestselling author's journey towards self-discovery through candid letters addressed to friends, lovers, and family. Through the turmoil of relationships and transformative decisions, the author unveils the harrowing yet resolute truths of their own life. This book is as tender as it is brutal, and is animated by the same voracious intelligence that distinguishes their fiction. Electrifying and inspiring, Dear Senthuran is a revelatory account of storytelling, self, and survival.
Daniel José Older
This is a book that is so crucial and category defying I don't even know where to start. Everything Akwaeke does is like that, and with DS they take it to another level. Must read for all writers and humans. Period.      source
Wings of Ebony book cover
Wings of Ebony
J. Elle - 2021-01-26
Goodreads Rating
A riveting debut fantasy novel that explores the godly ancestry of a Black teen from Houston. With evil threatening both the human and divine worlds, the protagonist must embrace her true identity and magical powers to save her neighborhood and loved ones. Fans of Angie Thomas, Tomi Adeyemi, and The Hunger Games will love this emotionally charged read.
Daniel José Older
fantastic news! I love this book #WingsOfEbony      source
The Cross of Redemption book cover
The Cross of Redemption
Uncollected Writings (Vintage International)
James Baldwin - 2010-08-24
Goodreads Rating
"The Cross of Redemption" is a thought-provoking collection by James Baldwin featuring essays, articles, reviews, and interviews that have never before been published. Baldwin was a literary genius who fearlessly tackled issues of race, religion, and national identity. This book covers Baldwin's views on various topics such as anti-Semitism, African-American presidency, boxing, and the role of a writer in society. An essential read for anyone seeking profound insight on issues that continue to shape our world today.
Daniel José Older
The whole book is so incredible and an excellent way to jump into Baldwin's work if you haven't yet      source
The Death of Vivek Oji book cover
The Death of Vivek Oji
A Novel
Akwaeke Emezi - 2020-08-04
Goodreads Rating
This stunning novel follows the story of a family struggling to come to terms with the death of their son, Vivek, who they never really knew. As the story unfolds, we learn about Vivek's gentle and mysterious spirit, his disorienting blackouts, and his bond with his cousin Osita. The novel explores themes of family, friendship, loss, and transcendence, culminating in a heart-stopping act of violence. With unforgettable characters and beautiful writing, The Death of Vivek Oji is a propulsively readable and moving story.
Daniel José Older
@dancingofpens I found it very life affirming. I'm not big on depressing books and I genuinly loved it and didnt feel weighed down by it      source
Trouble the Saints book cover
Trouble the Saints
A Novel
Alaya Dawn Johnson - 2020-07-21
Goodreads Rating
"Dangerous magic and historical exploration meet in this dazzling and daring novel set against the backdrop of 1940s New York City. Follow a girl from Harlem as she navigates the glittering underworld of Manhattan, using her knives to strike fear in the most dangerous denizens. But her past haunts her, and when history threatens her loved ones, she must sacrifice everything to save her community. A brilliant and deeply American saga, Trouble the Saints is a must-read for lovers of magical love stories and compelling chronicles of interracial tension."
Daniel José Older
This book is AMAZING. happy pub day @alayadj!!      source
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