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André Picard

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André Picard is a Canadian journalist and author specialising in health care issues. He works as a reporter and a columnist for the national newspaper The Globe and Mail. As of 2020, he runs the news organisations' office in Montreal.
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The Facemaker book cover
The Facemaker
A Visionary Surgeon's Battle to Mend the Disfigured Soldiers of World War I
Lindsey Fitzharris - 2022-06-07
Goodreads Rating
Lindsey Fitzharris, the award-winning author of The Butchering Art, presents the compelling, true story of a visionary surgeon who rebuilt the faces of the First World War’s injured heroes, and in the process ushered in the modern era of plastic surgery.From the moment the first machine gun rang out over the Western Front, one thing was clear: huma...
André Picard
Book review: ‘The Facemaker,’ by @DrLindseyFitz, is a Grisly but Inspiring Story of Surgery During World War I via @nytimesbooks      source
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Lindsey Fitzharris
Hello I Want to Die Please Fix Me book cover
Hello I Want to Die Please Fix Me
Depression in the First Person
Anna Mehler Paperny - 2020-03-31 (first published in 2019)
Goodreads Rating
An engrossing memoir-meets-investigative report that takes a fresh, frank look at how we treat depression Depression is a havoc-wreaking illness that masquerades as personal failing and hijacks your life. After a major suicide attempt in her early twenties, Anna Mehler Paperny resolved to put her reporter’s skills to use to get to know her enemy, s...
André Picard
How do you talk about wanting to die? @amp6's book 'Hello I Want to Die Please Fix Me' is a raw, frank, dark-humoured must-read, by @picardonhealth (2019) via @GlobeDebate @PenguinRandomCA #mentalhealth #suicide #BellLetsTalk      source
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Anne Thériault
Lovers and Livers book cover
Lovers and Livers
Disease Concepts in History (Joanne Goodman Lectures)
Jacalyn Duffin - 2005-06-18
Goodreads Rating
Can a disease be an idea? A theory? Does disease exist without a patient to suffer from it?In Lovers and Livers, Jacalyn Duffin provides a lively overview of the ideas around disease. She introduces philosophical theories of disease and delves into the history of two distinct afflictions - one old, one new - which serve as examples to show how appl...
André Picard
#HepatitisC has a fascinating history, shaped by discoveries in virology and mass tragedies like the #TaintedBlood scandal, which medical historian extraordinaire Dr. Jacalyn Duffin recounts in her book "Lovers and Livers." #HCV #NobelPrize      source
Seven Fallen Feathers book cover
Seven Fallen Feathers
Racism, Death, and Hard Truths in a Northern City
Tanya Talaga - 2017-11-07
Goodreads Rating
In 1966, twelve-year-old Chanie Wenjack froze to death on the railway tracks after running away from residential school. An inquest was called and four recommendations were made to prevent another tragedy. None of those recommendations were applied.More than a quarter of a century later, from 2000 to 2011, seven Indigenous high school students died...
André Picard
I think I tweet more about @TanyaTalaga than any other person. Her fabulous book #SevenFallenFeathers, the RBC Taylor Prize, the Atkinson Fellowship, the Massey Lecture, etc. She's killing it in 2018. Couldn't happen to a nicer, more talented person. #Indigenous #journalism      source
The Right to Die book cover
The Right to Die
The courageous Canadians who gave us the right to a dignified death
Gary Bauslaugh - 2016-04-01
Goodreads Rating
"Who owns my life?" Sue Rodriguez was dying of a form of ALS (or Lou Gehrig's disease) when she asked this question of the Supreme Court of Canada in 1993. She was fighting for the right to a physician-assisted death before she became fully paralyzed. At the time, assisted suicide could result in jail time for the participating physician. In a narr...
André Picard
Another timely book: The Right To Die; trailblazers from from Sue Rodriguez to Kay Carter, by @GaryBauslaugh #PAD      source