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Nick Gillespie


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Nicholas John Gillespie is an American libertarian journalist who was editor-in-chief of Reason magazine from 2000 to 2008 and editor-in-chief of and Reason TV from 2008 to 2017.
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The End of Gender
Debunking the Myths about Sex and Identity in Our Society
Debra Soh - Aug 04, 2020
Goodreads Rating
International sex researcher, neuroscientist, and columnist Debra Soh debunks popular gender myths in this research-based, scientific examination of the many facets of gender identity.Is our gender something we’re born with, or are we conditioned by society? In The End of Gender, neuroscientist and sexologist Dr. Debra Soh uses a research-based app...
Nick Gillespie
Aug 20, 2020
In a new @reason podcast @DrDebraSoh explains why she supports equal rights for LGBTQ ppl but also insists there are only two sexes. Her book The End of Gender is a must-read, esp. for libertarians who believe in science and radical autonomy.     source
The Plus
Self-Help for People Who Hate Self-Help
Greg Gutfeld - Jul 28, 2020
Goodreads Rating
A Threshold Editions book. Threshold Editions has a great book for every reader....
Nick Gillespie
Aug 07, 2020
"George Will. Super smart guy, but still dresses like a roadie for @DEVO." From @greggutfeld's excellent new self-help book, The Plus.     source
Apocalypse Never
Why Environmental Alarmism Hurts Us All
Michael Shellenberger - Jun 30, 2020
Goodreads Rating
Michael Shellenberger has been fighting for a greener planet for decades. He helped save the world’s last unprotected redwoods. He co-created the predecessor to today’s Green New Deal. And he led a successful effort by climate scientists and activists to keep nuclear plants operating, preventing a spike of emissions.But in 2019, as some claimed “bi...
Nick Gillespie
Aug 03, 2020
"a sustained argument that poverty is world's most important environmental problem..." At @reason, @RonaldBailey reviews @ShellenbergerMD's excellent, important new book Apocalypse Never.     source
One Mighty and Irresistible Tide
The Epic Struggle Over American Immigration, 1924-1965
Jia Lynn Yang - May 19, 2020
Goodreads Rating
The idea of the United States as a nation of immigrants is at the core of the American narrative. But in 1924, Congress instituted a system of ethnic quotas so stringent that it choked off large-scale immigration for decades, sharply curtailing arrivals from southern and eastern Europe and outright banning those from nearly all of Asia.In a rivetin...
Nick Gillespie
Jul 30, 2020
Learn all about the mid-'60s immigration reforms that changed America but have gone largely unanalyzed. With @nytimes' @jialynnyang, whose book One Mighty and Irresistible Tide is a masterpiece. Podcast. @reason     source
A Guide to Social Justice
Titania McGrath - Sep 03, 2019
Goodreads Rating
In Woke, Titania McGrath demonstrates how everybody can play their part in the pursuit of social justice. As a millennial icon on the forefront of online activism, Titania is uniquely placed to guide her readers through the often bewildering array of terminology and concepts that constitute twenty-first-century 'wokeness'. These new ideas often lea...
Nick Gillespie
Jan 30, 2020
"Say what you will about ISIS, but at least they're not Islamophobic." @TitaniaMcGrath in WOKE: A Guide To Social Justice. What a great book cc @andrewdoyle_com @spikedonline @SpectatorUSA @MsMelChen @PamelaParesky @srsiskind     source