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Eric Rauchway

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Eric Rauchway is an American historian and professor at the University of California, Davis. He received his B.A. from Cornell in 1991, and his Ph.D. from Stanford in 1996.
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Implacable Foes book cover
Implacable Foes
War in the Pacific, 1944-1945
Waldo Heinrichs - 2017-06-02
Goodreads Rating
By the time of the dropping of the atom bomb in August 1945, the United States military situation in the Pacific was in disarray. As an Army staff officer stated simply, "The capitulation of Hirohito saved our necks." In 1944, a year earlier, success seemed near, but squabbling in the military command and the logistical challenges of launching a fu...
Eric Rauchway
IMPLACABLE FOES is an excellent, readable, scholarly book on the end of the Pacific War. Heinrichs and Gallicchio; Oxford UP; won the Bancroft.      source
Free Enterprise book cover
Free Enterprise
An American History
Lawrence B. Glickman - 2019-08-20
Goodreads Rating
An incisive look at the intellectual and cultural history of free enterprise and its influence on American politics   Throughout the twentieth century, “free enterprise” has been a contested keyword in American politics, and the cornerstone of a conservative philosophy that seeks to limit government involvement into economic matters. Lawrence B. Gl...
Eric Rauchway
@LarryGlickman @MatthewSitman Say, I could recommend a book on that      source
The American President book cover
The American President
A Complete History
Kathryn Moore - 2018-09-04 (first published in 2013)
Goodreads Rating
Fully updated to include the 2016 election, this book is the most thorough, authoritative, and up-to-date single-volume reference to the presidency in print.   In The American President: A Complete History, historian Kathryn Moore presents a riveting narrative of each president's experiences in and out of office, along with illuminating facts and s...
Eric Rauchway
@LiamD_23 It’s an underrated book overall.      source
The Warrior and the Priest book cover
The Warrior and the Priest
Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt
John Milton Cooper Jr. - 1985-10-15 (first published in 1983)
Goodreads Rating
The colossal figures who shaped the politics of industrial America emerge in full scale in this engrossing comparative biography. In both the depth and sophistication of intellect that they brought to politics and in the titanic conflict they waged with each other, Roosevelt and Wilson were, like Hamilton and Jefferson before them, the political ar...
Eric Rauchway
The other quite good book I’d point to on the fault lines in the period would be J. M. Cooper, WARRIOR AND THE PRIEST      source
Oh Yeah? book cover
Oh Yeah?
Edward: Editor Angly - 1931-01-01
Goodreads Rating
Eric Rauchway
In honor of GameStop week, here’s a page from one of my (and FDR’s) favorite books on the Depression, OH YEAH? ed. Edward Angly (Viking, 1931).      source
Winter War book cover
Winter War
Hoover, Roosevelt, and the First Clash Over the New Deal
Eric Rauchway - 2018-11-20
Goodreads Rating
The history of the most acrimonious presidential handoff in American history -- and of the origins of twentieth-century liberalism and conservatism As historian Eric Rauchway shows in Winter War, FDR laid out coherent, far-ranging plans for the New Deal in the months prior to his inauguration. Meanwhile, still-President Hoover, worried about FDR's ...
Eric Rauchway
@B_J_Marshall WINTER WAR might help you? But if it doesn’t, let me know why not and I can certainly see if your specific need points to a book I’d recommend      source
Moby Dick book cover
Moby Dick
Herman Melville - 2003-02-21 (first published in 1851)
Goodreads Rating
Moby-Dick is an 1851 novel by Herman Melville. The story tells the adventures of the wandering sailor Ishmael and his voyage on the whaling ship Pequod, commanded by Captain Ahab. Ishmael soon learns that Ahab seeks one specific whale, Moby-Dick, a white whale of tremendous size and ferocity. Comparatively few whaling ships know of Moby-Dick, and f...
Eric Rauchway
@chick_in_kiev I would really enjoy it if you did the podcast. Really really. It's such a good book.      source